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Seth Messenger : Sacha Guitry's quotes

Sacha Guitry said :

(Automatic translation)
Sacha Guitry
« You are twenty years old. If you love me, you took my twenty years; If you don't love me, you add them to me. »
Sacha Guitry

« Each accident happened to others is one not avoided you. »
Sacha Guitry (Jusqu'à nouvel ordre)

« Between husband and wife, less a gift is useful, it is nice. »
Sacha Guitry (Françoise)

« If you're ever called upstart, hold for certain that you have arrived. »
Sacha Guitry

« You need to spend when you're young money we get when we're old. »
Sacha Guitry

« If you're sick, don't be too long. Try not to exceed the normal 21 days, because the patience of best friends is quite short and you quickly feel abandoned. »
Sacha Guitry (La Maladie)

« Yes, is to be constant to serve love, and is not change of taste to change woman since women change. »
Sacha Guitry (Toutes réflexions faites)

« The laziness of fools is a good thing for everyone. »
Sacha Guitry

« Money has value when it comes out of your pocket. He didn't when he gets there. »
Sacha Guitry (Mémoires d'un tricheur)

« All the gestures are good when they are natural. Those we learn are always false. »
Sacha Guitry (Debureau)

« We don't have the right to keep a funny Word. There are fatal words. Too bad! Words that are deadly do live at least those who make them. »
Sacha Guitry (Mémoires d'un tricheur)

« It is worth noting that the singular puts the woman when we got good things to say - and talking in plural as soon as she did some wickedness. »
Sacha Guitry (N'écoutez pas, mesdames !)

« I live alone! And, already, I wonder who. »
Sacha Guitry (N'écoutez pas, mesdames !)

« Should never reach out to the things we dread. »
Sacha Guitry (Quadrille)

« Women is charming, but dogs it is so much more faithful. »
Sacha Guitry

« I have observed that, usually, we say goodbye when we hope we meet ever - while in general see you willingly when we said goodbye. »
Sacha Guitry (Toâ)

« It is a great mistake to believe that because we're a cuckold, there right instantly to all women! »
Sacha Guitry (Quadrille)

« My wife's sleep was a lot she had more profound. »
Sacha Guitry

« If the delight of men is to pay the women's bodies, the delight of women is to pay the men. »
Sacha Guitry

« My boy's life has hard life - and it is in vain that for forty years I buried him. »
Sacha Guitry

« When a woman is alone, she is alone in the world! »
Sacha Guitry (Quadrille)

« We attack your private life? It's that there is nothing wrong with your books. »
Sacha Guitry (Les Femmes et l'amour)

« I'm so tired that I yawn while sleeping. »
Sacha Guitry (Pensées, maximes et anecdotes)

« When we decide to take comics seriously? »
Sacha Guitry (Théâtre, je t'adore)

« Which probably distorts everything in life it is that we are convinced that we tell the truth because we say what we think. »
Sacha Guitry (Toutes réflexions faites)

« It should never be possible to watch someone sleeping. It's like opening a letter is not addressed to you. »
Sacha Guitry

« We consider that all the events that happen to us are happy events. »
Sacha Guitry (Le nouveau testament)

« Woman, I love you as we love a first edition, with faults. »
Sacha Guitry

« We can cry his mother or his father, or his brother, but how do you cry eleven people! »
Sacha Guitry (Mémoires d’un tricheur)

« Honest women are inconsolable mistakes they have not committed. »
Sacha Guitry (Elles et toi)

« When a woman that I like wonder on the phone, I gives me a comb before you go. »
Sacha Guitry

« We smile to the distractions of mathematicians. One shudders thinking of those that might have a surgeon. »
Sacha Guitry

« Dread the irony, it's worry about the reason. »
Sacha Guitry (L'Esprit)

« In reality, what is meant by having the heart, it's having a weakness of the tear glands with a slight paralysis of the cerebellum. »
Sacha Guitry (Jusqu'à nouvel ordre)

« When it did not fault, can't be absolutely sure of itself. While when we saw the consequences of a mistake, it is more exposed to again! »
Sacha Guitry (Désiré)

« The love for two, it lasts the time to count up to three. »
Sacha Guitry

« When you love for more than one reason, it's that we don't really like. »
Sacha Guitry (Désiré)

« We talk too much to children of the past and not enough of the future - i.e. too many others and not enough on their own. »
Sacha Guitry (Si j'ai bonne mémoire)

« Should never say anything to a woman! »
Sacha Guitry (Quadrille)

« The day I understood what were the people I exaspérais, I confess that I did everything to aggravate them. »
Sacha Guitry (Pensées, maximes et anecdotes)

