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Seth Messenger : Stefan Zweig's quotes

Stefan Zweig said :

(Automatic translation)
Stefan Zweig
« Ambition is a matter for men; in women, it turns to caricature. »
Stefan Zweig (Clarissa)

« History does not tolerate any intruder, it chooses itself its heroes and rejects merciless beings that she was not elected, so great is the sentence that they gave themselves. »
Stefan Zweig (Histoire d'une déchéance)

« The truth half worthless, need it still whole. »
Stefan Zweig (Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'une femme)

« It is empty, hollow, hours that are alive with fate. »
Stefan Zweig (L'amour d'Erika Ewald)

« The concrete, the palpable, is always more accessible to the mass as the abstract; This is why in politics, any word expressing antagonism and directed against a class, a race, a religion will find still more echo than the proclamation of an ideal that is less convenient to grasp. »
Stefan Zweig

« An idea driven by engineering and driven by the passion is stronger than all the combined elements. »
Stefan Zweig (Magellan, 1938)

« When one describes the present of the Brazil, it is already, unknowingly, from the past to talk. It is only with his future in view to be given its true meaning. »
Stefan Zweig (Le Brésil terre d'avenir (Albin Michel, 1942))

« The Brazil did me a less strong impression; wasn't a slightest promise. [...] Here the civilization created by Europe could continue and develop into new and different forms. »
Stefan Zweig (Le monde d’hier. Souvenirs d'un européen, 1944)

« Only the individual introduced the independence in the world, and always for him alone. »
Stefan Zweig (Déclaration de l'indépendance et de l'esprit)

« We can sacrifice himself for his own ideas, but not for the folly of others. »
Stefan Zweig (La contrainte)

« Aging isn't, at the bottom, something else that have more fear of his past. »
Stefan Zweig (Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'une femme)

« It doesn't help the most beautiful feelings if it is unable to communicate. »
Stefan Zweig (Clarissa)

« Isn't devilishly hard to take for a big man when we do not suspect the least that a Rembrandt, Beethoven, a Dante or a Napoleon never existed? »
Stefan Zweig (Le joueur d’échec)

« Men are especially fascinated by what is the farthest from them. »
Stefan Zweig (Clarissa)

« The monomaniaques of all kinds, people who are possessed by a single idea always especially intrigued me, as more a spirit is limited, more it touches in addition to infinity. »
Stefan Zweig (Le Joueur d’échecs)

« In any action undertaken, there something that, in the long run, eventually distort you. »
Stefan Zweig (Clarissa)

« Having fear is die a thousand times, it's worse than death. »
Stefan Zweig (Clarissa)

« Important positions are dangerous for moderately gifted men; When we need to surpass oneself, this turns the character. »
Stefan Zweig (Clarissa)

« The Organization emanates from great minds, humans is small. »
Stefan Zweig (Clarissa)

« Want to play chess against yourself is also paradoxical that want to walk in his shadow. »
Stefan Zweig (Le Joueur d’échecs)

« But, if devoid of matter as they seem, the thoughts also need an anchor point, otherwise they start to turn on themselves in a crazy round. »
Stefan Zweig (Le Joueur d’échec)

« But - that's already unseemly insult than calling chess a game? »
Stefan Zweig (Le Joueur d’échec)

« What me are treasures, compared in the light of the Sun and lived happy hours? »
Stefan Zweig (Thersite)

« Almost always, the responsibility to man greatness. »
Stefan Zweig (Fouché)

« Isn't the sole right which remains a man to die as he wants... »
Stefan Zweig (Amok)

« Any life that is not dedicated to a specific purpose is a mistake. »
Stefan Zweig (Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'une femme)

« Those who fall often result in their fall who are doing to their rescue. »
Stefan Zweig (Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'une femme)

« We can all run away, except his conscience. »
Stefan Zweig

« Ideas have not really country on Earth, they float in the air between the peoples. »
Stefan Zweig (Correspondance)

« The reason and politics rarely follow the same path. »
Stefan Zweig (Marie Stuart)

« It is rare that the truth catches up the ground lost on the legend. »
Stefan Zweig (Amerigo)

« Nothing more powerfully trouble someone than the sudden realization of his longing. »
Stefan Zweig (La confusion des sentiments)

« The break, too, part of the music. »
Stefan Zweig (La Confusion des sentiments)

« What does an oath? A Word, carried away by the wind. »
Stefan Zweig (Thersite)

« There are certain words that are a deep truth only once. »
Stefan Zweig (La Confusion des sentiments)

« I'm personally more fun to understand men to judge them. »
Stefan Zweig (Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'une femme)

« To help others, to yourself this feeling that others need you. »
Stefan Zweig (Amok)

« Most people have only a blunt imagination. What does not directly, pushing them as a sharp in full brain corner, can't hardly move them. »
Stefan Zweig (Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'une femme)

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