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Seth Messenger : Le curé d'Ars's quotes

Le curé d'Ars said :

(Automatic translation)
Le curé d'Ars
« God will have earlier pardoned a repentant sinner that a mother will have removed her child from the fire. »
Le curé d'Ars

« Our language should be used to pray, our hearts to love, our eyes to cry. »
Le curé d'Ars

« The heart of the wicked is an anthill of sins. It looks like a piece of spoiled meat to compete. »
Le curé d'Ars

« Worldwide, we hide the heaven and hell: the sky, because if we knew the beauty we want to go there at all costs. Hell, because if we knew the torments, we want to avoid them no matter what. »
Le curé d'Ars

« The saints were not attached to the goods of the Earth; they thought only of those of the sky. The people of the world, instead, are only interested in the present time. »
Le curé d'Ars

« We need to work in this world, we must fight. We'll have much time to rest forever. »
Le curé d'Ars

« Jamais personne n'a été damné pour avoir fait trop de mal ; but many are in hell for a single mortal sin which they would not repent. »
Le curé d'Ars

« If we thought, we constantly scrutinising our eyes towards the sky, our true homeland. But we let ourselves be carried away here and there by the world and we are not looking at the only thing that should keep busy us. »
Le curé d'Ars

« More is known about the men, less we love them. It is the opposite to God; more known, the more we like it. »
Le curé d'Ars

« Prayer is a dew embalmed; but we must pray with a pure heart to feel the dew. »
Le curé d'Ars

« There is a lot coming out of this world without knowing what they came to do, and without worry more. Don't do the same. »
Le curé d'Ars

« Go from world to world, rich in wealth, you will not find your happiness. The entire earth can no more just an immortal soul that a pinch of flour into the mouth of a hungry, cannot satisfy him. »
Le curé d'Ars

« For our body, death is only a laundry. »
Le curé d'Ars

« The grace of God helps us to work and supports us. It is necessary as the crutches for those who have bad legs. »
Le curé d'Ars

« A pure soul is like a beautiful Pearl. As long as it is hidden in a shell, at the bottom of the sea, no one thinks to admire him. But if you show it to the Sun, this Pearl shines and catcher. »
Le curé d'Ars

« Our sins are like grains of sand in front of the great Assembly of the mercies of God. »
Le curé d'Ars (Textes et sermons)

« In this intense union prayer, God and the soul are like two pieces of wax fused together. »
Le curé d'Ars

« Faith, it's talking to God as to a man. »
Le curé d'Ars

« If, when I die, I realize that God does not exist, I'll be well caught, but I will not regret having spent my life believing in love. »
Le curé d'Ars

« One who communicates is lost in God like a drop of water in the ocean. We can not separate them. »
Le curé d'Ars (Pensées choisies et petites fleurs d'Ars)

« In the soul United to God, it is always spring. »
Le curé d'Ars (Pensées choisies et petites fleurs d'Ars)

« The prayer is the elevation of the soul to heaven. »
Le curé d'Ars

« If we always knew to maintain the fire of the love of God in our hearts with prayers and good works, he would not die out. »
Le curé d'Ars

« It's nice to be able to please God, so small that we are. »
Le curé d'Ars

« There is nothing bigger than the man, and anything smaller. There is nothing bigger when you look at his soul, nothing small when you look at his body. »
Le curé d'Ars

« Our soul is cocooned in our body, as a child in his diapers: we only see her figure. »
Le curé d'Ars

« The slanderer is similar to the Caterpillar who walking on flowers, leaves his drool and dirty them. »
Le curé d'Ars

« It is not work, but the reward. »
Le curé d'Ars

« God has no need of us: if he orders us to pray it is it wants our happiness, and that us happiness cannot be found there. »
Le curé d'Ars

« Who has retained the innocence of his baptism is like a child who has never disobeyed his father. »
Le curé d'Ars

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