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Seth Messenger : Michel Audiard's quotes

Michel Audiard said :

(Automatic translation)
Michel Audiard
« The day is near when we will no more than bones tax. »
Michel Audiard (Les perles des impôts, d'Eugénie Berthet)

« The idiots, it dares all! It's what you know. »
Michel Audiard (Les Tontons flingueurs)

« The toad slime does not prevent the caravan to spend! »
Michel Audiard (Les Tontons flingueurs)

« Less than before: French youth drinking sparkling waters, and veterans, waters regime. Then, above all, there is the Whiskey... It's the drama that, whiskey. »
Michel Audiard (Les Tontons flingueurs)

« I know that beer makes you fat, and that I should give it up. But I preferred to renounce coquetry. »
Michel Audiard (Extrait du film "Maigret et l'affaire Saint-Fiacre")

« A man can love his wife and monitor the gas mark is difficult to bear ambiguity. »
Michel Audiard

« The key to hell is to survive. »
Michel Audiard

« A Director, this is a gentleman who has a big watch to monitor if the players don't sneak before 7 am. »
Michel Audiard

« I realized that I had taken of the age the day or I have found that I spent more time chatting with pharmacists with the owners of Bistro. »
Michel Audiard

« The writer is an embroiderer of history. »
Michel Audiard

« I'm for long titles. In search of lost time was called simply Albertine, if less good. »
Michel Audiard

« Remember what the doctor said: five drops. The dosage it's called. And dosage to widowhood, it's a matter of drops. »
Michel Audiard

« The bistro is useful to a dialogue, but there is a risk: alcoholism. »
Michel Audiard

« Heads of killer, I don't even recognize that once in the shopping cart. And yet not always! »
Michel Audiard

« I was a choirboy and militant Socialist. IE if I've heard nonsense... »
Michel Audiard

« Alcohol does not provide the gaiety but cirrhosis. »
Michel Audiard

« When there is talent in a work, the author is usually much lower than his talent. »
Michel Audiard

« The excesses of passion are always regrettable it is the opposite of intelligence. »
Michel Audiard

« A pigeon, it's dumber than a dolphin, agree... but it flies. »
Michel Audiard (Faut pas prendre les enfants du Bon Dieu pour des canards sauvages)

« -Talk to my colt, my head is sick. »
Michel Audiard (Elle cause plus... elle flingue)

« Rolling mechanics is a disease of men. »
Michel Audiard (Fleur d’oseille)

« You must not talk to idiots, it instructs them. »
Michel Audiard

« Happiness we made, the misfortune you do not, that's the difference. »
Michel Audiard

« When the types of 130 pounds are saying certain things, the types of 60 kilos listen. »
Michel Audiard (100.000 dollars au soleil)

« A French habit is to give a mandate to the people and their contest the right to use it. »
Michel Audiard (Le Président)

« In war, there is something attractive: it's the victory parade. The annoying thing is before. »
Michel Audiard (Un taxi pour Tobrouk)

« When you're serious food concerns, we don't have a lot of ambition. »
Michel Audiard

« Democracy is the worst regimes, with the exception of all others. »
Michel Audiard

« A love born is an honest idiot. »
Michel Audiard (Retour de Manivelle)

« Twelve years we made common room but dream apart. »
Michel Audiard (Le Sang à la tête)

« In war one should always kill people before you know them. »
Michel Audiard (Un taxi pour Tobrouk)

« A man of experience should never straying into the concrete. The abstract is the soul of business. »
Michel Audiard (Quand passent les faisans)

« Honest people trust is the only true risk of adventurous professions. »
Michel Audiard (Le Cave se rebiffe)

« The dating of the salons has taught me one thing: no longer looking to buy at the corner of the streets you can find for free with the women of the world. »
Michel Audiard

« Since Adam is leaving remove a side to Napoleon until Grouchy, big things that screwed up were based on confidence. »
Michel Audiard

« To sleep with a COP, lights, close your eyes and you think about something else. »
Michel Audiard (On ne meurt que deux fois)

« Rule is not to help the frogs to administer their pond! »
Michel Audiard (Le Président)

« The French prodigiously annoy me, but since I don't know any foreign language, I have to talk with them. »
Michel Audiard

« A sitting intellectual goes less far than a con that works. »
Michel Audiard (Un taxi pour Tobrouk)

« A bad deed always finds his reward. »
Michel Audiard (Les Lions sont lâchés)

« I divided the company into two categories: my friends or my jerks to me and other idiots that I can't stand. »
Michel Audiard (Audiard par Audiard)

« In life, he must be kind to women; even with hers. »
Michel Audiard (Série noire)

« It would be normal that assassins report crimes. After all, they are the first to know. »
Michel Audiard (Garde à vue)

« Summer: old jerks are at Deauville, Saint-Tropez whores and the others are by car everywhere. »
Michel Audiard

« Use a large number of women stupid for forgetting an intelligent woman! »
Michel Audiard (Les Lions sont lâchés)

« The marriage is what differentiates man from beast. Do not confuse with the laugh... yet it's not the same thing! »
Michel Audiard (La chasse à l’homme)

« Justice, it's like the Holy Virgin, if you can't see it from time to time, doubt settles. »
Michel Audiard (Pile ou Face)

« Avarice is the worst defect that exists, if you count his money, there are also feelings. »
Michel Audiard

« The truth is never fun if anyone like her. »
Michel Audiard (Les Barbouzes)

« The dance is of the heavy Petting: everything we do with the feet is perfectly secondary. Everyone cares. »
Michel Audiard (Les lions sont lâchés)

« A friendship to be well-tempered must be in the blood of others. »
Michel Audiard (Les Trois Mousquetaires)

« I got married because it was the right to a suit pure wool and leather shoes: this is where the elegance. »
Michel Audiard (Carambolages)

