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Seth Messenger : Yves Thériault's quotes

Yves Thériault said :

(Automatic translation)
Yves Thériault
« Loneliness is bad for humans. It is a State of misfortune. »
Yves Thériault (Les commettants de Caridad)

« No solitude is larger than that, settled yesterday, that is now emptied of its attendance. »
Yves Thériault (La Rose de pierre)

« Between people of the same sincerity, no need to oaths. Just firmly said sentence. »
Yves Thériault (La Mort d'eau)

« A man who becomes old, is not dying, it is know, is to plan. »
Yves Thériault (Le Dernier havre)

« Our truth is the precision with which we see the State and the situation of human beings and the things we are, and among whom we live. »
Yves Thériault (Le grand roman d'un petit homme)

« The punishment of man is to have the memory. »
Yves Thériault (Aaron)

« Is to live, to fight for his ideas. »
Yves Thériault (Antoine et sa montagne)

« Wonderful faculty of old age than to close the spirit at all unpleasant memories. »
Yves Thériault (La Femme Anna et autres contes)

« This is a very rare as the deep joy of the shared love. »
Yves Thériault (Antoine et sa montagne)

« The literature leads to everything as long as it is not used. »
Yves Thériault (L'Île introuvable)

« It is to not let the thought a moment that last hours. »
Yves Thériault (Le grand roman d'un petit homme)

« The aberration is to believe single object and make its infinitesimal smallness a power never universe will recognize. »
Yves Thériault (Le Haut Pays)

« By dint of too much thinking, sometimes we got what we deserve. Life, lives each day following his sentence... »
Yves Thériault (Le dompteur d'ours)

« It was given to man to think about love. Does he know? It was given to man to think to know to survive. Survives really? »
Yves Thériault (N'Tsuk)

« Poets are by the soul and not by knowledge. Learning begets only few poets. »
Yves Thériault (Antoine et sa montagne)

« There is always joy in music. »
Yves Thériault (La Fille laide)

« You is afraid of nothing, you're afraid of no one. Except yourself. This is the worst of all fears. »
Yves Thériault (Tayaout, fils d'Agaguk)

« It is to have been and not be that hard to man the last shred of his joy. »
Yves Thériault (Ashini)

« Don't bite your brake, you have on the heart, say it. You'll see that a secret spread out in the Sun shrinks by eye. »
Yves Thériault (Le Grand Roman d'un petit homme)

« Sometimes that the need to dream and dream merge, just do the reality? »
Yves Thériault (L'île introuvable)

« It's terrible to get caught in his routine, we bogged down, it feels safe. And then, suddenly, it awakens, and there is nothing... »
Yves Thériault (Valérie)

« A girl who laughs, this is the most beautiful music in the world! »
Yves Thériault (L'Ile introuvable)

« Loneliness is really the mother of many things. She may even be the mother of love. »
Yves Thériault (L'Herbe de tendresse)

« Who has roots, flee doesn't have great sense, since it involves a return. »
Yves Thériault (Agoak, l'héritage d'Agakuk)

« We measure its weakness to test his strength. »
Yves Thériault (Aaron)

« Joy, in the soul, more beautiful than the joys. »
Yves Thériault (Le ru d'Ikoué)

« Ignorance, silence, is a wonderful retreat where rush all the rebellions, all the dislikes, all protests of consciousness. »
Yves Thériault

« Beware of things that are so obvious that they leave nothing to the imagination. »
Yves Thériault (L'étreinte de Vénus)

« It's like that, losing an illusion a day makes any other overnight, and that nothing is similar. »
Yves Thériault (Le dompteur d'ours)

« Integrate, it means absorb in itself a people until nothing remains of it as a souvenir and the odious lies of history textbooks. »
Yves Thériault (Ashini)

« The man? A magician sometimes, but how petty power, small achievements. »
Yves Thériault (Aaron)

« Insomnia is bad advisor; above all, she exaggerates the images. She easily transformed anxiety in horror, the fright in fright. »
Yves Thériault (Le Grand Roman d'un petit homme)

« A quiet brain, that's the essence of a good life. Said. Have peace of mind, it is the largest property... »
Yves Thériault (Cul-de-sac)

« It becomes great to learn from a master. »
Yves Thériault (Agaguk)

« Infinitely more we cry in his heart in the eyes or on the cheeks. The tears of the inside bite. Others, seems, relieve rather than they gnaw. »
Yves Thériault (L'Ile introuvable)

« Evil, is to starve, to deprive, to destroy, to despise human beings. Evil, it is not to be good. »
Yves Thériault (Le Haut pays)

« A drag his trouble with self-esteem, eventually not knowing cure him. »
Yves Thériault (La passe-au-crachin)

« The words say what they mean. They are used by need, nothing more. Or so they are used to distort the idea. »
Yves Thériault (Agaguk)

« Rich and oppressed, it is infinitely better than poor and persecuted. The money buys offsets. »
Yves Thériault (Aaron)

« It is a sequel to evidence in the life. We live by is proving decisions, proving to the acts. »
Yves Thériault (La fille laide)

« The man has only one concern, and it is itself. »
Yves Thériault (Cul-de-sac)

« It is as much a crime to kill the soul and reason to live someone about him killing the body. »
Yves Thériault (La Femme Anna et autres contes)

« Is not the perfection of the crimes which lack, but real intelligence of criminals. »
Yves Thériault (L'Etreinte de Vénus)

« Forty years, the age of the beautiful sciences, knowledge of gestures. »
Yves Thériault (Le dompteur d'ours)

« Do not focus so much on things and people more then we can live without them. »
Yves Thériault (La rose de pierre)

« The love is so. It doesn't matter that he's consumed, provided that it is great, so right and so strong and so powerful in all its roots there, as the stone rose, beyond all the millennia. »
Yves Thériault (La Rose de pierre)

« Above all, civilization, it is to be able to release the woman from his bondages. »
Yves Thériault (N'Tsuk)

« Nothing resists to the banknote. It's a sesame and it is also a weapon. »
Yves Thériault (Les Vendeurs du temple)

« Water, if we hear it, if you learn the language, open all the knowledge of human beings and things. »
Yves Thériault (Le Ru d'Ikoué)

« There really, as fanatics of fate set by the stars, a prior order of everything we are and everything that we say it? »
Yves Thériault (Valérie)

« A Canadian there must be bilingual if it is Canadian french and imperialist if it is English. »
Yves Thériault (L'Ile introuvable)

« There is genuine pride that die hard. »
Yves Thériault (Aaron)

« Nothing is left to chance in nature... Not even the love of men. »
Yves Thériault (N'Tsuk)

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