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Seth Messenger : Miguel de Unamuno's quotes

Miguel de Unamuno said :

(Automatic translation)
Miguel de Unamuno
« The supreme triumph of reason is to cast doubt on its own validity. »
Miguel de Unamuno

« Learning is in many cases a badly disguised form of spiritual laziness, or an opium sleep intimate concerns in mind. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Essais)

« The hunger for God, the thirst of eternity and survival, will always choke this poor happiness that passes and point remains. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Le Sentiment tragique de la vie)

« If a philosopher is not a man, that's all we want, except a philosopher. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Du sentiment tragique de la vie)

« These are the martyrs who are faith rather than faith made martyrs. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Pages choisies)

« We live for inconsistencies and contradictions, life is tragedy and perpetual struggle without a victory and without hope of victory. It is contradiction. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Du sentiment tragique de la vie)

« The requirement has no raison d'etre, it is above all the reasons. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Essais)

« Believe in God, it is unsatisfactory that there is, and it's also behave as if there were; is living in this desire and make him our intimate spring of action. »
Miguel de Unamuno

« More life is nice and sweet and enchanting, most horrible is the idea of losing. And that is how to corrupt the cultures and come the decadence. »
Miguel de Unamuno

« Love is resigned despair. »
Miguel de Unamuno

« Jealousy is a thousand times more terrible than hunger, because it is a spiritual hunger. »
Miguel de Unamuno

« The war is, in the strictest sense, the sanctification of the homicide. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Le sentiment tragique de la vie)

« Happiness is something that lives and feels, and not to reason, which is defined. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Le sentiment tragique de la vie)

« Believing in God is above all and above all to that there is. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Le sentiment tragique de la vie)

« Exist is to act. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Le sentiment tragique de la vie)

« Better run out of reason to have too. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Le sentiment tragique de la vie)

« More specifically we realize we have a soul when it hurts us. »
Miguel de Unamuno

« God is not an idea that we can prove, is a being from which we live. »
Miguel de Unamuno

« Life. Shake well before use. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Frère Don Juan)

« The paradox is the sharpest way and most effective way to convey the truth to the sleepers and distracted. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Essais)

« Faith is about to resign himself to the dream. »
Miguel de Unamuno

« Chat with temptation, is about to give way. »
Miguel de Unamuno

« Tell me, what need is there to the existence of God, the world and everything? Why should there be something? Don't you think that this idea of necessity is that the supreme form that takes the chance in our minds? »
Miguel de Unamuno (Brouillard)

« Say that God exists, without saying what what is God and how he is, is tantamount to saying nothing. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Le sentiment tragique de la vie)

« Isolation is the worst advisers. »
Miguel de Unamuno

« There are no opinions, but the people who give their. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Ma religion et autres essais)

« Boredom is the bottom of life, is boredom who invented games, entertainments, novels and love. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Brouillard)

« A faith that no doubt is dead. »
Miguel de Unamuno (L’agonie du christianisme)

« Existence has no raison d'etre, it is above all the reasons. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Essais)

« Humility is to deal with the lie. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Vae victoribus !)

« It is worst intolerance than that of reason. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Ma religion et autres essais)

« Memory is the basis of the individual personality, as the tradition is the basis of the collective personality. »
Miguel de Unamuno

« When the man does not work to live and move, he works to survive. »
Miguel de Unamuno

« True science teaches, above all, to doubt and be ignorant. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Le Sentiment tragique de la vie)

« God is the richest and most personal human design. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Le sentiment tragique de la vie)

« What man seeks in religion, is to save his own individuality, to drag it on, what you get with science, or art, or with morality. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Le sentiment tragique de la vie)

« Only work practically consolation of being born. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Le sentiment tragique de la vie)

« Be free, is to believe that we are! »
Miguel de Unamuno (Abel Sanchez)

« Think, is talking with oneself. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Le sentiment tragique de la vie)

« The reasons are that reasons, i.e. What are perhaps not truths. »
Miguel de Unamuno (Le Sentiment tragique de la vie)

« Science says: "We must live" and looking for ways to extend, deepen, facilitate and amplify life, to make it tolerable and acceptable. Wisdom says: "We must die" and is looking for how to kill us. »
Miguel de Unamuno

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