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Seth Messenger : Yves Bonnefoy's quotes

Yves Bonnefoy said :

(Automatic translation)
Yves Bonnefoy
« This world demeureComme continues the tempsQuand wash the plaieDe the child crying. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« God is an artist, he doesn't have to worry about as inaccessible. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« And trickles ever on the cheminL' an hour of pluieDans water light. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« The storm invaded the sky, the lightning made a brief shout, and spread the riches of lightning. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« Smells, colours, flavours, the same dream, doves in the cooing ailleursDu. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« God seeks, without eyes, finally see the light. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« And a little sunshine past, their chevelureBrille, so would the may the vase dark. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« One to the other that is color in the shade, the gold of the ripe fruit to the orDe sheet dry. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« But sleep is indifference. Its lights, its shadows: nothing more than uneVague that unfolds on the desire. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« A father? Well, the one who takes you on his lap when you cry, and who sits next to you at night when you're afraid to fall asleep, to tell you a story. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« After what he did day; and the soleilJeta of all its thousands of arrows. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« We are ships full of things closed, heavy ourselves, we look at the bow of our journey A all black water almost open and refuse, forever without shore. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« And sometimes they weren't even words, nothing that the sound whose words want to be born, the sound as much shadow of light, or already music or more noise. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« Summer: a glare as it is snow, who is slight and does not last, and nothing we trouble the beacon ' water that has condensed and then evaporates. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« And what strange thing it's some words, without mouth or voice, it is faceless, they are found in the black, they lose the hand, guidance, but it's dark all over the world. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« Such that light in the spirit shines when we leave at night, her room, a lamp hidden against his heart, to find another shadow dance. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« Clarity disappeared flush these hills tangled between the sky and the world. And this was again the big night of before, without stars. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« Sometimes takes the miroirEntre sky and Maid his hands the land minimeSoleil. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« One begins to dream that words are pasA approved by this river, Peace River, too for the world. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« And the surface of the water isn't as light, but below? Tree trunks without color, like the dream Rameauxenchevetres, pierresDont the swift current closed lookin' smiling in the embrace of the sand. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« Don't stop dancing voice, Word still murmured, soul of the denounce colors and dissipate the summer evenings chosesLes where there is no night. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« Such summer night, which does no shores, from branch to branch going light fire. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« Dream: that beauty is truth, the Memeevidence, a child who advances, amazed, under a trellis. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« Earth, which came to Createproducts eyes Fermescomme for demanderQu' a hand guide. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« Forget the words. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« Rain of summer mornings, inoubliableClapotement and a first froidSur the glass of the dream (...). »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« Everywhere in us nothing the humble lie words that offer more that what I'm say something else which is. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« Listen to music that elucidates his scholarly flute at the height of the chosesLe sound of color in what is. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« In the quiet of the foam, which is reflected, beauty, again, either truth, the Memesetoiles that increase in sleep. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« Stumbles, stand up, course, naked child that is burdened with stones. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les Planches courbes)

« Against which we struggle never otherwise against our double? Against the other in us who wants us to hear that the world has no meaning? »
Yves Bonnefoy (Les mots et la parole dans le "Roland")

« The invisible, is the disappearance, but the issue of the harmful. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Un rêve faut à Mantoue)

« Silence is like the outline of a thousand metamorphoses. »
Yves Bonnefoy

« It takes the word even a material. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Du mouvement et de l'immobilité de Douve)

« You have to go through death so that you may live. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Du mouvement et de l'immobilité de Douve)

« The paint can be poetry. The color isn't here to suddenly throw all its depth in the speech from the table? »
Yves Bonnefoy (Le Monde de l'Éducation - Septembre 1999)

« Poems will help move with self and others the necessary oath of fidelity to the truth of life. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Le monde de l'Éducation - Septembre 1999)

« Poetry is memory, memory of the lost intensity. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Le monde de l'éducation - Septembre 1999)

« The reader of poetry analysis not, he took the oath of the author, its close, to remain in the intense. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Entretiens sur la poésie)

« The pace looks at the time, both a and changing, it looks like architecture, namely our universe which is a construction. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Colloque - 1984)

« We live in a world where activities increasingly many and pressing compete still harder that worry about poetry, whether in books or in the report itself. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Le Monde de l'Éducation - Septembre 1999)

« The human being is a complex reality which part a need for diversity in its environment. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Le monde de l'éducation - Septembre 1999)

« Rather than introduce students to textual criticism, to use a few years of school, to bring poems, and to learn by heart, because it is only thereby that they can accompany children in their future life »
Yves Bonnefoy (Le Monde de l'Éducation - Septembre 1999)

« Poetry as poetry, it is the desire and the agent of the Democratic establishment, which can only save the world. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Macha Séry - Le monde de l'éducation - Septembre 1999)

« There are painters to be specifically and deeply poets, including education, the value of example, are irreplaceable for whom writing. »
Yves Bonnefoy (Macha Séry - Le monde de l'éducation - Septembre 1999)

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