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Seth Messenger : Molière's quotes

Molière said :

(Automatic translation)
« Power of a risk free what you love. »
Molière (La princesse d'Elide)

« There is need of light, when it is driven by the sky. »
Molière (Dom Juan)

« The bottom of our hearts, in our speeches, shows; That our feelings will never, mask under empty compliments. »
Molière (Le Misanthrope)

« Our mother that scholarly name we honor in all places. »
Molière (Les Femmes savantes)

« Cajole mothers to get girls. »
Molière (Les Amants magnifiques)

« The rejoicing of the heart increases spread. »
Molière (L’Ecole des femmes)

« Is it wise, is it wise, in the great age of no love no? »
Molière (Psyché)

« Right needs help. »
Molière (La comtesse d'Escarbagnas)

« Love makes agile all the more heavy soul. »
Molière (L'école des femmes)

« And of mockery are there place is sour? »
Molière (Amphitryon)

« And live without loving is not strictly live. »
Molière (La Princesse d'Elide)

« It is generous of siding with the afflicted. »
Molière (La critique de l'école des femmes)

« The higher my rank glow, more insult is bloody. »
Molière (Psyché)

« It is good to pacify and always soften things. »
Molière (Le Sicilien)

« In the age where one is aimableRien is so beautiful to love. »
Molière (La princesse d'Elide)

« But friendship takes a little more mystery, and is certainly to desecrate the Namewhich you want to put it on any occasion. »
Molière (Le misanthrope)

« Ah! My son! the tenderness of a father is easily recalled, and the trespasses of a son vanish quickly at the slightest word of repentance! »
Molière (Dom Juan)

« Doesn't love art to sharpen the wits? »
Molière (L'école des femmes)

« It's like those beautiful dreams that don't let you wake up than the displeasure of believed them. »
Molière (Le Malade imaginaire)

« Their mind is evil, and their fragile souls; there is nothing more low and more stupid, nothing more unfaithful and nevertheless that, in the world are we doing anything for these animals. »
Molière (L'école des femmes)

« I hate the cowardly hearts who, for too predict don't dare do anything. »

« Silence, that's sufficient to explain a heart. »

« What is this, sixty years? It is the flower of age and you are now entering the season. »
Molière (L'Avare)

« The beginnings were inexpressible charms. »
Molière (Dom Juan)

« Drink, drink, dear friends: the fleeting time invites us there; Take advantage of the vieAutant that we can. »
Molière (Le Bourgeois gentilhomme)

« Is to be a natural too hard than to have pity of his neighbor. »
Molière (L'avare)

« Less we deserve one although we hope, more our soul's sentence to be able to ensure. »

« A heart can never outrage when he likes and what makes love, he excuse himself. »

« Consult your reason; take its clarity to guide. »
Molière (Don Garcie de Navarre)

« Do well the honours at least of our mind. »
Molière (Les femmes savantes)

« We must obey, my sister, our parents: a father has a full power on our wishes. »
Molière (Les femmes savantes)

« Are there any who take husbands just to get out of the constraints of their parents. »
Molière (Le malade imaginaire)

« -Do you want your life offend grammar?-who speaks to offend big ' father nor large ' mother? »
Molière (Les femmes savantes)

« I am the most powerful God of the gods, absolute on Earth, absolute in the heavens; in the waters, in the air, my power is supreme: in a Word, I am love itself. »
Molière (Psyché)

« Point to doubt that he will do what he can, and, if he has money, he can be what he wants. »
Molière (L'étourdi)

« Money in a stock market between pleasantly; But the term that we need to make, it is when the pains are starting to take us. »
Molière (L'étourdi)

« The biggest low of men, it is the love they have for life. »

« When you know hear, we always talk well. »
Molière (Les Femmes savantes)

« Hypocrisy is a vice to fashion and fashionable vices pass for virtues. »
Molière (Dom Juan)

« Virtue in the world always continued; The envious will die, but never the urge. »
Molière (Tartuffe)

« The head of a woman is like the girouetteAu up a House, which runs at the first wind. »
Molière (Le Dépit amoureux)

« Hypocrisy is a vice prime, who enjoys in the rest of sovereign impunity. »
Molière (Dom Juan)

« The perfect reason flees any end, and wants to be wise with sobriety. »
Molière (Le misanthrope)

« With wisdom, we can be blameworthy. »
Molière (Le misanthrope)

« No one will have the spirit out of us and our friends. »
Molière (Les femmes savantes)

« The emerging inclinations, after all, have inexplicable charms, and all the pleasure of love is in the change. »
Molière (Dom Juan)

« The birth is nothing where virtue is not. »
Molière (Don Juan)

« All the fashionable vices pass for virtues. »

« Curiosity born of jealousy. »
Molière (Don Garcie de Navarre)

« It is better still be married than being dead. »
Molière (Les fourberies de Scapin)

« If this is your way of loving, please hate me. »
Molière (Le sicilien)

« And it's crazy to no other secondeQue want to mingle to correct the world. »
Molière (Le misanthrope)

« The writing looks like prostitution. First we write for the love of the thing, and then for a few friends, and at the end, for money. »

