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Seth Messenger : Sénèque's quotes

Sénèque said :

(Automatic translation)
« The speech is the face of the soul. »

« We set our lives on the examples: this isn't the reason that shapes us. It is the custom that leads us. »

« It is never time lacking in the scoundrels to destroy, and engineering new attacks. »

« All art is an imitation of nature. »

« Don't make your stronger suffering again, don't get no complaints, light is the pain if the imagination her growing. »

« Disease of the mind are more difficult to cure than those of the body. »

« An unhappy life is more unbearable than death. »

« The memory of the benefits must not grow old. »
Sénèque (Des bienfaits, 47 après J.C.)

« The sick, honey is bitter. »

« Who despises his life is the master of others. »

« The common mistake of the unfortunate is never want to believe which is favorable to them. »

« In teaching, men learn. »

« Happy is the man who owns the correctness of the judgment. »
Sénèque (La vie heureuse)

« By the union, smaller institutions are increasing; by discord, the greatest reverses. »

« Often present to our mind, the good precepts you will be as profitable as good examples. »

« We have words to tell a light sentence, but great pains know that to shut up. »

« In all, the excess is a vice. »

« He likes to stand out, who spread what he does. »
Sénèque (Liber de institutione morum)

« There is no subject to fear any excess in virtue, because it carries in itself the right measure. »
Sénèque (La vie heureuse)

« One hand washes the other. »

« The glory is the shadow of virtue; She will accompany him despite herself. »

« Working against the wishes of nature is a lost cause. »

« There is no cure for evil, when the vices of yesterday have become the mores of today. »

« Of anywhere we can soar to the sky. »

« Is it therefore not better heal a wound rather than avenge her? »

« Starting to be a friend to yourself. You'll never be alone. »

« A good is nice if you share. »

« It takes crimes to support crimes. »

« In the fight, down to the level of the opponent. »

« Passions are also bad instruments than bad guides. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« How to suffer the passion to be put to the same rank as the reason? »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« Men are born for a mutual assistance; anger is born for the joint destruction. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« The angry man can be not petulant: irascible man may sometimes not be angry. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« Hereafter the misfortune to see never the reason resorting to Vice to virtue. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« A useful soldier is one who knows to obey an order. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« I will rule my life and my thoughts as if the world was to be the witness of one and could read in others. »

« Some are held in servitude, many more are. »

« After death, there is nothing, and death itself is nothing. »

« That man is despicable, if it rises above human affairs. »

« No one can wear the mask for a long time. »

« The work is the food of noble souls. »

« It should be the man to choose a simple outfit. »

« Men learn by teaching. »

« The soul is the best part of ourselves. »

« It is not vice who can't find Defender. »

« Sometimes it's good to have a touch of madness. »

« Don't tell yourself that you don't want to hear another. »

« You want to know what is the broader scope for a life? Live up to wisdom. Those who reached it touches not the remotest term but the supreme end. »

« Who has done a service must be silent; It is to the one who received it to talk. »

« Have especially concerned to separate things of the noise they make. »

« Being enslaved to oneself is the most painful of slavery. »

« You have your own business and life will look forward; on these after death will be there, which, willy-nilly, it must eventually engage. »

« The best discoveries would cease to please me if I keep that to myself. »

« Rather than find out what has been done, how much it is better what to do. »

« One who executes orders gracefully escape the painful side of the submission: do what repulses us. »

« By dint of procrastinate, life is beyond us. »

« The hope is the greatest impediment to life. By providing for tomorrow, today is lost. »

« If you want to be heureuxEtre a libreLaisse man others despise you. »

« By nature, man is an animal clean and delicate. »
Sénèque (Epîtres)

« In all things, the pleasure is growing at the rate of the risk which should away us. »
Sénèque (De beneficiis)

« The rooster is King on his dunghill. »
Sénèque (L'apocolokyntose)

« Nothing is so painful that a set mind cannot find an any comfort. »

« Those who have suffered, the possibility of suffering hurt them as much as the pain even. »
Sénèque (Épîtres)

« Systems are the fictions of the genius of each philosopher. »

« Work hard to accomplish you in developing your abilities. »

« It is life which teaches us and not the school. »

« Nothing is more useful than to live quiet, talk with others and with ourselves. »

« The work calls for the elite of humans. »

« Lack of opponent courage withers away. »
Sénèque (De la providence)

