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Seth Messenger : Marcel Pagnol's quotes

Marcel Pagnol said :

(Automatic translation)
Marcel Pagnol
« Heroism, it's like the breath to the cheese: it can't stand to wait. »
Marcel Pagnol

« Cursed be the oppressor that comes with a whip and who despises us because it oppresses us. »
Marcel Pagnol (Judas)

« There are three very different literary genres: poetry that is sung, the theatre which is spoken and prose that is written. »
Marcel Pagnol (La Gloire de mon père)

« You're not good enough, you're bad at everything. »
Marcel Pagnol (Le Schpountz)

« Everyone knows that it is in the Navy that there are as many cuckolds. »
Marcel Pagnol (Marius)

« It is not by opening the throat of a Nightingale that you will discover the secret of his singing. »
Marcel Pagnol

« We're getting old when young people abandon us. »
Marcel Pagnol (Le Spountz)

« Money can do anything, it allows everything, he gives everything... Should open this chest and say a word: "How?" »
Marcel Pagnol

« The playwright makes parts like a fig tree made of figs, which is nothing to understand. »
Marcel Pagnol (Confidences)

« The Académie Française is a strange machine that happens to transform a national glory in a wheelchair. »
Marcel Pagnol

« Boys will be boys, and bear patiently as the other happens us there. »
Marcel Pagnol (Jazz)

« Words that have a noble sound always contain beautiful images. »
Marcel Pagnol (La Gloire de mon père)

« Every night, during performances of a play, it's on the same line that the stricken spectators start to blow. This is the time where the play falters. »
Marcel Pagnol

« One who is able to feel the passion, is that he can inspire him. »
Marcel Pagnol (Jazz)

« It is sometimes difficult to know who, in a family, ordering: the husband, the wife, mother-in-law or the stove. But the dog house, him, is never wrong. »
Marcel Pagnol

« The room was so bad that the players themselves were leaving before the end. »
Marcel Pagnol

« Called the comedians of the Mutts because they run away when you whistle them. »
Marcel Pagnol

« If deemed to be things about appearances, nobody would never eat a sea urchin. »
Marcel Pagnol

« The evidence that God is a friend of ball players, is that the leaves of the trees are proportionate to the strength of the Sun. »
Marcel Pagnol (Le Temps des amours)

« Theatres which have the most sustainable success are those where the seats are closest. »
Marcel Pagnol (Confidences)

« Oaths, like people, are losing their strength as they age. »
Marcel Pagnol (Le temps des amours)

« The delayed male generally deals with "bitch" the woman who, precisely, refuses to be. »
Marcel Pagnol

« Since we have a TV at home, we take our meals all on the same side of the table, as in the last supper of Leonardo da Vinci. »
Marcel Pagnol

« When wine is drawn, we must drink, especially if it is good. »
Marcel Pagnol

« Such is the life of men. A few joys quickly erased by unforgettable sorrows. »
Marcel Pagnol (Le château de ma mère)

« Contemplation of the Mona Lisa does not give us the talent of da Vinci. »
Marcel Pagnol (Notes sur le rire)

« We don't really realize that a woman contains dynamite as the day where we drop. »
Marcel Pagnol

« When we do dance the jerks, you won't be in the Orchestra. »
Marcel Pagnol (Marius)

« In our time, the contempt of the proverbs, it is the beginning of fortune. »
Marcel Pagnol (Topaze)

« The culprits, better choose them that pick them up. »
Marcel Pagnol

« You see women who like the poor? »
Marcel Pagnol

« This is what they have to cry around my bed... It's already sad enough to die... If we still see others weep! »
Marcel Pagnol

« Getting older is when we say "you" to everyone and that everyone tells you "you. »
Marcel Pagnol

« Laughter is a human thing, a virtue that belongs only to men and that God, maybe, gave them to console to be smart. »
Marcel Pagnol (Le Spountz)

« The punishment of the unbeliever, this could be God's forgiveness. »
Marcel Pagnol (La Femme du boulanger)

« Death, so required that it is almost a formality. »
Marcel Pagnol

« When one brings bad news, nobody thinks to offer you a drink. »
Marcel Pagnol (César)

« A secret, it is not something that is not told. But it's a thing we tell ourselves in a low voice, and separately. »
Marcel Pagnol (César)

« You don't die of love. Sometimes, you die of love on the other hand, when he buys a gun - but when it is not people, are forgotten. »
Marcel Pagnol (Fanny)

« Grief, it's like a tapeworm: all this is to get out. »
Marcel Pagnol (Fanny)

« In the armed forces, there is something that makes more than dead ones battles, pitting. »
Marcel Pagnol

« Why marry a woman for her dowry? Night shirts have pockets. »
Marcel Pagnol

« When the curtain goes up, the question is: they fuck? If they Fuck, it's a comedy; If they don't fuck, it's a drama. »
Marcel Pagnol

« For the goat, what there are more beautiful, is the goat. »
Marcel Pagnol

« If you always tell the truth to the customer, there is no possible trade. »
Marcel Pagnol (César)

« Everyone knew it was impossible. He's a fool who didn't know and who did it. »
Marcel Pagnol

« It's very nice to be innocent; do not overdo it. »
Marcel Pagnol

« Talkers are those who talk you about others. The Fatheads are those that speak you for themselves. Those who you are talking about you are brilliant talkers. »
Marcel Pagnol

« It is the privilege of the factors. They know the name of all and no one knows them. »
Marcel Pagnol

« The first quality of a hero is to be dead and buried. »
Marcel Pagnol

« Life is like a bus. When you turn around, you see that there are already many who went down. »
Marcel Pagnol

« To die, it doesn't me matter. But it's hard to leave the life. »
Marcel Pagnol (César)

« Beware of engineers, it starts with the sewing machine, it ends by the atomic bomb. »
Marcel Pagnol (Critique des critiques)

« The honor is as matches: it serves only once. »
Marcel Pagnol (Marius)

« Am I going to think of other women, now that I know that my mother can lie! »
Marcel Pagnol (César)

« If you want to go on the sea, without the risk of capsize, so, don't buy a boat: buy an island! »
Marcel Pagnol (Fanny)

« Splurge, it's always the same, as soon as we got what we wanted, we wonder a little why we wanted! »
Marcel Pagnol (Fanny)

« Yes, the dress that flatters always; and this isn't me being stylish, this is my costume. »
Marcel Pagnol (Fanny)

« It's easy to have 20 years! See! I'll have them and I did nothing to it! »
Marcel Pagnol (César)

« If the faults of everyone shouting in public, we could no longer attend person! »
Marcel Pagnol (Fanny)

« The greatest merit of poetry, it is to be well placed in the conversation. »
Marcel Pagnol (Marius)

« When you love someone, it's scary as one thinks the others... »
Marcel Pagnol (Marius)

« If you can not cheat with her friends, is no longer worth playing cards. »
Marcel Pagnol (Marius)

« Most of the women we had, is that you did not request. »
Marcel Pagnol (Jazz)

« When you're scared of someone, it is easily believed evil that told him. »
Marcel Pagnol (César)

« If fisheries were suffering when we make them, we would all saints. »
Marcel Pagnol (César)

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