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Seth Messenger : Pierre Legaré's quotes

Pierre Legaré said :

(Automatic translation)
Pierre Legaré
« If you're a dwarf, you can do your genealogy bonsai. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

« If you talk to your bleach water while you do your laundry, it is less concentrated. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

« In the stores of bikinis, calendars with pictures of garages is unclear. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

« A deaf mute who has Parkinson's, the other deaf-mutes think he stutters. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

« In the background, people in Britain should be called the Great Britons. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

« In your office, if you have a degree, you look smart. If you have an air conditioner, you got air conditioning. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

« If Superman is so smart, why did he puts his pants on top of his pants? »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

« Toes, that is used to find the chair legs and door jambs when it gets dark... »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête persistants)

« When someone tells you that you're brilliant, he always tell you that he thinks exactly like you. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête persistants)

« Snakes walk on the belly, lice walk on the head. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête persistants)

« Pretending to be hypocritical, it's even worse. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête persistants)

« If there is no hole in your socks, you can't put them. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

« It's not luck if you go below a black cat, but there is almost no one who knows it. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

« If you put skates on a horse, it goes faster but less time. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

« The little bikes think that growing up they are going to become the big bikes. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête persistants)

« The most effective product to quit smoking, it's gas. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

« There are many remedies for which there are no disease. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

« Space rockets, it cost hundreds of millions, and there is even no Horn. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

« Fear of injections, it cannot heal itself by acupuncture. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

« There are prices that we receive, there are those that we deserve. »
Pierre Legaré

« A green Smurf, is jaundice. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

« Glue in a tube, it fits everything, except the tube plugs. »
Pierre Legaré (Mots de tête)

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