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Seth Messenger : Roger Martin du Gard's quotes

Roger Martin du Gard said :

(Automatic translation)
Roger Martin du Gard
« Aggregate, be a cog among other workings. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Les Thibault)

« On the battlefield, exactly as on stage, men who fight are two rival teams: they are not enemies, they are opponents. »
Roger Martin du Gard

« No God did not respond to calls, to the questions of the man. What it takes for answers, it's only the echo of his voice. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Les Thibault)

« In every human life, there comes a day, an hour, a brief moment where God, deign suddenly appear in his obviously and we suddenly reaches out. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Les Thibault)

« Thinking begins with the doubt. »
Roger Martin du Gard

« There is no true order without justice? »
Roger Martin du Gard (Les Thibault)

« The whole existence is a fight; life, it's the victory that lasts. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Le goût de vivre)

« The spirit of the revolution will be betrayed by the military mind. »
Roger Martin du Gard

« Self-esteem does not necessarily exclude the friendship, but it seems rare that it helps to be born. Admire is not loving; and if virtue gets consideration, it does not often open hearts. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Les Thibault)

« Intelligence must enliven the action; without it, the action is futile. But without action, as intelligence is sterile! »
Roger Martin du Gard (Jean Barois)

« If we don't do good by natural taste, whether by despair. or at least not to do evil. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Les Thibault)

« Life, we know what it is: a whimsical mix of wonderful moments and trouble. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Les Thibault)

« It's always the relentless mediocrity of the woman who wins. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Un taciturne)

« By dint of writing for himself alone, it happens that, without him having premeditated, lies have also written for everyone. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Le lieutenant-colonel de Maumort)

« People who pass for virtuous are those to which an opportunity missed to be tempted to do wrong. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Le Lieutenant-colonel de Maumort)

« Wherever he is, wherever he goes, man continues to think with words, with the syntax of his country. »
Roger Martin du Gard

« The two types of revolutionaries: the Apostles and technicians. »
Roger Martin du Gard

« I hate Sunday: all those people who fill the streets, under the pretext of rest. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Les Thibault)

« Acclimatize with us these utopias, it would prepare a mess! »
Roger Martin du Gard (Les Thibault)

« Courage, true, it is not to wait calmly the event; It is to run to the front, to know him as soon as possible, and accept it. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Les Thibault)

« Life would be impossible if one remembered, all is to choose what to forget. »
Roger Martin du Gard

« The difficult is not to have been someone, it is to stay. »
Roger Martin du Gard

« All the acts committed; especially generous gestures. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Les Thibault)

« Those who are "right-thinking", because they cannot be "thinking" short. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Jean Barois)

« A conviction that begins by admitting the legitimacy of an opposing belief condemns itself to be not active. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Jean Barois)

« When the truth is free and also error, is not the mistake that triumph. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Jean Barois)

« The winners take immediately the vices of the vanquished. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Jean Barois)

« In each French, there is a skeptic who never sleeps to a half eye. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Les Thibault)

« The "how" interest me enough that I renounce the fruitless search of the "why" without regret. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Les Thibault)

« Anything goes as long as you're not fooled by oneself; as long as we know what we're doing, and, as much as possible, why we do it. »
Roger Martin du Gard (Les Thibault)

« I can't admit violence, even against the violence. »
Roger Martin du Gard

« When a woman admits her age, it's that she no longer has it. »
Roger Martin du Gard

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