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Seth Messenger : Théophile Gautier's quotes

Théophile Gautier said :

(Automatic translation)
Théophile Gautier
« Radiant words, words of light, with a rhythm and music, that's what is poetry. »
Théophile Gautier

« My fantasies and my errors have vanished: I like. »
Théophile Gautier (Mademoiselle de Maupin)

« If you are worthy of his affection, a cat will become your friend but never your slave. »
Théophile Gautier

« Prostitution is the ordinary State of the woman. »
Théophile Gautier

« I don't care enough about to spell the alphabet of love to little simpletons. I prefer women who read widely, we arrived earlier at the end of the chapter... »
Théophile Gautier

« Modesty is made only for the ugly ones; It is a modern and Christian invention. »
Théophile Gautier (Mademoiselle de Maupin)

« Enjoyment seems to me the purpose of life and the only thing useful to the world. »
Théophile Gautier

« You're born academician as you're born Archbishop, stove or policeman, and one that should be does not die before have been. »
Théophile Gautier

« Women are curious; do heaven and morality they satisfied their curiosity in a way that is more legitimate than Eve their grandmother, and do not make matters to the snake. »
Théophile Gautier (Mademoiselle de Maupin)

« Go home! This is the moment where the Moon Reveillele pale vampire on its vermilion layer. »
Théophile Gautier (Comédie maudite)

« It's the night elves are coming out with their wet dress at the edge, and on the emportentLeur fatigue waltzer dead lilies. »
Théophile Gautier

« The man for a day like that one day. »
Théophile Gautier (Poésies)

« Happiness is made of three things on Earth, that are: the Sun, a woman, a horse! »
Théophile Gautier (Poésies)

« It seems that nature is to be proposed, by creating, to go to the limits of its power and to absolve all of its error and all its flaws. »
Théophile Gautier

« God has reserved the distribution of two or three things on which nothing can gold of the powerful of the Earth: the genius, beauty and happiness. »
Théophile Gautier (Caprices et zigzags)

« In literature, the works are nothing without grace. »
Théophile Gautier (Portraits et souvenirs littéraires)

« The spirit of man has no limits in its aberrations. »
Théophile Gautier (Les grotesques)

« There really beautiful that which cannot be used for anything. What is useful is ugly. »
Théophile Gautier (Mademoiselle de Maupin)

« Painted with the heart and the head with the hands. »
Théophile Gautier

« Few people have the courage to be loose in front of witnesses. »
Théophile Gautier (Le Capitaine Fracasse)

« The criticism which has not produced is a coward. »
Théophile Gautier

« A woman who is beautiful still has spirit; She has the spirit to be beautiful. »
Théophile Gautier

« Each time made his wound and the last end. »
Théophile Gautier (L'Horloge)

« Born, only begin to die. »
Théophile Gautier (L'horloge)

« While in their perverse works, men run breathless, March who laughs despite showers, preparing in secret for spring. »
Théophile Gautier (Emaux et camées)

« Chance, maybe it's the nickname of God when he will not sign. »
Théophile Gautier

« Shortly before his death, it is said: my dear master, you are stronger than oak. He replied: the trunk, fine; It is Acorn that worries me! »
Théophile Gautier

« Barbarism rather than boredom. »
Théophile Gautier

« The beautiful in its essence, it is God. »
Théophile Gautier (L'art)

« God does nothing, it lends only; and as a forgotten creditor, it sometimes comes suddenly again his due. »
Théophile Gautier (L'Enfant aux souliers de pain)

« Certainly, God is a very good-child gave wine to the man. If I were God, I would have kept the recipe for myself alone. »
Théophile Gautier (Les Jeune-France)

« Music is the most expensive, but most unpleasant noises. »
Théophile Gautier

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