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Seth Messenger : Paul-Jean Toulet's quotes

Paul-Jean Toulet said :

(Automatic translation)
Paul-Jean Toulet
« It is said that God created man in his image: he gave us here a poor idea to its charms. »
Paul-Jean Toulet

« There pain sincerity so that it is not secretly flattered to be on a show. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois impostures)

« Voluptuousness, at its peak, is part of anonymity. It's something black and without limit, where the name of the lover, as fades in the vintage of the wine drunkenness. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« Sometimes, through the eyes of your friend, you see a stranger who looks at you. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois impostures)

« Which is better: to have remorse or regrets? »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« The dream of man is semblableAux illusions of the sea. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les contrerimes)

« My heart so sweet prendreEntre your hands, open it, this is us getting drowned ' a bit of ash. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Contrerimes)

« -But... my dear friend!-here, here. No big words. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Le carnet de monsieur du Paur)

« A woman is a hieroglyph is commonly decrypts on the street. »
Paul-Jean Toulet

« These eyes who seems to think something and who don't even think about nothing. »
Paul-Jean Toulet

« At the dawn of a new love, that love of yesterday seems like a bad dream. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« Pushy people who arrive. They never arrived. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois impostures)

« Told of the beauty that it was a promise of happiness. Told that she was held. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois impostures)

« Get to know you: love you less, and to know the other: you stop loving them. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Monsieur du Paur, homme public)

« You didn't agree even if the genius is the perfection of which will die, or the singularity of which will be born. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« Death is not so cruel to us what we like; No not so cruel as oblivion. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois impostures)

« Maybe God would not suffer sin, if he did his delights of our repentance. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois impostures)

« Violets are the smile of the dead. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Contre-rimes)

« Is it that the wife of a friend worth little to not be worth to debase three people suddenly. »
Paul-Jean Toulet

« Don't cry: to be identiqueC' is a dream of the gods. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les contrerimes)

« Money is a third hand. »
Paul-Jean Toulet

« The dogs themselves endlessly women, faithfully. And if they change, it's master, but not of servitude. »
Paul-Jean Toulet

« Don't force not who wants to the gates of hell. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Contre-rimes)

« Time passes. Ah, if we could watch it pass. But alas, we go with him. »
Paul-Jean Toulet

« A woman may very well love two men at once. Looks like that, all small, they have learned to squint of the heart. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois Impostures)

« The virtue of women is often the clumsiness of the men. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Le Carnet de Monsieur du Paur)

« Fever, what you say, deliver us chips, and the misfortune of our friends. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« It is not naturally that women have of modesty and it is clear that this virtue was invented by men to the use of their vices. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« It's fatigue worse, when we don't want to. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois impostures)

« Forgiveness is sometimes a figure of vengeance. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois impostures)

« Where is the risk to appeal to posterity: you are judged in absentia. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois impostures)

« To be without kernel this is progress for the plum, but from the point of view of those who eat. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« Love is like these furniture hotels with all the luxuries in the vestibule. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Le carnet de Monsieur du Paur)

« It's less sweet to satisfy his love to satisfy her revenge. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« Some old policies set finally to an opinion, weathervanes that winter, in rusting them, is motionless. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Le Carnet de Monsieur du Paur)

« We must push his pleasure to pain, to be sure of him having tasted whole. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« Men also pleas forgive us being right if it were every time in their wrong. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« To love her husband, it is a supplier that you pay. But her lover, it's like to give to the poor. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois impostures)

« The new rich: when you are accused a french foul, answer that it is a latinisme. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Notes de littérature)

« The best is the property of others. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois impostures)

« The meanness of socialism, it is to continue, although the biggest not, but the lesser evil. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois impostures)

« When turn the wind accused weathervanes. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Le Carnet de monsieur du Paur)

« It's still worship his gods to throwing them stones. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Le carnet de monsieur du Paur)

« It matter in painting, the portrait looks like the model, but not the model portrait. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Le carnet de monsieur du Paur)

« A theory of art helps criticism, rather than the creation. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Monsieur du Paur, homme public)

« The fortune-tellers of maxims, nor the merchants of "specialities", are treated to their own remedies. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Le carnet de monsieur du Paur)

« Beat the women with a flower, well, why? It would not at all hurt them. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« For women and children, freedom is to contradict. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« Women know that men are not that dumb to believe - as they are more. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« There are some delicious spring rains where Heaven looks to cry of joy. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« If you are scared of death, don't listen to your heart beat at night. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« What is better abroad are the people you meet. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Journal et voyages)

« The miracle of the charity, it was to do so by the poor. It's called: mutuality. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois impostures)

« If you cry of joy, does not dry your tears: you steal them from pain. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« When you're right, he should think like a man. And as a woman when it is wrong. »
Paul-Jean Toulet

« The woman we rarely forgive to be jealous; never of him. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les Trois Impostures)

« Nothing is more fierce than the heart. »
Paul-Jean Toulet

« If a people's Governments alone it deserves, when will we earn have not? »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Monsieur du Paur)

« Should consider his opinions as costumes, and change according to the season, time and the environment. »
Paul-Jean Toulet

« In life you have to count... but not on others. »
Paul-Jean Toulet

« Women and watches are never on time we would like to. »
Paul-Jean Toulet

« If happy people, as it claims, have no history, they would do well to not tell us. »
Paul-Jean Toulet

« Jealousy, it is evidence of heart like the drop of legs. »
Paul-Jean Toulet

« There are people who have the susceptibility of the oyster. It cannot be touched unless they contract. »
Paul-Jean Toulet

« There are women who, more they age, they become tender. There is also the pheasants. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois impostures)

« He do not desire the death of the sinner, was it at the line. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Journal et voyages)

« It comes an age where happiness seems to withdraw from life, as these lakes as a too long summer shrinks between their banks. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Le carnet de monsieur du Paur)

« Being mean, it's revenge in advance. »
Paul-Jean Toulet (Les trois impostures)

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