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Seth Messenger : Madeleine Ferron's quotes

Madeleine Ferron said :

(Automatic translation)
Madeleine Ferron
« It feels less poor when you're alone to know. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le baron écarlate)

« Knowledge of human beings, the study of their behavior is the beginning of wisdom. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le chemin des dames)

« It is not enough to continue to succeed, always to surpass. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le baron écarlate)

« Remorse. It is a wound that does not heal, a punishment that never ends. »
Madeleine Ferron (Un Singulier Amour)

« One does not get away with several cocks in a same Barnyard. »
Madeleine Ferron (Sur le chemin Craig)

« The men practice the stress as if it was a sport. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le Chemin des dames)

« The victory also gives the privilege to feel sorry for the victim. »
Madeleine Ferron (La fin des loups-garous)

« Believe in the afterlife, not enough. He must also believe in life. »
Madeleine Ferron (La fin des loups-garous)

« There are few things in life, but it is important that they be beautiful and good. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le chemin des dames)

« Life can be fun. Just have a sentence! »
Madeleine Ferron (Un singulier amour)

« Lucky, this is the tool crave the lazy! »
Madeleine Ferron (Le baron écarlate)

« Endorse his mistakes like we endorse its virtues... with pride! And turn into advantages, the consequences of a fault. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le baron écarlate)

« Should not be left hanging around an idea, we'll lose. »
Madeleine Ferron (Un singulier amour)

« The austerity of the stations, it's like a travel ban! »
Madeleine Ferron (Le Baron écarlate)

« An object becomes valuable to us, more it seems fragile. »
Madeleine Ferron (La Fin des loups-garous)

« It provides that the regular dangers. The worst are those which it is not suspicious! »
Madeleine Ferron (Un singulier amour)

« A generosity that feeds of ambition begets vigilance. »
Madeleine Ferron (Sur le chemin Craig)

« A rooster scratch, it does nothing if the hen picks not up. »
Madeleine Ferron (La Fin des loups-garous)

« Everything is easy in life, just to be logical and to control his emotions. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le chemin des dames)

« It must be a masochist for wanting to win what is given to us. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le baron écarlate)

« Fashion is the worst of prostitutes. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le baron écarlate)

« As its range is richer, misery attracts us more than happiness. »
Madeleine Ferron (La fin des loups-garous)

« Once it is accepted, the death, it's quickly forgotten. Besides, it is consoling. »
Madeleine Ferron (Coeur de sucre)

« We instinctively protects itself. We don't see and hear than we can handle. »
Madeleine Ferron (Un singulier amour)

« It is rare when we lie that all agree: the look, the voice and attitude. »
Madeleine Ferron (Un singulier amour)

« We write love grows, but we forget to say he feeds... »
Madeleine Ferron (Le Chemin des dames)

« Is not the victory that makes the handsome man, it's the fight. »
Madeleine Ferron (Coeur de sucre)

« Each has his little monster to feed. »
Madeleine Ferron (La Fin des loups-garous)

« We judge a shirt to his collar and a man with his shirt. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le Baron écarlate)

« Friendship does not compute... or rather she calculates well. Even if she does without thinking. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le Chemin des dames)

« Love must be clear, otherwise it distorts everything. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le chemin des dames)

« Love also begets goodness. »
Madeleine Ferron (Coeur de sucre)

« Of beasts and men, we can't fall in love more. »
Madeleine Ferron (Coeur de sucre)

« Austerity is acceptable only supported by ambition. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le chemin des dames)

« There nothing more beneficial than the distraction, more invigorating than change. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le Chemin des dames)

« The age, freeing us from our self-centred passions, makes us available and more able to rediscover human beings that we loved. »
Madeleine Ferron (Un singulier amour)

« Coquetry is necessary. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le baron écarlate)

« In life, men are dependent on each other. There is always someone to curse or to thank. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le Chemin des dames)

« For a fate retains his greatness and nobility must have the choice to consent. »
Madeleine Ferron (Le Chemin des dames)

« The experience is still the best education. »
Madeleine Ferron (Sur le chemin Craig)

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