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Seth Messenger : Romain Gary's quotes

Romain Gary said :

(Automatic translation)
Romain Gary
« Medicine must have the last word and fight to the end to prevent the will of God be done. »
Romain Gary (La vie devant soi)

« A long time ago that I no longer fear ridicule; Today, I know that man is something that can not be ridiculed. »
Romain Gary (La promesse de l'aube)

« What is this so that the love but a work of imagination? »
Romain Gary (Les enchanteurs)

« If I could make you laugh a few moments at my expense, I'd feel better: be laughable, there is nothing more generous. »
Romain Gary (Clair de femme)

« The irony is always a good guarantee of mental hygiene. »
Romain Gary (Pseudo)

« There is no art despair - despair, it is only a lack of talent. »
Romain Gary (Éducation européenne)

« I can't talk about the sea. All I know is that she can suddenly get rid of all my duties. Whenever I watch it, I'm a happy drowned. »
Romain Gary (La promesse de l'aube)

« Women are vulnerable to the murmur of the soul and the art of seduction is made of delicacy. »
Romain Gary (Les enchanteurs)

« When you want to die, chocolate tastes even better than usual. »
Romain Gary (La vie devant soi)

« The inaccessible, we make ourselves. »
Romain Gary (La nuit sera calme)

« It's the first time I used the imagination as a weapon of defence and nothing would be more beneficial to me. »
Romain Gary (Les cerfs-volants)

« Despair is always a quote. »
Romain Gary (Les cerfs-volants)

« I was so happy that I wanted to die because the happiness you have to grab it while it's there. »
Romain Gary (La vie devant soi)

« Already the humor was for me what he needed to stay my whole life: assistance needed, the safest of all. »
Romain Gary (La promesse de l'aube)

« Africa will awaken to its fate when it ceases to be the Zoological Garden in the world. »
Romain Gary (Les racines du ciel)

« It cannot exist without being loved. »
Romain Gary (Gros-Câlin)

« The paths that lead to freedom and human dignity through the damaged well and cannot therefore lead suddenly to the summits. »
Romain Gary (Les enchateurs)

« I see life as a big relay race where each of us before falling must carry further the challenge of being a man. »
Romain Gary (La promesse de l'aube)

« Basically, if there was no death, life would lose its comic character. »
Romain Gary (La danse de Gengis Cohn)

« Misunderstanding goes still further than all know, further than the genius, and it is always she who has the last word. »
Romain Gary (Pseudo)

« The truth is that there is an incredible amount of drops that are not straw. »
Romain Gary (Gros-Câlin)

« I wish not so much to be happy, I prefer still life. Happiness is a bastard and a cow skin and he would teach him how to live. »
Romain Gary (La vie devant soi)

« Tenderness has seconds beating more slowly than others. »
Romain Gary (Gros-Câlin)

« I won a lot of battles in my life, but I put a lot of time to get used to the idea that we may win battles, we can't win the war. »
Romain Gary (La Promesse de l'aube)

« It isn't that too easy to prove tolerance sometimes leads straight to the intolerable and on the way there it is too often led by the nose. »
Romain Gary (Les Cerfs-volants)

« Whenever I see the number 1, I want to help him escape... He has constantly after him, behind, zero who wants to catch him and in front of, the mafia of the great numbers who lie in wait for him. »
Romain Gary

« With maternal love, life made us at dawn a promise she never holds. »
Romain Gary (La Promesse de l'aube)

« Technology is the asshole of the science. »
Romain Gary (La tête coupable)

« Humor is an affirmation of dignity, a declaration of the superiority of the man in the face of what is happening. »
Romain Gary (La promesse de l'aube)

« Nightmares, that's what dreams always come with age. »
Romain Gary (La vie devant soi)

« More we have nothing and more we want to believe. »
Romain Gary (La Vie devant soi)

« It is not necessary to have reasons to be afraid. »
Romain Gary (La vie devant soi)

« The sleep of the just. I think it's the wrong-doers who sleep the better, because they care. »
Romain Gary

« It is always in the eye that people are the saddest. »
Romain Gary (La vie devant soi)

« The paradox of science is that there is only a response to his misdeeds and its perils: more science. »
Romain Gary (Charge d'âme)

« The revival was first a back to basics. »
Romain Gary (La Danse de Gengis Cohn)

« I mean, it's that she had eyes so good live that I never knew where to go since. »
Romain Gary (La prmosse de l'aube)

« Because you cannot live without someone to love. »
Romain Gary (La vie devant soi)

« Life is paved with lost opportunities. »
Romain Gary (La promesse de l'aube)

« Without imagination, love has no chance. »
Romain Gary

« When we are getting old, you wake up each morning with the impression that the heating is not working. »
Romain Gary

« Don't be afraid of happiness. It's just a good time to spend. »
Romain Gary

« Patriotism is the love of his family. Nationalism is hatred of others. »
Romain Gary

« Always know the limits of the possible. Not to stop, but to attempt the impossible in the best conditions. »
Romain Gary (Charge d'âme)

« If there is one unforgivable thing it's not forgive. »
Romain Gary

« Being anti-social, it is to be. »
Romain Gary

« Humanity is even more a legend, she is a myth. »
Romain Gary

« Poverty is a refusal to share the great Brotherhood of dirt. »
Romain Gary

« Men age always hurt when they are still young. »
Romain Gary (Au-delà de cette limite votre ticket n'est plus valable)

« Live is a prayer that only love can grant. »
Romain Gary

« The real House of love is always a hiding place. »
Romain Gary

« I know that life is worth living, that happiness is accessible, it is enough simply to find his deep vocation, and to give what we love with a total surrender. »
Romain Gary

« I'm one of those Democrats who believe that the purpose of democracy is to access each man to the nobility. »
Romain Gary (Chien blanc)

« It is less serious to lose to get lost. »
Romain Gary (Chien blanc)

« Someone with no one in it... »
Romain Gary

« Don't be afraid of happiness. It's just a good time to spend. »
Romain Gary

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