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Seth Messenger : Philippe Sollers's quotes

Philippe Sollers said :

(Automatic translation)
Philippe Sollers
« Things and phenomena turn, pass to their opposites, come back changed, but what makes things are the things is not something and remains fixed. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Always Social. The social contract, a social sense, the social future, social suffering, the social spectrum. This belief in society is when even the strangest that ever existed. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Forearmed is worth two, three woman. It is a law. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« The truth is not stable ground, but the movement without truce which destroys everything you are and everything you see. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Two mistakes not to do: love or hate her body. Be attached or want to remove. Narcissism and hate, money and suicide; same substance. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« The man is not a social animal, it is a wandering mind, fortunately unknown nature. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« A man and a woman who love each other are the biggest pervert of the Earth, the more antisocial elements we can dream. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« It's against the crime of love are all crimes. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Women are women, or flowers, these are fruits. How many of them have never been picked, approached, tasted, swallowed, frémies? »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Who would have found the secret to rejoice in the good, without getting angry trouble otherwise, would have found the point: this is the perpetual motion. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Women love neither men nor women but babies. »
Philippe Sollers (Une vie divine)

« Gabriel Matzneff is a man of antiquity who lives among us with a number of masks. »
Philippe Sollers (Figaro Littéraire, 5 février 2015)

« The novel will become what someone can write will write his freedom. »
Philippe Sollers (Entretien avec Carole Vantroys - Mars 1997)

« The resistance is individual, it refers to any program. »
Philippe Sollers (Entretien avec Carole Vantroys - Mars 1997)

« Love anywhere, celebrate the anytime anywhere, is the privilege of the lucid lovers. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Don't bother humans with your ideas, your social harassment. They simply want to live, humans, live the time to live and reproduce life to feel live or relive, and live as long as possible, and even survive. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« To find out where we are with someone, just listen to music together. The slightest disagreement nervous just doing tasks in the intervals, but if the sound goes without meeting anyone, it is a sign that all is well. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« There is no happy love, each carries the broken image of this impossibility, as a tear, the muffled cry of a wounded bird. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« The body is a conscious limit, more space is illuminated. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« The turning point may arise suddenly. A force waved, support occurs, an alliance expected more decides, there is nothing fatal or final. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Guilt is a fake money plant. The success stories are rare, but less what they say. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Love is possible between the mortals. The war between the sexes is an imposed social illusion. We are at war, Yes, but against this power of destruction and hatred. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« That includes the supreme reality none as important or insignificant person, because it acknowledges that all souls are the supreme absolute. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« The crime is insidious, soft, flexible, curious, it does nothing, he wants to go further, learn more. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Life is a dream, thanks for have perfect it. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Tell me how you feel your bed, I'll tell you the death you are. Tell me how to make love to you, I'll show you where you think. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Boring or tragic links are errors of skin, skeleton, perfume, voice. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« The look is often misleading, not the nose shot. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« A lot of why to misfortune, not why to happiness. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Between spending time and live, there is an abyss. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« One who does not know laughter should not be taken seriously. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« One who manages to great destiny fits, but one who seizes only his little destiny suffers. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« All people, including women, are born prisoners and uneven, that the law should try to correct wherever possible. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Addicts of death are the failures of physical love. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« The life of desire has no reason to age. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« The devil taught her catechism: every thing and every individual has its price, everything should be able to buy or sell. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Do to another what he likes us to him. If you don't like it, forget it. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« People are laughing slyly of love, they dream, they say otherwise, they fear, they prowl around. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Will be happy whoever for who all is very important and, at the same time, without any importance. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Sex leads to violence or melancholy. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Language is our body and our air, our world and our thinking, our perception and our unconscious even. »
Philippe Sollers (Logique)

« Listen to... Talk, listen, write, this is obviously the same. The tables also listen. They are meant to be seen but more to be heard. »
Philippe Sollers (Entretien avec Carole Vantroys - Mars 1997)

« The disease of adolescence is not knowing what you want and want however at all costs. »
Philippe Sollers (Le Défi)

« Men will ask more and more machines to make them forget the machines. »
Philippe Sollers (Logiques)

« All writing, like it or not, is political. »
Philippe Sollers (Théorie d'ensemble)

« Composing a book, only way to talk about yourself without attending to the annoyance of others. »
Philippe Sollers

« Now, nothing else, pure and simple notation: a huge unexpected freedom is here. »
Philippe Sollers

« Love is blind? What a joke! In a field where everything is look! »
Philippe Sollers (Le Défi)

« Fantasy and freedom of imagination not vest not like that, it takes time, persistence, of the severity of the discipline, mathematics, reason. »
Philippe Sollers

« Lucidity, superficiality, venality: all the qualities for good stick to reality. »
Philippe Sollers (Femmes)

« Writing is the continuation of politics by other means. »
Philippe Sollers (Théorie d'ensemble, écriture et révolution)

« We're always less lonely than we think. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« It is not worth to hide: nose judgments are always reciprocal. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« A woman who tolerates your sleep does more that love you, forgive you to exist. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Desire business takes place in the nose: mist, smoke, dew, wave, particles, repulsions and attractions invisible, smells intaglio and filings in the air. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« Lovers have twelve, where the fury of adults. »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

« What the point of telling others what they do not live, and do not, because they believe that we did that to bother them or humiliate them? »
Philippe Sollers (Passion fixe)

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