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Seth Messenger : Noël Audet's quotes

Noël Audet said :

(Automatic translation)
Noël Audet
« The terrible thing that age, from everything to almost nothing, the certainty of being the confusion that doubt. »
Noël Audet (L'Ombre de l'épervier)

« At wanting something, eventually getting the opposite. »
Noël Audet (L'Ombre de l'épervier)

« It ages more quickly to laugh at others cry his own fate. »
Noël Audet (Quand la voile faseille)

« Say, the flight reported ever but the restitution either. »
Noël Audet (Quand la voile faseille)

« Love, what a story! Why do half die? Why does survive? »
Noël Audet (Quand la voile faseille)

« Falling in love is like falling upward, gives you wings but... attention to landing! »
Noël Audet (Quand la voile faseille)

« To succeed in business, simply to be dynamic, inventive, thinking about the first! Everything is there: the first have the Flash of genius who made huge fortunes. »
Noël Audet (La parade)

« It is in the best moment, when you're at the top of the happiness that we feel at the same time the more fragile. »
Noël Audet (L'Ombre de l'épervier)

« Who did the unique sentimental happiness and necessary condition of happiness? Maybe just make something that transcends us for access to the beyond happiness. »
Noël Audet (L'Eau blanche)

« It needs a lot of energy to articulate the word happiness, especially conjugate retroactively and at all times, the future always taken for granted. »
Noël Audet (Quand la voile faseille)

« MP: invisible liar. »
Noël Audet (Quand la voile faseille)

« Extreme only happiness and unhappiness seem to give a prize to the existence, but anyway the only memories that remain on the surface after the brewing of the years. »
Noël Audet (L'Ombre de l'épervier)

« Women have more judgment than men in general. Maybe because they have more time to think, rarely found in the heat of the moment. »
Noël Audet (L'Ombre de l'épervier)

« Instruct a fool, it's like picking up a pot broke, it always flows! »
Noël Audet (L'ombre de l'épervier)

« Isolated sheep is in danger. »
Noël Audet (L'Ombre de l'épervier)

« Some believe, wrongly, that he should think before you speak, others think speaking, it's the same. »
Noël Audet (Quand la voile faseille)

« More we proclaim that we are collectively poor, more it becomes, and it's heartbreaking. »
Noël Audet (L'ombre de l'épervier)

« In the resistance lies the fun. »
Noël Audet (Quand la voile faseille)

« Such a simple thing, sexual desire and satisfaction, something so complicated when the subtleties of love get involved! »
Noël Audet (L'eau blanche)

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