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Seth Messenger : Malcolm de Chazal's quotes

Malcolm de Chazal said :

(Automatic translation)
Malcolm de Chazal
« The only writers that last are those who write naked to the naked man, for man-kind, for the man of all time. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« Blue is a never-ending unconscious dive. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens plastique)

« The color is a body of flesh where a heart beats. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens plastique)

« The mouth is a fruit that we eat to the skin. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens plastique)

« Anger frowning gaze. Goodness blink eyes. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens plastique)

« Gray is the ashtray of the Sun. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens plastique)

« The flower is at the same time breast, mouth and sex, woman in full, sex-Trinity in unity. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens Plastique)

« The kiss is arrow, and pleasure is water jet. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens Plastique)

« Sensitivity scourged in childhood leads to intolerance of middle age. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens plastique)

« The thought traveled at the speed of desire. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens plastique)

« Most of the intolerant are recruited among the ignorant self. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens plastique)

« We die for lack of love, by absence, by despair. What keeps us grounded, is love, this is life. Death was built with the feeling of pressure in man. We have manufactured the death. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« The breast is an Apple in a PEAR where point a grain of grapes. The breast is the maximum of the fade: all fruits in one. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« The best way to be heard is to make each being an audience in full and the entire audience a unique being. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« The game of love, it's the heart and senses playing the buff and perpetually passing one near the other without ever touching. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens-plastique)

« Pleasure is the short form of oblivion. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens-plastique)

« Disappointment, in the long run, makes the heart a businessman. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« The suffering grows that big. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« The man is, of all human beings living, the only running two pleasures at the same time. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« A beautiful woman's body is the best bedside lamp. Sleep two makes the less opaque night. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens Plastique)

« In pleasure, supreme forms of pleasure, we can almost ' as much with itself as with another, the pleasure being after all as a masturbation of the soul. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« Sleep two makes the less opaque night. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« Women like to be battered, but they require us to choose the place. »
Malcolm de Chazal (La vie derrière les choses)

« The fearful are stutterers gaze. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Ma révolution)

« Cemeteries are alignments of fetishes. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Ma révolution)

« Laughter is the Bell of the sex. »
Malcolm de Chazal (La Vie derrière les choses.)

« Eyebrows are the umbrella of the gaze. »
Malcolm de Chazal (La vie derrière les choses)

« Stupidity is thunderous. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens plastique)

« Any revolution necessarily brings with it a disaster. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Ma révolution)

« The cries of the animals are sensory stenographies in space. Such was the language first human. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens Plastique)

« Stutters of intelligence in others that were at the very source of our broader ideas! »
Malcolm de Chazal

« What prevents us from seeing God, is that our mind is complicated, and that God is simple. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens-plastique)

« There are a thousand definitions of God. There is only one life: God. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens-plastique)

« The real God is our God. The God of others is a doctrinal God. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens-Plastique)

« Wanting to apply the word too much to God, it's already blaspheme. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« God is the sower: it all starts with him, and are not going back. God has no second hand gestures. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens-plastique)

« Women like serious men. They do not hear anyone to fight their monopoly of childishness. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« We give a soul to the people when they have more body. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens plastique)

« Goodness civilized intelligence. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens plastique)

« The poetry is not anything for me but the art to describe the invisible, with images of Angel. »
Malcolm de Chazal (La Vie filtrée)

« The rose is the milk teeth of the Sun. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens plastique)

« The wife makes us poet; the child makes us philosopher. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« The devil is the fourth dimension of the churches. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« The eye is the most beautiful room of appointment. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« Pride is a pleasure to the neck. Vanity is a pleasure to the kidneys. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« The uterus is a rental term. The grave is a property to life. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« Laughter is the best disinfectant in the liver. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens Plastique)

« Men wear their heart in their sex, women wear their sex in their hearts. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens Plastique)

« Talking about feelings with women of flesh is also offensive talk literature to people who are hungry. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Penser par étapes)

« There is a lot to learn from fools, assuming it is self study in them. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Penser par étapes)

« Persistence is the stepchild of the will. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Penser par étapes)

« Awareness puts an extra pinch of salt to sin. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens Plastique)

« The animal who has profited most from the company of humans is the microbe. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Penser par étapes)

« The animals never fail to natural, except under domestication. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens plastique)

« As an electric battery, the Agency is responsible by the aggravation and discharges through laughter. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Penser par étapes)

« To move among the danger men, women use their eyes like sextant, their sex as a compass and their mouth like rudder. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens Plastique)

« If the night is Satan, if light is God, at the end of the day, God is more than an anecdote. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Le Magazine Littéraire - juillet 1984)

« In this eternal trade's existence, and in this room of business life, God is the customer that it introduced last, as in a business office the man of lesser importance. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens-Plastique)

« The word of God is the most perfect of abstracts. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens-plastique)

« There are no large and small eyes: there are eyes that have a soul and others who don't point. God is the unique costume for the look. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens-plastique)

« That Deshabilleraitla night would see the body of God. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens Unique)

« The man is ready to believe in everything, as long as we tell him with mystery. To be believed, one must speak low. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens Plastique)

« The foam is the most perfect of the swimmers. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« Learning is ending. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« The indifferent eyes is a perpetual farewell. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens-plastique)

« Art, is accelerated nature and God in slow motion. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens-plastique)

« The heart in women is a sex in slow motion; and sex, a beating heart. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« Ridicule is like bad breath: you don't always notice that the neighbor. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« We'll still find the diplomats who will lie more and better than some women, but you will not find one who knows lie faster. »
Malcolm de Chazal

« Create is the only area where you will dispossess to enrich themselves. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Penser par étapes)

« Men are conservative with what they have and Communists of the property of others. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Penser par étapes)

« Crying is the laundry of the feelings. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Penser par étapes)

« A woman who thinks is a woman out of feelings. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Penser par étapes)

« Make a revolution is go to war with the money of others. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Penser par étapes)

« Passion without witnesses has short life. Romeo and Juliet, on a desert island, would soon be in bourgeois household. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens Plastique)

« The tears are an aphrodisiac to twenty years. »
Malcolm de Chazal (Sens Plastique)

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