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Seth Messenger : Léo Campion's quotes

Léo Campion said :

(Automatic translation)
Léo Campion
« Genealogy is a thoroughly inexact science, the bastards. »
Léo Campion

« Heat dilates the body. This is why the days are longer in summer than in winter. »
Léo Campion

« The rivers and women indulge in excesses: the first out of their bed, seconds entering. »
Léo Campion

« Do not procrastinate you can do the day after tomorrow; otherwise we would one day in advance. »
Léo Campion

« Two people to make a happy couple, is not enough. »
Léo Campion

« The man who recognizes his error when he's wrong is a coward. The man who recognizes his error when he's right is a married man. »
Léo Campion

« A fool is a fool who has neither the depth nor the flavor of this body. »
Léo Campion

« Hermaphroditism is a defect in form or a form of vice. »
Léo Campion

« The misogynist love women. As he loves them, he practices them. As he practiced them, he knows them. And it is because it is known that it is misogynist. »
Léo Campion

« It is curious to see how homosexuals are proliferating, while they do not recur. »
Léo Campion

« When you look at all the trouble caused by the original sin since the world is world, we're entitled to regret that Adam was point pederast. »
Léo Campion

« God gave women both breasts because he gave the man two hands. »
Léo Campion (Lexique pour rire)

« Actually about masturbation, as long as we can't rely on others, he takes on his fingers. »
Léo Campion

« As soon as we say fire so-and-so, this is that so and so died. »
Léo Campion

« Abroad, it is your mirror that sends it back. »
Léo Campion

« The host is a pill for the faith. »
Léo Campion (Lexique encyclopédique)

« The fat pig doesn't know why, by looking at, the skinny laughing. »
Léo Campion

« Cold: Storm under nostril. »
Léo Campion

« When the barometer happens behind the ear, is that the cat is in the rain. »
Léo Campion

« A monocle is a solitary drink. »
Léo Campion

« The minority is superior to most that she understands a smaller number of fools. »
Léo Campion

« It is better to be cuckolded than Minister. It lasts longer and you are not required to attend the sessions. »
Léo Campion

« The cannibalism, which has experienced a certain wave in black Africa for centuries, is in sharp decline. Yet the process, in addition to its gastronomic interest, avoided all funeral and burial costs. »
Léo Campion

« Die: opportunity posthumous to talk about itself. »
Léo Campion

« The majority is always wrong. Because it is composed of fools. The minority is also composed of fools. But they are less numerous. »
Léo Campion

« The driver is, by far, the most dangerous part of the automobile. »
Léo Campion

« In Parliament, there is talk and lies. »
Léo Campion

« The dictatorship is an authoritarian form of democracy in which everything that is not mandatory is forbidden. »
Léo Campion

« To be buried on Friday the 13th? You really do not be superstitious. »
Léo Campion

« Policy: art of promise, do not hold and still pass. »
Léo Campion

« If it always pays to be a gentleman, we win more to be a gallant woman. »
Léo Campion

« Pretty women and mink practice the same exercises for small mink. »
Léo Campion

« The age of the women is calculated by adding the age they that gives them their best friend and dividing by two. »
Léo Campion

« For good swimming, nice underwear of bath will never be worth a body of water. »
Léo Campion

« Frigidity: voiceless sex. »
Léo Campion

« Abnormal: what is normal for abnormals. »
Léo Campion

« Child: fruit that was made. »
Léo Campion

« Epitaph: a few verses on many others. »
Léo Campion

« Licensee: who was put at the door with a degree. »
Léo Campion

« Ermine, it's all white with the tip of the tail is black while the chimney, it is all black with a large scale on the back. »
Léo Campion

« It would be a serious mistake to believe that a matchmaker is a merchant of desserts. »
Léo Campion

« Ice: food for thought. »
Léo Campion

« Harvest: use of false documents. »
Léo Campion

« Pedestrian: motorist got out of his car. Motorist: pedestrian got back into his car. »
Léo Campion

« The misfortunes and the twins are never alone. »
Léo Campion

« Sardine: small fish without head who lives in oil. »
Léo Campion

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