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Seth Messenger : W.C. Fields's quotes

W.C. Fields said :

(Automatic translation)
W.C. Fields
« A man must believe in something... Me, I think I want another drink! »
W.C. Fields

« The funniest thing that can do a comedian, it's of not doing. »
W.C. Fields

« If you don't succeed the first time, try it again, but insists no more. There is no need to waste time. »
W.C. Fields

« Sitting at the crossroads of art and nature, trying to elucidate where Hollywood ends and begins delirium tremens. »
W.C. Fields

« Never try to impress a woman! Because if you do, she will expect you to maintain the pace the rest of your life. And the rhythm, my friends, is the devastation. »
W.C. Fields (Votez pour moi !)

« The resolutions taken during election campaigns are nothing other than the expansion of those taken in the new year. »
W.C. Fields (Votez pour moi)

« If the head of State is not an expert in the art of making resolutions, how can he expect break elegantly the promises of his campaign? »
W.C. Fields (Votez pour moi !)

« Marriage is a vast and double adventure that many little probed the depths. »
W.C. Fields (Votez pour moi !)

« That is what the Presidency or a splendid case or, in any case, a sacred combines? »
W.C. Fields (Votez pour moi !)

« Most marital problems today stem from the fact that we too pamper our lovely companions. »
W.C. Fields (Votez pour moi !)

« Too often there is a tendency in high places to accumulate the reasons for migraines without remedy. »
W.C. Fields (Votez pour moi !)

« I have a bad memory for names, but I remember rarely face. »
W.C. Fields (Votez pour moi !)

« Instead of prohibiting a person to do what she would do, force her to do what she would do. »
W.C. Fields (Votez pour moi !)

« The major responsibility of a President is to extort taxpayer every penny possible. »
W.C. Fields (Votez pour moi !)

« More than a gathering of friends was missed because the host had to meet someone he should have, but did not know the name. »
W.C. Fields (Votez pour moi !)

« I love children - well done! »
W.C. Fields

« I drink, therefore I am. »
W.C. Fields

« The original Adam and Eve were also happy that it is possible to be when you don't have work to do, nor tax on the income, lawyer or doctor, child or dog. »
W.C. Fields

« I never drink anything stronger than gin before breakfast. »
W.C. Fields

« You shall not commit adultery, unless you want to. »
W.C. Fields

« More men drowned in alcohol in the sea. »
W.C. Fields

« For me, women are like elephants: human beings great but I wouldn't at home. »
W.C. Fields

« A man who hates dogs and who loves the Whiskey cannot be quite bad. »
W.C. Fields

« If I drink, it's to make other interesting. »
W.C. Fields

« My best friend died of drinking water. This is a clear case of internal drowning. »
W.C. Fields

« If the clown is sad, it is simply because it is poorly paid. »
W.C. Fields

« A man who hates children and dogs may not be all bad. »
W.C. Fields

« You don't call the name of God before having exhausted all five-letter words. »
W.C. Fields

« A good treatment for Insomnia is sleep a lot. »
W.C. Fields

« Life: a man is lucky if he alive. »
W.C. Fields

« Remember you that a dead fish can float with the current, but only a living fish can swim in the pick-me-up. »
W.C. Fields

« When a comedian triggers unexpected laughter, his first reaction is to check if his fly is open. »
W.C. Fields

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