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Seth Messenger : Reine Malouin's quotes

Reine Malouin said :

(Automatic translation)
Reine Malouin
« Our destiny will be what we will have made it. Do not wait for others to build it for us. »
Reine Malouin (Cet ailleurs qui respire)

« The sea! Its beauty alone attracts, retains the look and gives the impression of a untouched stretch of beginning of the world, a power that goes beyond the human being. »
Reine Malouin (Princesse de nuit)

« All trades are good when they meet our natural skills and help us to realize our destiny of man created by God. »
Reine Malouin (Vertige)

« Nature is a natural temple where the human spirit can easily be absorbed in meditation, where it can soak up the divine sweetness to feel a moment his humanity to deliver land requirements. »
Reine Malouin (La Prairie au soleil)

« The bed, this is where begins and ends humanity, this is where you love, where you have, where it again its strength and where we die. »
Reine Malouin (Cet ailleurs qui respire)

« The small sacrifices of children prepare the teenager to fend off the temptations that stand in his way. Self-forgetfulness is not learned in one day. »
Reine Malouin (J'ai choisi le malheur)

« In contact with suffering, it cannot do otherwise than to meet his own humanity. »
Reine Malouin (Princesse de nuit)

« The life you are looking always like ourselves. »
Reine Malouin (Cet ailleurs qui respire)

« These are not the things that count, but the meaning we give them. »
Reine Malouin (Cet ailleurs qui respire)

« Loneliness is the homeland of the forts. »
Reine Malouin (Profonds destins)

« It is by our silence we are more guilty. »
Reine Malouin (Où chante la vie)

« The time comes at the end of everything, it is patience in action. »
Reine Malouin (La prairie au soleil)

« Regardless of the trade or profession you choose, you won't have to rely on yourself. Only the personal effort enriches and releases. »
Reine Malouin (Où chante la vie)

« the same cruel reality is always better than fiction, even magical, if it leads nowhere. »
Reine Malouin (Profonds destins)

« Work does not, even the best filled existence. Personal and social life also has its rights and requirements and cannot be denied without danger. »
Reine Malouin (Profonds destins)

« Life is the possession of a great love in a miserable and wonderful world at a time. »
Reine Malouin (Princesse de nuit)

« Never look where you go, but sets the goal of your will, instinctively, you measure your momentum to the effort you need to accomplish. »
Reine Malouin (Profonds destins)

« It's the nature of youth to cut ties, opening new paths, to dream of freedom. »
Reine Malouin (Où chante la vie)

« Our childhood, that is the truest, deepest of ourselves that needs to be saved. »
Reine Malouin (Princesse de la nuit)

« Youth. This wonderful time of the awakening of the heart, decisive time where, in all of its forms, love takes on the meaning of life. »
Reine Malouin (Profonds destins)

« Individuals are discouraging puzzles, their reactions are unpredictable. Despite the existence in common, human beings are forever alone and separated. »
Reine Malouin (Cet ailleurs qui respire)

« Work joyfully delivers bondage. »
Reine Malouin (Cet ailleurs qui respire)

« Justice, it does not exist. There are dream of justice in the minds of some men, that's all. »
Reine Malouin (Cet ailleurs qui respire)

« Freedom does not, she takes. »
Reine Malouin (Cet ailleurs qui respire)

« The city each individual can do its job without harming anyone, as it can also do it without serve no more to anyone. »
Reine Malouin (Cet ailleurs qui respire)

« We fiercely want freedom, but it is almost always to go to other constraints. »
Reine Malouin (J'ai choisi le malheur)

« As long as there are men, the evil Monster will never be tamed. »
Reine Malouin (Princesse de nuit)

« Peace! His research and his meeting are in the unceasing March towards wisdom and silence; This is one of the greatest assets that can possess a human being. »
Reine Malouin (Cet Ailleurs qui respire)

« True freedom consists in the ability to choose its own constraints. »
Reine Malouin (Où chante la vie)

« Abstention is a decline before becoming a cowardice. »
Reine Malouin (Cet ailleurs qui respire)

« It is easier to leave everything that all over again. Also, it's always the unknown. »
Reine Malouin (Cet ailleurs qui respire)

« Life is a precious thing, as long as we can spend it on something or someone. »
Reine Malouin (Cet ailleurs qu'on respire)

« To be loved is the first desire, and the greatest treasure a woman covets. »
Reine Malouin (La Prairie au soleil)

« The action frees, enlivens the action, action award. »
Reine Malouin (Princesse de nuit)

« To really enjoy a love, must build it of Sorrows, him giving up many pleasures, but cleared him of her tears. Then there infinitely price. »
Reine Malouin (La Prairie au soleil)

« The appearance of his solitude is lost when we encounter love. It is the love that saves everything in the world. »
Reine Malouin (Où chante la vie)

« The animosity is like sympathy, it communicates without explaining. »
Reine Malouin (Cet ailleurs qu'on respire)

« It is not happiness, expected. »
Reine Malouin (Profonds destins)

« You must believe in God and also in men to save something. »
Reine Malouin (Où chante la vie)

« It does not build his house with dictionaries. »
Reine Malouin (J'ai choisi le malheur)

« True charity, which springs from the heart, will never ask in whose hands will fall his alms. »
Reine Malouin (Cet ailleurs qui respire)

« In love compel a being is to crush him; Instead, conquer it, is to deliver it. »
Reine Malouin (Cet ailleurs qui respire)

« Happiness is something intimate, warm, it's a moral truth, something that fills us with a unique, unforgettable joy and that mark us for life. »
Reine Malouin (Où chante la vie)

« Hope is a feeling that doesn't die with the man. »
Reine Malouin (Vertige)

« If you want to get something in life, you know, to start by demanding, this is the only way to tame the existence and make him give his performance. »
Reine Malouin (J'ai choisi le malheur)

« To move forward and accomplish in life, one needs to believe, to be understood, to feel that someone has faith in us. »
Reine Malouin (Profonds destins)

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