« One of the lies the most successful, the most interesting ones, and one of the easiest in addition, is that to believe someone who lies to you than you think. »
Sacha Guitry (Toutes réflexions faites)

« Have a critical sense, take the keenest interest in a book which, precisely, you seem to miss. »
Sacha Guitry (Cent Merveilles)

« We are we know of services that could make us our defects if we knew them implemented. »
Sacha Guitry (Toutes réflexions faites)

« There are women who throw themselves at your neck as they embark at the head of a horse... To make you believe that you are packed. »
Sacha Guitry (Elles et toi)

« The theatre was born from the Church. She will never forgive him. Jealousy of trade. »
Sacha Guitry (Toutes réflexions faites)

« It emerges from some beings a seduction that, favored by the circumstances, can become suddenly irresistible! »
Sacha Guitry (Quadrille)

« Women seem to be superlatively equipped for functions that cost money instead of bring back. »
Sacha Guitry (Pensées, maximes et anecdotes)

« Two women kissing will always make me think of two boxers who shake hands. »
Sacha Guitry (Elles et toi)

« A war casualty is never a cripple. He has not lost his arm; He gave it. »
Sacha Guitry (Mémoires d'un tricheur)

« Vanity, it is pride to others. »
Sacha Guitry (Jusqu'à nouvel ordre)

« That letter you wrote for their PostScript! »
Sacha Guitry

« You can cry for two days - we can't laugh for two hours. »
Sacha Guitry

« It is a mistake to believe that speaking down to someone's ear that works be bothered less. »
Sacha Guitry (Toutes réflexions faites)

« My enemies do me great honour: they strive after me as if I had of the future! »
Sacha Guitry

« They say that money is not happiness. No doubt we want to talk about the money of others. »
Sacha Guitry

« When we talk to me a woman grown; I imagine him with carrots in the ears and between the toes Chervil. »
Sacha Guitry (Elles et toi)

« It is never deceived by those that would. »
Sacha Guitry (N'écoutez pas, mesdames !)

« Words come to the world only if you absolutely need them. »
Sacha Guitry (Pensées, maximes et anecdotes)

« We must marry only of very beautiful women, if we want to we deliver us. »
Sacha Guitry

« They say without shame to the hurt of a masterpiece because they believe that there seem to know when they say evil of a book - but speak well, enthuse, be careful! They don't want to look stupid. »
Sacha Guitry (Théâtre, je t'adore)

« Work without craving, it's not a job we do, it's a business. And it is at moments like this that you realize how little merit to do the things that you like. »
Sacha Guitry (Théâtre, je t'adore)

« My memory is whimsical - and sometimes speaking very loudly in the ear of a myopic. »
Sacha Guitry (Toutes réflexions faites)

« In Paris, when we met a woman on the street and you look at it, one almost commits infidelity. Watch a French and be seen by it, looks like we draft a romance novel! »
Sacha Guitry (Théâtre, je t'adore)

« Women want what they like, men love what they want. »
Sacha Guitry

« Celibacy? We're bored. The marriage? We got trouble. »
Sacha Guitry

« Old men and birds face the same problem every year: spend the winter. »
Sacha Guitry

« There are two kinds of women: those who are young and pretty and those that find me still. »
Sacha Guitry

« There is no modest people. There are losers who pretend to be modest - and which are modest to make believe that they are not failures. »
Sacha Guitry

« Being deprived of what whatsoever - what torture! Being deprived of everything--what riddance! »
Sacha Guitry

« It is better to think about death in the morning, because in the evening, it would be too sad. »
Sacha Guitry

« Ah! The world is so bad made, and why is it that some beings eventually become targets for being too focus! »
Sacha Guitry (Théâtre, je t'adore)

« Can't marry the hot only for peace. »
Sacha Guitry

« A man who never asks service person eventually get the reputation of a man who does not. »
Sacha Guitry (Toutes réflexions faites)

« Luxury is a matter of money. Elegance is a matter of education. »
Sacha Guitry

« What we charge? His political ideas. Here's an idea! While it is already so difficult to believe in the politics of politicians! »
Sacha Guitry (Théâtre, je t'adore)

« Pride is part of this infinite tenderness that must have for oneself and without which all happiness seems unlikely. »
Sacha Guitry (Jusqu'à nouvel ordre)

« His body is like a challenge to find a nicer one. It makes want to seek. »
Sacha Guitry

« In the conversation, keep you well to have the last word, the first. »
Sacha Guitry

« I like you so that, when you happen to be not pretty, I think you're beautiful. »
Sacha Guitry