« Virtue is difficult to discover. She asks someone who runs it and the guide, vices can be learned even without master. »
Sénèque (Questions naturelles)

« To harm, we are powerful. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« Destinies lead anyone who wants, they hang out anyone who does not. »
Sénèque (Lettres à Lucilius)

« A dwarf standing on a mountain, it is not greater for this. »
Sénèque (Lettres à Lucilius)

« Nothing is difficult to the nature, especially when she is in a hurry to destroy. »
Sénèque (Questions naturelles)

« Consider opinion, fame, with the idea that she should not guide, but follow us. »
Sénèque (Des bienfaits)

« The real property is located in the rest of consciousness. »

« The word reflects the soul. »
Sénèque (De moribus)

« It's a soul that must change, not climate. »
Sénèque (Lettres à Lucilius)

« One who knows not to shut up, he can't speak. »
Sénèque (Epîtres)

« The important thing is not how injury is done, but how it is supported. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« Light, a charge made of others a debtor; heavy, she made an enemy. »

« The only secret that keep women, is that they ignore. »

« An athlete can get competing very motivated if he was never put to the test. »

« Suspension and removal are not synonymous. »
Sénèque (La tranquillité de l'âme)

« All men are not vulnerable in the same way; also I should know his weakness to protect it more. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« The disappointment is much less painful when we got point ahead promised success. »
Sénèque (La Tranquillité de l'âme)

« To overcome the obstacles, appeals to reason. »
Sénèque (La vie heureuse)

« Whenever you want to get to the bottom of something, give it to time. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« As long as we are among men, practice humanity. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« The important thing is what we support, but how to handle. »
Sénèque (La vie heureuse)

« How many times we die our fear of dying. »
Sénèque (La tranquillité de l'âme)

« It is best to heal the offense rather than avenge her. Revenge takes a long time, she exhibited in many of the offenses. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« It is no longer time, when danger is present, to strengthen us against him. »
Sénèque (La tranquillité de l'âme)

« The reason wants to decide what is right; anger wants found just what she decided. »

« Also course, also devoted it may be, a companion of mood worried and who moans about everything is the enemy of peace. »
Sénèque (De la tranquillité de l'âme)

« The vices of the past have become the mores of today. »

« You stop fear by ceasing to hope. The fear and the hope that seem irreconcilable are closely United. »

« It has already reduced time who gave you life. »

« Expressed in the mild pain; the Bough. »
Sénèque (Hippolyte)

« Malice drinks herself most of his venom. »
Sénèque (Lettres à Lucilius)

« If you want to keep your secret, safest is to keep yourself. »
Sénèque (Hippolyte)

« It is not good to just hear and see everything. Close our eyes on many offenses: most do not reach us because we don't know them. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« Even difficult and untamable natures will endure one who flatter them; the caress arouses neither harshness nor fright. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« A happiness that nothing initiated succumbs to the slightest infringement; but when we have to fight against the constant difficulties, it is seasoned in the event, it resists any headaches, and even if we stumble, we still fighting on his knees. »
Sénèque (La vie heureuse)

« Anger has nothing grand or noble. There are really big which, at the same time, is quiet. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« For those who are prepared and expects misfortune has nothing disconcerting. »
Sénèque (La tranquillité de l'âme)

« The soul resists the evils to which it is prepared. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« We get the enemy much more respect and guarantees when we surrender the weapons to hand. »
Sénèque (La Vie heureuse)

« Let us avoid offences, since we do not support them. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« No one wanders only for its own account, but we're the cause and promoter of the error of others. »
Sénèque (La Vie heureuse)

« The dispute fuels the argument and engulfs those who will dive. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« If you want to overcome anger, she can defeat you. You start to defeat if you do shut up. »
Sénèque (De la colère)

« You will find, in any situation, entertainment, the amusements and pleasures, if you apply yourself to judge your light headaches rather than make them you intolerable. »
Sénèque (La Vie heureuse)

« To get rich, contempt of riches is the shortest way. »
Sénèque (Lettres à Lucilius)

« It is better not to start to stop. »

« Life is drama: what matters is not that it lasts a long time, but it is well played. »
Sénèque (Les Lettres à Lucilius)

« While we are among men, practice humanity. »

« Evidence of the worst, it's the crowd. »
Sénèque (La vie heureuse)

« Prosperity is a State that knows no rest. »
Sénèque (Lettres à Lucilius)

« Fortune does not have the long arms, she grabs that attaches to it. »
Sénèque (Lettres à Lucilius)

