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Seth Messenger : René Char's quotes

René Char said :

(Automatic translation)
René Char
« The land that receives the seed is sad. The seed that will risk everything is happy. »
René Char

« He must blow to make good light on some glimmers. »
René Char

« We always start our life on a wonderful twilight. »
René Char

« The poet cannot long remain in the stratosphere of the verb. It should curl in and new tears and further ahead in its agenda. »
René Char (Sur la poésie)

« Get into the unknown that digs. Requires you to twirl. »
René Char

« The Word raises more land that the gravedigger cannot. »
René Char

« Can not start a poem without a plot of error about itself and the world, without a straw of innocence to the first words. »
René Char

« We are the future. This is tomorrow which today prevails on Earth. »
René Char

« Lightning me RID poetry will fly me to death. »
René Char

« Our heritage is preceded by no testament. »
René Char

« At the height of the storm, there's always a bird to reassure us. It's the unknown bird, he sings before flying. »
René Char (Rougeurs des matinaux)

« Beware: all are not worthy of confidence. »
René Char (Rougeurs des matinaux)

« The poet dies of inspiration as the old man of old age. Death is the poet as the end point is to the manuscript. »
René Char (Voyages au coeur)

« Women are in love and lonely men. They steal each other the loneliness and love. »
René Char

« Want to others that you're promised to you alone. Here is your contract. »
René Char (Feuillets d'Hypnos)

« We are torn between greed to know and to have experienced despair. The sting does not renounce his cooking and we our hope. »
René Char (Feuillets d'Hypnos)

« If it wasn't the tightness of boredom, the heart would stop beating. »
René Char (Feuillets d'Hypnos)

« Does you curve only to love. If you die you still love. »
René Char (Feuillets d'Hypnos)

« Eternity is scarcely longer than life. »
René Char (Feuillets d'Hypnos)

« The man was probably the craziest vow of darkness; This is why we are dark, envious and crazy under the powerful Sun. »
René Char (Feuillets d'Hypnos)

« The word meaningless always announces a next upheaval. »
René Char

« All that will help us later, to free us from our disappointments around our first not assemble. »
René Char

« Tears despise their confidant. »
René Char (Commune présence)

« Lucidity is the earliest wound of the Sun. »
René Char

« Be the rain man and the child of the good weather. »
René Char (Le Marteau sans maître)

« With those we love, we stopped talking, and this isn't silence. »
René Char

« The eyes alone are still able to cry. »
René Char (Fureur et mystère)

« How would the end justify the means? There is no end, only of the means for life. »
René Char (L'âge cassant)

« I don't can be and don't want to live in the space and freedom of my love. »
René Char

« Don't get hung not in the rut of the results. »
René Char (Feuillets d'Hypnos)

« Impose your chance, hold your happiness and go towards your risk. Watching you, they will be accustomed. »
René Char (Rougeur des matinaux)

« In our darkness, there is not a place for beauty. The whole place is for beauty. »
René Char (Fureur et mystère)

« A poet must leave traces of his passage, not evidence. Only traces are dreaming. »
René Char (La Parole en archipel)

« The essential is constantly threatened by the insignificant. »
René Char

« All the shared meals, we invite the freedom to sit. The place remains empty, but the cover stays put. »
René Char (Fureur et mystère)

« The Act is a Virgin, even repeated. »
René Char (Feuillets d'Hypnos)

« The real sometimes quenches expectancy. That is why, against all odds, the hope survives. »
René Char (La Parole en archipel)

« The poem is made love to the desire remained. »
René Char (Fureur et mystère)

« Acquiescence on the face. The refusal gives beauty. »
René Char (Fureur et mystère)

« If the man sometimes did not sovereignly close eyes, he would no longer see what's worth to be looked at. »
René Char (Fureur et mystère)

« Take the life other than by the thorns? »
René Char (Retour amont)

« A man without flaws is a mountain without crevasses. It doesn't interest me. »
René Char (Feuillets d'Hypnos)

« We fight well for what we model oneself and with which you get burned by identifying himself. »
René Char (Feuillets d'Hypnos)

« Being never definitely shaped, man's fence to its opposite. »
René Char (Feuillets d'Hypnos)

« The words that might come up know about us things that we ignore them. »
René Char (Chants de la Balandrane)

« There are only two lines with life: you dream or this is achieved. »
René Char

« The impossible, we don't reach it, but it serves as Lantern. »
René Char

« What comes to the world not to disturb deserves neither respect nor patience. »
René Char (Fureur et mystère)

« Act in primitive and predict strategist. »
René Char

« How to live without unknown in front of you? »
René Char (Fureur et mystère)

« The artist must be regret already during his lifetime. »
René Char (Art bref)

« The signature at the bottom of the white life is poetry that draws it. »
René Char (La parole en archipel)

« Poetry lives of perpetual insomnia. »
René Char (La Parole en archipel)

« The man is able to do what he is unable to imagine. »
René Char

« Sign that you light, not what you darkened. »
René Char

« The roads that do not say their destination country, are beloved roads. »
René Char

« Living is arguing to complete a memory. »
René Char

« The spirit of the Castle, is the drawbridge. »
René Char

« Imitates the least possible men in their enigmatic disease of tie knots. »
René Char (Rougeur des matinaux)

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