« It's no worse deaf than those who do not want to hear. »
Molière (L'amour médecin)

« A husband, a band-aid that heals all ills of the girls. »
Molière (Le médecin malgré lui)

« Almost all men die of their remedies, and not from their diseases. »
Molière (Le malade imaginaire)

« A foolish scientist's fool than an ignorant fool. »
Molière (Les femmes savantes)

« Who feels snotty to fly. »
Molière (L'avare)

« The great ambition of women is to inspire love. »
Molière (Le sicilien)

« There in love than the shameful who lose. »
Molière (Les amants magnifiques)

« The woman is a certain animal difficult to know. »
Molière (Dépit amoureux)

« It is many places or the full franchiseDeviendrait ridiculous and would be little allowed. »
Molière (Le misanthrope)

« Admittedly, love is a great master, that there was never, it teaches us to be. »

« Fifteen years of marriage out the parolesEt for a long time we all said. »
Molière (Amphitryon)

« 'Give' is a word that he has so many dislike, he never says: 'I give you' but 'I lend you a good day'. »
Molière (L'avare)

« Human weakness is to get objects of interest of apprendreCe that we wouldn't know. »
Molière (Amphitryon)

« Often we hear bad we think well hear. »
Molière (Dom Garcie de Navare)

« By my faith! There are more than forty years I tell to prose unless I susse nothing. »
Molière (Le bourgeois gentilhomme)

« Better to die according to the rules, but to survive against the rules. »
Molière (L'amour médecin)

« If not be point Cuckold seems so well, don't point married you is the true way. »
Molière (L'école des femmes)

« Those who conduct offers the most to rireSont always on others the first to gossip. »
Molière (Tartuffe)

« More great is the obstacle, and more great is the glory to overcome. »

« In a short time sometimes we do a long way. »
Molière (L’Etourdi)

« I want us to be sincere, and man of honor, we loose any word that doesn't leave the heart. »
Molière (Le Misanthrope)

« It is so sweet to live! We die only once, and that's so long!... »
Molière (Le Dépit amoureux)

« A fool who says Word is indistinguishable to a scientist who is silent. »
Molière (Le dépit amoureux)

« Solitude scares a soul for 20 years. »
Molière (Le misanthrope)

« The more you love someone, the less we flatter him. »
Molière (Le misanthrope)

« Any preference a self-esteem is based, and it is estimate anything that estimate everyone. »
Molière (Le misanthrope)

« The secret arms consists in two things, to give and not receive. »
Molière (Le Bourgeois gentilhomme)

« I live good soup, and not beautiful language. »
Molière (Les Femmes savantes)

« It's as well as a lover whose zeal is Extremeaime until the faults of the people he loves. »
Molière (Le Misanthrope)

« Yes, my body is myself, and I want to take care: rag if you want; my rag is dear to me. »
Molière (Les femmes savantes)

« My god! Most often the appearance disappointing. Do not always judge on what we see. »
Molière (Tartuffe)

« I prefer a convenient vice than a tiring virtue. »
Molière (Amphitryon)

« When on a person it is claimed to be resolved, it is by the beautiful coast it takes look like. »
Molière (Les femmes savantes)

« Contempt is a pill that can swallow but you can't chew. »

« No; one is easily fooled by what we like. And self-esteem committed wrong yourself. »
Molière (Tartuffe)

« The big O tires for a woman! »
Molière (Le médecin malgré lui)

« I don't know if this may; but I know that it is. »
Molière (L'amour médecin)

« I look at what I perdsEt see point what's left. »
Molière (Psyché)

« All of these human flaws give us in the vieDes means to exercise our philosophy. »
Molière (Le misanthrope)

« There is nothing equal to smoking: it is the passion of honest people, and who lives without tobacco is not worthy to live. »
Molière (Dom Juan)

« Women are more chaste ears than the rest of the body. »
Molière (La Critique de l'école des femmes)

« You should eat to live and not live to eat. »
Molière (L’Avare)

« The scandal of the world is what makes the offenseEt it's not sin as sin in silence. »
Molière (Tartuffe)

« If you reduce me to despair, I warn you that a woman in this State is capable of anything. »
Molière (Georges Dandin)

« Against slander there is no bulwark. »
Molière (Tartuffe)

« Languages have always spread venom. »
Molière (Tartuffe)

« It's a strange business to honest people laugh. »
Molière (La Critique de l’Ecole des femmes)

« Quality people know everything without ever having learned nothing. »
Molière (Les précieuses ridicules)

« It's almost inspire a desire to sin, that show so much care to stop us. »
Molière (L’Ecole des femmes, l’école des maris)

« Your sex is here for dependency: on the side of the beard is the power. »
Molière (L’école des femmes)

« And the absence of what they love, somewhat that it lasts, always long. »
Molière (Amphitryon)

« The road is long from the project to the thing. »

« All the pleasure of love is in the change. »
Molière (Dom Juan)

« Alumni, Sir, are the elders, and we the people now. »
Molière (Le malade imaginaire)

« Who wants to drown his dog accused of rabies. »
Molière (Les Femmes savantes)

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