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Seth Messenger : Louis de Bonald's quotes

Louis de Bonald said :

(Automatic translation)
Louis de Bonald
« In political crises, the most difficult for an honest man is not to do his duty, but to know him. »
Louis de Bonald (Considérations sur la révolution française)

« Man, seen by a real philosophy, is an intelligence served by organs. »
Louis de Bonald (Du divorce considéré au XIXème siècle, etc.)

« The irreligion suits hurt women; There is too much pride for their weakness. »
Louis de Bonald (Pensées sur divers sujets)

« We drive the children by reason of the authority and by the authority of reason men: it's basically the same thing, because the reason is the first authority, and the authority of the latter. »
Louis de Bonald

« There are lights that are turned off by placing them on the candlestick. »
Louis de Bonald (Pensées)

« In a well-regulated society, the vouchers must serve as a model and the bad guys for example. »
Louis de Bonald (Maximes et pensées)

« The worst bribery is not that brave the laws; but that makes itself. »
Louis de Bonald

« These aren't rich people who oppress the people, but those who want to become. »
Louis de Bonald (Pensées)

« The revolution began with the declaration of human rights: it never ends by the declaration of the rights of God. »
Louis de Bonald (Législation primitive)

« In the father's power, i.e. the will and action to produce and maintain, or to develop the intelligence of the child. »
Louis de Bonald (Démonstration du principe de la sociologie)

« Libraries, these cemeteries of the human mind, where sleep so many dead that we discuss more. »
Louis de Bonald (Mélanges)

« The injured prides are more dangerous than the aggrieved interests. »
Louis de Bonald

« All that takes is slow to grow. »
Louis de Bonald

« First feelings, second thoughts, that is, in two genera, there is better. »
Louis de Bonald

« The adequacy does not have the talent, but it compromises. »
Louis de Bonald (Pensées)

« Great thoughts come from the heart, and major ailments come from reason. »
Louis de Bonald

« A man may not be equal to another man, but he's still are similar. »
Louis de Bonald

« Man exists only by the company and the company the form for her. »
Louis de Bonald (Théories du pouvoir politique et religieux)

« The man has more foresight as it has less memory. »
Louis de Bonald

« The man is an intelligence served by organs. »
Louis de Bonald

« A collection of thoughts like these too extended military lines that the enemy can break in a thousand places. »
Louis de Bonald

« Stupid things done by skilled people; things said by people of mind; crimes committed by honest people... that's the revolutions. »
Louis de Bonald (Considération sur la Révolution Française)

« We should assemble the men at church or under arms; because here, they deliberate point, they listen and obey. »
Louis de Bonald (Pensées diverses)

« A man of spirit, it takes a woman of sense; It's too much two minds in a House. »
Louis de Bonald (Maximes et pensées)

« A Deist is someone who has not yet had the time to become an atheist. »
Louis de Bonald

« A Government never faileth by his fault, and almost always by old faults which make commit news. »
Louis de Bonald (Pensées)

« It takes, when we govern, see men as they are, and the things as they should be. »
Louis de Bonald

« The man is rich of the moderation of desires. »
Louis de Bonald (Pensées)

« Corporations keep, because they are made to keep; but they invent, because it does not invent in body. All perfect what one comes up. »
Louis de Bonald (De l’Education de la société)

« Bring people together is not the safest way to unite. »
Louis de Bonald

« Since the Gospel until the Social contract, these are the books that made revolutions. »
Louis de Bonald (Mélanges littéraires, politiques et philosophiques)

« Instruction of men had to start with proverbs and must finish by thoughts. »
Louis de Bonald

« Literature is the expression of society, as the word is the expression of the man. »
Louis de Bonald

« Obedience must be active to be whole, and passive to be insurmountable resistance. »
Louis de Bonald

« Can be moderated with extreme opinions. »
Louis de Bonald

« The man most eager to power over others, as there less on himself. »
Louis de Bonald

« God commands man to forgive, but requiring the company to punish. »
Louis de Bonald

« Man is born could be improved, the animal is born perfect. »
Louis de Bonald

« The word is in the trade of thoughts that money is in the trade in goods, real expression of values, because it is value itself. »
Louis de Bonald

« There are people who do not waste their time alone: they are the bane of busy people. »
Louis de Bonald

« Whenever we wait the return of order, you can't go wrong on the date. »
Louis de Bonald

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