« There is a masochistic predilection of the French for two fiscal years in which they reveal themselves unlucky: the war and football. »
Michel Audiard (Vive la France)

« The great defect of the actors, a most inordinate selfishness still than in other beings humans. »
Michel Audiard

« In life we always share trouble, never the money. »
Michel Audiard (100.000 dollars au soleil)

« A secret is not to tell only one person at a time. »
Michel Audiard (Les Trois Mousquetaires)

« The idiots that dare everything. It's what you know. »
Michel Audiard (Les Tontons flingueurs)

« Friends do not have to be faithful. They have the impression to lose their personality. »
Michel Audiard (Le Président)

« An exceptional lover can make a bad husband. »
Michel Audiard (La chasse à l’homme)

« Employees are human beings the most vulnerable of the capitalist world: what are power unemployed. »
Michel Audiard (Un Idiot à Paris)

« Women do not lovers to run the Bachelor but to decorate their living rooms. »
Michel Audiard (Les Lions sont lâchés)

« During the war, the French speak to the French. But the Germans also! »
Michel Audiard

« Two billion of taxes! I call it budget, I call it the armed robbery! »
Michel Audiard (La Chasse à l’homme)

« The State is never involved in the disaster but still participates in profits. »
Michel Audiard

« The piano is the accordion of the rich. »
Michel Audiard (Les tontons flingueurs)

« It is better to go the head lower than feet first. »
Michel Audiard (Archimède le Clochard)

« Ideal when you want to be admired, it is to be dead. »
Michel Audiard

« Old men it's like babies change very quickly. »
Michel Audiard (Le Président)

« When a man has a duck's beak, wings of duck and Duck legs: it's a duck. This is also true for the little punk. »
Michel Audiard (Les Vieux de la vieille)

« The French are divided into two categories, those waiting for the phone and those waiting for the dial tone. »
Michel Audiard (Vive la France)

« A dealer is a thief entered in the trade register. »
Michel Audiard (Le Guignolo)

« If women cared about the money that they spend, jewelers would close shop. »
Michel Audiard (Massacre en dentelles)

« French cinema is in the image of the France: we don't have enough money and that's how all areas. »
Michel Audiard

« Any novelist, any filmmaker, has inside him a navel of the world to show off. »
Michel Audiard

« Beef mirotons and asylum are two neurosis typically French. »
Michel Audiard

« You don't take sausages when we go to Frankfurt. »
Michel Audiard (Le Pacha)

« When they put the idiots on orbit, you're not finished turning. »
Michel Audiard (Le Pacha)

« Driving in Paris, it is a matter of vocabulary. »
Michel Audiard (Mannequins de Paris)

« If you have genius, do not cinema, we write a great book. »
Michel Audiard

« The day is near when we will no more than bones tax. »
Michel Audiard

« We're governed by the rogues who set the price of beet and who would not know to grow radishes. »
Michel Audiard

« The nonsense it's like taxes, we always pay them. »
Michel Audiard

« The delicacy is a way of speaking and love a way of doing. »
Michel Audiard

« A minute of gap, it can turn into years of closet. »
Michel Audiard

« Film producers have all of Rolls-Royce because, in the subway, you have to pay cash. »
Michel Audiard

« If you're not grandfather banker, will you tell me what it is to be Jewish. »
Michel Audiard

« Whether the revolution or paella, nothing that is Spanish is simple. »
Michel Audiard (Un Singe en hiver)

« In life there are two expedients to be used as a last resort: cyanide or loyalty. »
Michel Audiard (Le Gentleman d’Epsom)

« The worst disease in men is to give all his love to one good woman. »
Michel Audiard (Le Pacha)

« Sacred eloquence, it's like religious music: no need to understand to listen to. »
Michel Audiard (Les Yeux de l’amour)

« When one breaks a Vice, it falls in love with another. »
Michel Audiard

« It is with the good bourgeois we do best cranes. »
Michel Audiard (Le Désordre et la nuit)

« You can't try to be in love with dad. MOM tried. »
Michel Audiard (La Chasse à l’homme)

« Vote on the right is to preserve the company either to crush the worker. »
Michel Audiard (Les grandes familles)

« It is the fate of families disunited to only meet at funerals. »
Michel Audiard (Les Barbouzes)

« When we talk about money, from a certain figure, everybody listens. »
Michel Audiard (Le Pacha)

« From November, for the homeless, there are more than two alternatives: the Côte d'Azur or prison. »
Michel Audiard

« A financier, it never remorseful. Same no regrets. Simply scared. »
Michel Audiard

« In flattery, no precaution to take, no limits to respect. They never go too far. »
Michel Audiard

« Bad thoughts are allowed only to important people. »
Michel Audiard

« At the races, the small pipes are the great miseries. »
Michel Audiard

« Traditions? This is what we call Manias as soon as it comes to military or religious celebrations. »
Michel Audiard

« It's not because we have nothing to say to keep his mouth shut. »
Michel Audiard

« Why some would not have everything? There are those who have nothing. It's balance. »
Michel Audiard

« A girl who makes 95 of chest and head 32 can't really be bad. It can only be slightly silly. »
Michel Audiard (Faut pas prendre les enfants du bon Dieu pour des canards sauvages)

« A gentleman is one who is able to describe Sophia Loren without a gesture. »
Michel Audiard

« In critical situations, when talking with a caliber of in our hand, no more disputes. Y' has statistics on it. »
Michel Audiard

« If had done you to the heavy whenever you did the bullshit, you would have spent your life outside. »
Michel Audiard

« Between gangsters, profit sharing, life, it all adds up. »
Michel Audiard (Le cave se rebiffe)

« Happy are the cracked, because they let light through. »
Michel Audiard

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