« We're a little slave of dreams that has been made. »
Sacha Guitry

« It's very nice fidelity, but it's a double-edged weapon. How many people believe everything is allowed in their marriage under the pretext that they are faithful! »
Sacha Guitry

« Be Paris, is not be born in Paris, it's is reborn. »
Sacha Guitry

« Being fatalistic, is not so much to believe in God. It is rather a kind of weariness, a form of dilettantism and an almost total lack of will. »
Sacha Guitry

« When we say a woman that she is pretty, it's just that it isn't enough. »
Sacha Guitry

« In life, the important is not to have money, but that others have. »
Sacha Guitry

« Being selfish, it is to be alive by oneself. Being selfish, it's not not all relate to itself, it's all out of itself, is to be scrupulously original... »
Sacha Guitry

« There are people that increase your lonely from trouble her. »
Sacha Guitry

« They believe that all men are the same because they behave in the same way with all men. »
Sacha Guitry

« There are doctors who save you - and there are some that heal you. »
Sacha Guitry (Pensées, maximes et anecdotes)

« Have you noticed that, regardless of the noise that wakes you up, it stops as soon as you awake? »
Sacha Guitry

« A woman must have three men in her life: - one of sixty years for the cheque; - one of forty years for the chic; - and one of twenty years for the shock. »
Sacha Guitry

« The first who got married, he didn't; but the second, it is inexcusable. »
Sacha Guitry

« There are only two kinds of writers: the good and the bad. The bad are bad parts and good care nothing. »
Sacha Guitry

« Schools: schools where one learns to children what it is essential to know to become teachers. »
Sacha Guitry

« Going that one day finally I decided to read the books that, for thirty years, I recommend my friends to read. »
Sacha Guitry

« To get married, to a witness, as for an accident or a duel. »
Sacha Guitry (Elles et toi)

« With respect to who take you your wife, it is worse revenge than to let him. »
Sacha Guitry (Elles et toi)

« Women are made to be married men and women to be single. From there comes the bad. »
Sacha Guitry (Mon père avait raison)

« Deny God, is to deprive themselves of unique interest in death. »
Sacha Guitry (Toutes réflexions faites)

« Being rich is not to have the money - it's to spend. »
Sacha Guitry (Mémoires d'un tricheur)

« January 1st is the only day of the year where women forget our past with our present. »
Sacha Guitry

« The man who succeeded is one that can earn more that a woman can spend; the woman who succeeded is one that came to find such a husband. »
Sacha Guitry

« If she is late, she'll come. »
Sacha Guitry

« Men have what they deserve. Others are single! »
Sacha Guitry

« Marriage is solve two problems we would have not had alone. »
Sacha Guitry

« Have you noticed that when you restore a phone conversation cut off, we realize that we all said. »
Sacha Guitry

« The secret of an intelligent culture, it is on which shelf in the library stands the Larousse. »
Sacha Guitry

« If a woman is unhappy, they do him good. But if a woman is happy, they say bad things. »
Sacha Guitry

« Nothing is easier to learn that little geometry that are needed. »
Sacha Guitry (L'esprit)

« Marriage is like the restaurant: barely been used we look at what there is in the base of the neighbor. »
Sacha Guitry (Pensées, maximes et anecdotes)

« Europeans who smoke opium make me think of the Chinese who wear bowler hats. »
Sacha Guitry (L'esprit)

« A woman, a real woman, it's a woman above all which is not a feminist. »
Sacha Guitry (Elles et toi)

« You agree to be my first wife? »
Sacha Guitry

« Bored in my passion. »
Sacha Guitry (Mon portrait)

« Travel, it is mainly used to annoy others once we're back! »
Sacha Guitry (Le petit Carnet rouge)

« -You give me twenty-five years? -If I had twenty-five years, I would keep it for me. »
Sacha Guitry

« This is the ticking of a clock that's enjoy the silence. Without that ticking sound it is deaf. »
Sacha Guitry (Mes médecins)

« The light, or, rather, the darkness plays a large role in love! »
Sacha Guitry (Faisons un rêve)

« When you're twenty years longer than a woman, it's she who marry you. »
Sacha Guitry (Quadrille)

« Usually people ask for advice and then they don't follow them! »
Sacha Guitry (Faisons un rêve)

« Being married! It must be terrible. I always wondered what we could well do with a woman outside of love. »
Sacha Guitry (Faisons un rêve)

« Ah! It's that they see so well, women, in a second, the thing we should not have to leave! »
Sacha Guitry (Faisons un rêve)

« To separate, is not leaving someone, is to leave them both. »
Sacha Guitry (Quadrille)

« It's very relaxing to be deaf. They don't tell you that much. »
Sacha Guitry

« You have every right to tell a smoker he smokes too if he smokes your tobacco. »
Sacha Guitry

