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Seth Messenger : Noctuel's quotes

Noctuel said :

(Automatic translation)
« If a woman makes a man with whom she has an appointment wait, that's the pleasure to say that, during this time, he is not from another. »

« When a woman loves a man for himself, it is that he really does not have anything else. »

« A typist is a person whose strike force is not always for his boss a force of deterrence. »

« The idler is an individual who prefers to do nothing that serves to something rather than risk to do something that serves nothing. »

« The birth is a sin of youth whose life is penitence. »

« Women do not like to indicate their age because they are too modest to reveal that they are beautiful for a long time. »

« Is it because they took the bottle that some beings are blocked? »

« A stripper proves that if women have never nothing to wear, need them always time to remove it. »

« There are two kinds of generals: those who write history and those that write them. »

« Men are wrong to speak ill of women: they do it so much better than them. »

« When a man says his flame, he must expect that that the subject is interested in its embers. »

« Women probably did not invent gunpowder, but they have surely found the powder puff to use. »

« What there is surprising at the idiots, is that they are almost all above average. »

« A Secretary is an employee who happens to devote so much to her boss that she is often on the knees. »

« Automation: System simplifying so much work that we'll eventually need an electronic brain to turn inches. »

« Nothing is better highlighting male modesty of beautiful female legs: as soon as a man finds out, he looks down. »

« It is doing the same thing that a man honors a woman or her dishonour. »

« When a man is young, he has stomach; When it is less, there belly. »

« The age of reason is the age from which we may have reason without receiving a slap of her parents. »

« The fish is an animal likely: in the presence of the fisherman, he easily takes the fly. »

« Fortune is the name that takes money from the moment it is enough to no longer need it. »

« How not to answer in a dying voice, when we speak with an extreme unction. »

« Guere: few men capable of find taste to their peers. »

« Fishing is a strange sport since it prevents little those who monitor their line to the belly. »

« The taxman is certainly the greatest healers. He widely practice the imposition of both hands. »

« The balance sheet is deposited, in business, when there is nothing to pick up. »

« The plagiarist is an individual who doesn't give the best of himself that after taking to another. »

« Intelligence is the quality for those who possess excellent reasons to the nonsense they do. »

« If so many nice people who are stealing kisses do not complain, it's probably fear be charged with concealment. »

« Nudity is a lack of clothing that is not without effects. »

« Kept women are not necessarily the best preserved. »

Want to know more about Noctuel ? Then you should probably take a look over here..

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