« Only tree who suffered the onslaught of the wind is really strong, because it's in this struggle that its roots, put to the test, to be fortified. »

« That does not prevent a crime so that he could is an accomplice. »

« The good judge condemns the crime without hating the criminal. »
Sénèque (De Ira)

« When the winner left arms, the loser has a duty to leave his hatred. »
Sénèque (Hercule furieux)

« Who cares not of who laughs at himself. »
Sénèque (De la constance du sage)

« The style is the dress of thought. »
Sénèque (Lettres à Lucilius)

« Want to later, is not the same as wanting. »
Sénèque (De bénéficiis)

« The first precept of a King, it is bear hatred. »
Sénèque (Hercule furieux)

« All that the constitution of the universe we bound to suffer, endure him with greatness of soul. »
Sénèque (La Vie heureuse)

« All wickedness has its source in the weakness. »
Sénèque (La vie heureuse)

« We were born in a Kingdom: obedience to the deity, that's freedom. »
Sénèque (La vie heureuse)

« I prefer moderate my joys that quell my pain. »
Sénèque (La vie heureuse)

« The biggest obstacle to life is waiting, who hope tomorrow and fails today. »
Sénèque (La Brièveté de la vie)

« We are not on this earth for filtering drinks and cook food, but to contribute to the development of our soul. »

« The soul, whereby we escape all definitions. »

« No one cares to live, but to live long, while all can give no live long live well, happiness. »

« We need our own review before moving on to one of the tasks that we will undertake. »

« What's painful to go back from whence we came? He lived wrong one that won't die. »

« There is no favourable wind for one who knows not where he's going. »

« Tell his dream, is to be returned to the waking state. »
Sénèque (Lettres à Lucillus)

« How many celestial bodies move in secret without ever being in the eyes of men! God did not do all the things for humans. »
Sénèque (Questions naturelles)

« It's a great servitude as a great career. »
Sénèque (Consolation à Polybe)

« Vice has a thousand shapes, one result: human evil in itself. »
Sénèque (De la tranquillité de l'âme)

« The consciousness of having done well is a reward in itself. »

« The language of truth is simple. »

« Don't do anything that your enemy will not be able to know. »

« No punishment is worse than remorse. »

« Long is the road by precept, short and easy by the example. »

« All virtue is based on the measurement. »

« The miseries of life teach the art of silence. »

« We have the faults of others in the eye and ours in the back. »

« The fear of war is even worse than the war itself. »

« There is hardly a great mind who doesn't have a touch of madness. »

« It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. »

« Death is sometimes a punishment; often it is a gift; For more than one, it is a grace. »

« A vice led to another. »

« When the Sun disappeared we see the greatness. »

« Life is like a fairy tale; What matters is not the length, but its value. »

« If you want to be loved, love. »

« Necessarily, the chance a lot of power over us, since it is by chance that we live. »

« Death is very heavy for one who dies too known to others but unknown to himself. »

« The key is the use of life, not its length. »

« The error is too great to rely on all of distrust of all. »

« The tree becomes solid under the wind. »

« The gift is always the same, that is different, that's the way it is done. »

« He studied, not to see more, but to know better. »

« Life is a journey toward death. »

« Being slave of self is the most painful of slavery. »

« Who gives quickly gives twice. »

« It takes a lifetime to learn to live. »

« Honor forbids acts that the law tolerates. »

« The error is not crime. »

« The worst punishment of a bad action is of. »

« Pull our courage of desperation even. »
Sénèque (Questions naturelles)

« Make haste to live well and think that every day is only a life. »
Sénèque (Lettres à Lucilius)

« We need to punish, not to punish, but to prevent. »

« It is easier to contain himself to withdraw from a quarrel. »

« Anger is like an avalanche that breaks on what it breaks. »

« It is when there is no hope to despair of anything. »
Sénèque (Médéa)

« The world is my home. »

« Friendship is always a good thing, love is sometimes harmful. »

« To silence others, begins with shut. »

« The culprit is the one who benefits from the crime. »

« The majority of life on doing wrong, much to do nothing, all of life to not think about what you are doing. »
Sénèque (Lettres à Lucilius)

« He must necessarily fear much, one who is afraid of a lot. »

« It was during the storm we know the driver. »
Sénèque (De providence)

« The good judge condemns the crime without condemning the criminal. »

« That repents is ready to be innocent. »

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