« Article 1: tobacco is a poison. Article 2: both pis. »
Sacha Guitry

« There are thousands of reasons that women dress as they: and all these reasons are men. »
Sacha Guitry

« If we give a woman anything she wants, she would find to be desired things that we cannot give them. »
Sacha Guitry (Pensées, maximes et anecdotes)

« What it to care if there was a pretty woman! Between men, someone compliments on his mistresses. »
Sacha Guitry (Désiré)

« Let God the benefit of the doubt. »
Sacha Guitry (Toutes réflexions faites)

« If women knew how much we regret them, they go faster! »
Sacha Guitry (Pensées, maximes et anecdotes)

« Two women will always get agreement on the back of a third. »
Sacha Guitry

« My wife and I were happy twenty-five years. It is at this age that we met. »
Sacha Guitry (Pensées, maximes et anecdotes)

« Why, in the cities where we spend, applies to choose twelve different postcards - since they are intended for twelve different people? »
Sacha Guitry (Pensées, maximes et anecdotes)

« The pedestrian is going nowhere - but, on the other hand, it is everywhere, everywhere where it shouldn't be. It's a kind of enemy that has been created to make the difficult traffic. »
Sacha Guitry

« What good to learn what is in the books, as it is? »
Sacha Guitry

« From time to time, women have twelve. But a serious event to occur - and snap! They have eight. »
Sacha Guitry (Elles et toi)

« Often, business, scoundrels fly less that honest people don't cost you money. »
Sacha Guitry

« What worries them all - to their own subject - is the ease with which I can console myself of the departure of the previous. »
Sacha Guitry

« A woman leaves in general a man for another man - while a man may very well leave a woman because of her. »
Sacha Guitry

« Being faithful, it is, often, follow the other. »
Sacha Guitry (Une folie)

« There are people who speak, speak - until they finally found something to say. »
Sacha Guitry (Mon Père avait raison)

« Have talent, you will be recognized may be genius. Have genius, it will never recognize you talent. »
Sacha Guitry

« The best way to rotate the head to a woman, it's to tell him that she has a nice profile. »
Sacha Guitry

« If you want your wife listens to what you say, tell another woman. »
Sacha Guitry

« There are two unacceptable things on Earth: the death - and taxes. But I should first mention taxes. »
Sacha Guitry

« Got them in his arms - then one day on the arm - and soon on the back. »
Sacha Guitry (N'écoutez pas, mesdames !)

« There are things that I did, only to have the pleasure to tell. »
Sacha Guitry

« A woman, on his knees, with which we're most agree, it's heavy! »
Sacha Guitry

« A woman who goes with her lover does not abandon her husband, she rid it of an unfaithful wife. »
Sacha Guitry

« Morphine has been invented to allow doctors to sleep. »
Sacha Guitry (Mon Père avait raison)

« Why would we not women for what they do best: lie? »
Sacha Guitry

« Flirting with a woman, it's running after her until she catches up with you. »
Sacha Guitry

« Make the audience laugh. Banish boredom. And if he despises you and forget you as soon as he came through the door, it doesn't matter. We always forget those who made you good. »
Sacha Guitry (Debureau)

« I would gladly agree that women are superior, if that could dissuade them from claiming our equal. »
Sacha Guitry

« I'm against women, against. »
Sacha Guitry

« Privilege of genius! When it comes to hear a piece of Mozart, the silence that succeeded him is still him. »
Sacha Guitry (Toutes Réflexions faites)

« Like two-way, but make sure you well first that they make sense. »
Sacha Guitry (L'Esprit de Paris)

« It is between thirty and thirty-one years that women live the best ten years of their lives. »
Sacha Guitry

« Quote the thoughts of others, it's regret not having found them yourself. »
Sacha Guitry

« Have fun to lie to women; We have the impression that it pays for itself! »
Sacha Guitry

« There are women whose infidelity is the only link that still tie them to their husbands. »
Sacha Guitry (Elles et toi)

« If those who speak badly of me knew exactly what I think of them, they would say much more. »
Sacha Guitry (Toutes réflexions faites)

« It is a mistake to believe that a woman can keep a secret. They can, but they do more. »
Sacha Guitry

« Do not tell your wife the infamies you have make those that preceded it. It is not worth to give him ideas. »
Sacha Guitry

« These hands that will close my eyes and open my cabinets. »
Sacha Guitry

« Never make love on Saturday night, because if it rains on Sunday, you won't know what to do. »
Sacha Guitry

« There are people you can count on. These are usually people that there is no need. »
Sacha Guitry

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