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Seth Messenger : René Barjavel's quotes

René Barjavel said :

(Automatic translation)
René Barjavel
« Men dream, a glut of ideal worlds and gods. Women provide the strength and continuity of the real. »
René Barjavel (Une rose au paradis)

« When one feels obliged to express his gratitude, you lose half of his joy. »
René Barjavel (Une rose au paradis)

« The lovers are inventing their own vocabulary, but it only has meaning for them. »
René Barjavel (L'enchanteur)

« That copy nature is helpless, he who interprets it is ridiculous, who know's nothing. »
René Barjavel (Colomb de la lune)

« There is no such thing as happiness in the future. Happiness, it's now or never. »
René Barjavel (Si j'étais Dieu...)

« Each flower is a sex? Did you think of when you breathe a rose? »
René Barjavel (La Faim du tigre)

« Statesmen live from day to day, surprise them all, and the problems that they are trying to solve are those the day before or the day before yesterday, they have also not yet understood. »
René Barjavel (Une rose au paradis)

« Nothing is impossible to the ill will of man. »
René Barjavel (Si j'étais Dieu...)

« The name of God served too. »
René Barjavel (La faim du tigre)

« The children are wise. »
René Barjavel (La charrette bleue)

« The useless and superfluous is more indispensable to man than is necessary. »
René Barjavel (Si j'étais Dieu...)

« It is hard to believe so many wonders, so much ingenuity in the world would be the effect of chance and chemistry only. »
René Barjavel

« Opponents of the death penalty be guillotineraient proponents of the death penalty. »
René Barjavel

« The reason narrows life, as the water shrinks wool knits. »
René Barjavel (L’Enchanteur)

« Live the misfortunes of advances, is to undergo twice. »
René Barjavel (La nuit des temps)

« God is only the image of something, principle, force, idea, mind, will, that we cannot design or name. »
René Barjavel (La faim du tigre)

« Only the word of God is quite undefined for not to twist our quest for a particular deadlock management. »
René Barjavel (La Faim du tigre)

« What is learned without penalty is worthless and does not remain. »
René Barjavel

« We know at least already one thing, it's that man is wonderful, and that men are pathetic. »
René Barjavel (La Nuit des temps)

« There's not another death as the absence of love. »
René Barjavel

« When the world can disappear in a spark, we must hasten to love... »
René Barjavel

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