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Seth Messenger : Papacito (Ugo Gil Jimenez)'s quotes

Papacito (Ugo Gil Jimenez) said :

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Papacito (Ugo Gil Jimenez)
« "The indolent obese, the fragile, the coward, the cheater, the amorphous joint smoker, all these sons of a bitch can meet one afternoon to go and throw a peanut to a monkey smarter than them or throw a slice of ham to a Bengal tiger who has lost seventy-eight kilos because he lives in captivity for the pleasure of the long-term unemployed who have preferential rates to go and watch him. Fucking, go!" »
Papacito (Ugo Gil Jimenez) (War notebooks)

« And those who extol democracy as the purest regime should wonder about the difference that comes from being led by a child (Saint Louis) who knows how to ride a horse and speak Latin, in the face of the inevitability of being led by depleted turkeys, as flaccid as they are impotent, having no experience that induces to sweat through work. To that caused by the digestion of the gargantuan meals that they pass on the back of the taxpayers, happy to be fucked democratically rather than to be directed royally. What is the worth of a snowman like François Mitterrand in front of the immense Saint Louis? What is a fat and weak François Hollande worth against a Philippe Auguste? What do all these ravens weigh without relief or rib cage, facing the young Louis, armed, standing on the plain at just fifteen years old in front of the enemies of France? What is higher and nobler than the brave Louis, still pure of calculations that blacken the souls of those who agglomerate them for an appetite for power today? Why this love of the French for this democratic Republic that brings him Islamic terrorism and progressive Anglicism? Why glorify a revolution that had Saint Louis replaced by Maudit Macron? Why celebrate this regime that will disintegrate France in less than a century? »
Papacito (Ugo Gil Jimenez) (Twilight of the Titans)

« Our ancestors always defeated jihad because our ancestors were not afraid to die, it was Allah Akbar against Deus Vult and not as today Allah Akbar against No amalgam. »
Papacito (Ugo Gil Jimenez) (Twilight of the Titans)

« About cathedrals What Western man has produced is the purest, the most beautiful, the most appplied, the most personal and the most monumental of all its history. To build a cathedral is to undertake to suffer a work of goldsmith of an unspeakable delicacy to die without seeing the finalization. »
Papacito (Ugo Gil Jimenez)

« I propose to you, dear reader, to accompany me between hell and paradise. Grab a strong torch, sharpen your courage and your sword, and follow me! Let us together free the medieval hero from his tomb, let us fight against the oblivion imposed by our enemies, let us, you and I, make this last crusade lost in advance. »
Papacito (Ugo Gil Jimenez) (Twilight of the Titans)

« To be heard with a random noise without a tail or head because we are not happy, it is a technique of infant who wants to change his diaper full of without being able to express himself as adults. »
Papacito (Ugo Gil Jimenez) (War notebooks)

« The demonstration is when we have poop on it and we want to tell mom and dad - the Republic - that we would like her to wipe our ass and that she talque to us to avoid the little redness. »
Papacito (Ugo Gil Jimenez) (War notebooks)

« Its skin resembles a cheese that has too much sweat and starts peeling from the crust when it dries too long in the refrigerator. »
Papacito (Ugo Gil Jimenez) (War notebooks)

« While waiting, I observe the postal worker walking behind the desks and sees that his nose looks like an elbow. »
Papacito (Ugo Gil Jimenez) (War notebooks)

« I thought of all these authentic things that were born in suffering and merit. »
Papacito (Ugo Gil Jimenez) (War notebooks)

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