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Seth Messenger : Marquis de Sade's quotes

Marquis de Sade said :

(Automatic translation)
Marquis de Sade
« What is the purpose of the man who has, is it not to give its sense the irritation they are likely, in order to achieve better and more warmly, through it, to the latest crisis. »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« Eroticism is sexual boundless, unlimited, excessive power. Fear him! »
Marquis de Sade

« I ask you now if she is right, the law which orders to one who has nothing to one who has everything. »
Marquis de Sade (La philosophie dans le boudoir)

« I am a libertine, but I saved a deserter from death, abandoned by his regiment and by his colonel. »
Marquis de Sade (Lettre à sa femme du 20 février 1781)

« The thieves are, in killing pure flying, less harm than the generals of the armies, which destroy nations only by pride. »
Marquis de Sade (Cent onze notes pour la nouvelle Justine)

« This isn't in the enjoyment that is happiness, is in the desire, is to break the brakes against this desire. »
Marquis de Sade (Les Cent vingt journées de Sodome)

« How many times, sacredieu, did I not desire that could attack the Sun, Miss Universe, or use it to ignite the world. »
Marquis de Sade (Les Cent vingt journées de Sodome)

« When you're too libertine, also depraved, as villain, we want to be in the bowels of the Earth, in order to better get away from men and their absurd laws. »
Marquis de Sade (Histoire de Juliette)

« Dreams are secret movements that we do not put enough to their proper place. »
Marquis de Sade (Les crimes de l'amour)

« You made me train ghosts will realize. »
Marquis de Sade (Lettre à sa femme en juillet 1783)

« Nothing contains libertinism... The real way to expand and multiply his desires is to wish to impose limits. »
Marquis de Sade (Les Cent vingt journées de Sodome)

« Fun senses should therefore make a better man than the other pleasures of life? »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« Three-quarters of the universe can find delicious smell of a rose, although this cannot be used as evidence, to condemn the quarterback who could find bad or demonstrate that this scent is really nice. »
Marquis de Sade (Justine ou les malheurs de la vertu)

« The road to virtue is not always the safest, and there are circumstances in the world where the complicity of a crime is preferable to denunciation. »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« The reputation of a liberal man, chaplain, generous, is not even at the moment where he enjoys the best, lightest pleasure of the senses. »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« Prayer is the sweetest consolation to the unfortunate; It gets stronger when he has fulfilled this duty. »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« It is no kind of sensation that is brighter than that of pain; his impressions are safe, they wrong point of pleasure. »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« It's a very different thing than to love or to enjoy; the proof is that we love every day without enjoying and that you can enjoy even more often without love. »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« Is the company not allowed to never suffer in her breast those who declare themselves against it? And the individual who isolates himself, can fight against all? »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« I talk only to people who can hear me, and they read me safe. »
Marquis de Sade

« It hardens hardly a good heart and he resists the reasoning of a bad head, its enjoyments consoled him false glitter of the wit. »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« Don't you hold so, taunting your laws, your social conventions and your gods »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« It is a dark den where will isolate themselves love to seduce us with more energy. »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« As long as you will lose life to thieves and murderers, flights to never commit without killings. Both crimes are punishing also, why refuse the second, whenever he can cover the first? »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« Criminals do not like to find resistance in those they seek to seduce. »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« It is not two peoples on the face of the Earth who are virtuous in the same way. »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« There is no passion more selfish than that of lust. »
Marquis de Sade (Aline et Valcour)

« Please rather to the passions that the virtues when you want to persuade a woman. »
Marquis de Sade (La Philosophie dans le boudoir)

« We declaims against the passions without thinking it's their torch philosophy turns on his own. »
Marquis de Sade

« Tolerance is the virtue of the weak. »
Marquis de Sade (La nouvelle Justine)

« The man would be the happiest beings if the only need that there an illusion any developed immediately reality. »
Marquis de Sade (La nouvelle Justine)

« A pretty girl must take care of cum and never lead. »
Marquis de Sade (La philosophie dans le boudoir)

« Everywhere where men are equal, happiness will never exist. »
Marquis de Sade

« Power is by nature, criminal. »
Marquis de Sade

« It is preferable to confront once in his life a danger feared to live in eternal care to avoid it. »
Marquis de Sade

« The submission of the people is never due to violence and the extent of the torture. »
Marquis de Sade (La nouvelle Justine)

« How do you want that should not perish who by a blind egoism, will want to fight alone against the interest of others. »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« Is love an evil that can heal? »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« If there is really a God, would it also absurd that he would have done part of its orders through? Would it be the body of a despicable bandit, he would have shown us how to serve him? »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« We believe here down what works or what delights; and what benefit can we be the virtue of women! »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« The system of love of the neighbour is a chimera that we owe to Christianity and not to the nature. »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« It is very sweet to scandalize: there is a small triumph for the pride which is not to be sneezed at. »
Marquis de Sade (La Philosophie dans le boudoir)

« Everything is good when it is excessive. »
Marquis de Sade (La Nouvelle Justine)

« I am the man of nature before the society. »
Marquis de Sade (La Nouvelle Justine)

« The passions of man are only means that nature uses to achieve his purposes. »
Marquis de Sade (Justine)

« Seeing is believing; but feel it's sure! »
Marquis de Sade

« All the happiness of men is in the imagination. »
Marquis de Sade

« All men are crazy, and who wants point to see must stay in his room and break the mirror. »
Marquis de Sade

« Cruelty, although far from being a defect, is the first sense that prints us nature; child breeze his rattle, bites the nipple of his nurse, strangles her bird, well before having the age of reason. »
Marquis de Sade (La philosophie dans le boudoir)

« Happiness is that in which agitates, and there is that crime which agitates: virtue, which is only a State of inaction and rest, can never lead to happiness. »
Marquis de Sade (La nouvelle Justine)

« It is in the silence of the laws that are born great actions. »
Marquis de Sade (L'histoire de Juliette)

« There is another hell for stupidity or malice of his fellow man. »
Marquis de Sade (L'Histoire de Juliette)

« God is absolutely for the man what are the colors for a man born blind, it is impossible to figure out them. »
Marquis de Sade (Pensées)

« The charity is rather a vice of pride than a real virtue of the soul. »
Marquis de Sade (La Philosophie dans le boudoir)

« The idea of God is, I admit, the only fault I can forgive the man. »
Marquis de Sade (Juliette)

« Love night to transport the enjoyment that he served. »
Marquis de Sade (Juliette)

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