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Seth Messenger : Talleyrand's quotes

Talleyrand said :

(Automatic translation)
« The best auxiliary of a diplomat, that's his Cook. »

« Financiers do well their business when the State hurts them. »

« We call military everything that is not civil. »
Talleyrand (Paris - 1806)

« In politics, what is raw becomes more important than what is true. »

« In large classes, we know another way to grow: it is to bend. »
Talleyrand (Mémoires)

« We must beware of the first movements because they are almost always honest. »
Talleyrand (La Confession de Talleyrand)

« There is only one thing that we like to share with us, even though it is very dear to us, it is our opinion. »
Talleyrand (La Confession de Talleyrand)

« Where there is a treaty, there is a knife. »
Talleyrand (La Confession de Talleyrand)

« We can violate the laws unless they scream. »

« He believes that it becomes deaf because he no longer hear him. »

« The discontented are the poor who think. »

« Marriage is a beautiful thing it takes to think about throughout his life. »

« At the time of revolutions, there are skill only in boldness, and greatness in the exaggeration. »
Talleyrand (Mémoires)

« There is something more terrible than slander, it's the truth. »

« England has two sauces and three hundred religions; on the contrary, the France has two religions, but more than three hundred sauces. »

« Be at their feet. Their knees... But never in their hands. »

« There are three kinds of information: the actual knowledge, know-how and life skills; the last two provide pretty much the first. »

« Life would be bearable were it not for the pleasures. »

« All that is excessive is insignificant. »

« Coffee: Black as the diableChaud like the enferPur like an angeDoux like love. »

« If people knew they are governed by what little men, they are moderates quickly. »

« The policy is only a way to agitate the people before using it. »

« Has not the means of its ambitions has worries. »

« Women sometimes forgive that abrupt the opportunity, but never one who misses. »

« The mind is used for everything, but it does nothing. »

« Where so many men have failed, a woman can succeed. »

« Yes and no are the shortest and the easiest to pronounce words, and those who need the most review. »

« If that goes without saying, this will get even better said. »
Talleyrand (Congrès de Vienne - 1814)

« Agitate the people before use, sage maxim. »

« Men are like statues, we must see them in place. »

« Never say bad things about you; your friends will always tell enough. »
Talleyrand (La Confession de Talleyrand)

« Challenge yourself to the first movements, these are the good. »

« The best way to overthrow a Government, it is to be a part. »

« Speech was given to man to disguise his thought. »
Talleyrand (La Confession de Talleyrand)

« What is, almost always, is strong little, whenever we don't think that what is produced which will be. »
Talleyrand (Mémoires)

« A Department supports you is a Department that falls. »
Talleyrand (Vie privée de Talleyrand)

« Inner life alone can replace all the chimeras. »

« We don't believe in those who believe in them. »

Want to know more about Talleyrand ? Then you should probably take a look over here..

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