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Seth Messenger : Julien Green's quotes

Julien Green said :

(Automatic translation)
Julien Green
« We don't know what bliss. But it is comforting to think that heaven exists and that we are all made to go. »
Julien Green (Entretien avec Pierre Assouline - Septembre 1993)

« The soul and the inner life, that's what there is deeper and therefore more difficult to express. It is inexhaustible. It is not as God sees us. »
Julien Green (Entretien avec Pierre Assouline - Septembre 1993)

« The one secret that worth to be unveiled, what we cannot do, it is our relationship with God. Men do not see this secret only when they are taken by the dizziness of the depths. »
Julien Green (Entretien avec Pierre Assouline - Septembre 1993)

« All humans without exception carries with it a mystery that he ignores. »
Julien Green (Entretien avec Pierre Assouline - Septembre 1993)

« The music is beyond words. »
Julien Green (Entretien avec Pierre Assouline - Septembre 1993)

« And if I fall, he continues, I get up and I'm still up to the Lord. »
Julien Green (Ce qui reste de jour)

« Hell is mediocre, hell is the failure of love. »
Julien Green

« When a priest joint hands, heaven kneels. »
Julien Green

« I do not understand that they know at least silence in front of a work of such beauty, beauty irritating, perhaps infuriating, because the author, with his genius, very serious things with a sort of insolence that scares. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« Anglo-Saxons. The neurasthenic pink cheeks. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« Paris is a big head compared to the France. The France becomes hydrocephalus, and this isn't in the big heads that there are big brains. »
Julien Green (Julien Green en liberté avec Marcel Jullian)

« For one who is not ready to receive him, love is a considerable disturbance. »
Julien Green

« Maybe it's the greatest consolation of the oppressed to feel superior to their tyrants. »
Julien Green (Adrienne Mesurat)

« A newspaper is a long letter that the author himself, and the amazing thing is that he gives himself to his own news. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« Our life is a book that writes itself. We're novel characters who do not understand still well what is the author. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« All Sexualities are part of the same family: the instinct. »
Julien Green (Entretien avec Pierre Assouline - Septembre 1993)

« Platonic love. It is the perfect love, in the Cathar sense. »
Julien Green (Entretien avec Pierre Assouline - Septembre 1993)

« The human tongue has been truly struck helplessness at the Tower of Babel. It has its limits, are those of the pride. »
Julien Green (Entretien avec Pierre Assouline - Septembre 1993)

« Is there something else behind sexuality. The body has a shadow, the soul has its own, it is very bad. »
Julien Green (Entretien avec Pierre Assouline - Septembre 1993)

« Silence is better than any avalanche of words. »
Julien Green (Entretien avec Pierre Assouline - Septembre 1993)

« Paradise. It is an intangible sphere. There is a lot of light, of course. And wonderful music. »
Julien Green (Entretien avec Pierre Assouline - Septembre 1993)

« We will be as we are when we give to God. It will be a terrible moment, in the light of truth and love. »
Julien Green (Entretien avec Pierre Assouline - Septembre 1993)

« The language of God, it is the silence. It may be deafening, but it recognizes his voice. We can't argue with that voice. »
Julien Green (Entretien avec Pierre Assouline - Septembre 1993)

« Fortunately God reads in the silence of the hearts. »
Julien Green (Entretien avec Pierre Assouline - Septembre 1993)

« There is a strange satisfaction in touching the bottom of despair; excess of unhappiness provides a kind of security, haven of grace for the wrecked soul who dares to believe. »
Julien Green (Léviathan)

« The Gospel is a book that will never close, and which is written every day in the heart of Contemplatives. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« We must save hope. This is the great problem of this century. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« Humanity is like a man who sleeps and a nightmare. This nightmare is called history. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« You really want to know what kind of man are you? Open your mouth and listen. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« Death makes all of enormous interest, gives value to all, adds a dimension to everything. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« We can be sure that from forty years, in human life, there is a drama. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« Books are this, they spread the silence. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« Reading is a form of laziness insofar as it suggests the book instead of the player. The drive reads and imagines that he thinks; Here the pleasure which flatter the self-esteem of a delicate illusion. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« The avenues of daydreaming are the preferred promenade of the devil. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« Show me a happy man, me, I'll show you the adequacy, selfishness, malignancy, unless it is the total ignorance. »
Julien Green

« If the truth you not drunk, don't talk point. »
Julien Green

« Oblivion is a grace. »
Julien Green

« When the priest joint hands, heaven kneels. »
Julien Green (Le Revenant)

« Nothing looks more like failed lives as some successes. »
Julien Green

« Writing is a breath! »
Julien Green (Julien Green en liberté avec Marcel Jullian)

« Nothing is closer to a bewitching woman than a woman in love. »
Julien Green (Adrienne Mesurat)

« Those who have sinned because they are tempted confuse the flame and burning. They can't see the fire that they believe reduced to ashes. »
Julien Green (Devant la porte sombre)

« You shouldn't condemn a man to death because we don't know what is death. »
Julien Green (Julien Green en liberté avec Marcel Jullian)

« There's Vertigo in sin and each of us, from nothingness sometimes feel the nostalgia of nothingness. »
Julien Green (Jeunesse immortelle)

« The great sin of the modern world, it is the refusal of the invisible. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« Oblivion is a gene. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« Ignore the past, but also shorten the future. »
Julien Green (Julien Green en liberté avec Marcel Jullian)

« Questions which can be answered by Yes or by not are rarely interesting. »
Julien Green (Minuit)

« There may be only internal real progress. Material progress is a void. »
Julien Green (L'oeil de l'ouragan)

« What I call living is not something other than consciousness that humanity has of itself. »
Julien Green (Derniers beaux jours)

« The denial of the past is a fatal attitude. And to combat the present and creating the future, the past is often the most effective weapon. »
Julien Green (Julien Green en liberté avec Marcel Jullian)

« Policy lowers everything it touches, the Church as the rest. »
Julien Green (Julien Green en liberté avec Marcel Jullian)

« Everyone lives an end of the world as they get older. »
Julien Green (Julien Green en liberté avec Marcel Jullian)

« A human life seems almost always incomplete. She's like a fragment isolated in a long message which she gives us only a small part, often indecipherable. »
Julien Green (Varouna)

« Teachers are irreplaceable: they teach you to learn. »
Julien Green

« Being free, is not only to have nothing, it's not be possessed by nothing. »
Julien Green

« A library, it is the crossroads of all the dreams of humanity. »
Julien Green

« A translated writer is a writer in exile in a foreign language. »
Julien Green

« If he had to say mass for Angels, the priest looks like her in front of empty benches. »
Julien Green

« To combat the present and creating the future, the past is often the most effective weapon. »
Julien Green (Julien Green en liberté avec Marcel Julian)

« Public opinion, it's the stupidity in action. »
Julien Green

« The greatest danger to the world is to lose the taste for God. »
Julien Green (Le Bel aujourd'hui)

« A player is never pretend. It is his character all the time it is staged. »
Julien Green (L'Autre)

« The youth, happiness is enjoy. Not to suffer is the happiness of the age. »
Julien Green (La Bouteille à la mer)

« I hesitate to quote, because cite is truncate. »
Julien Green (Discours de réception à l'Académie française)

« The desire, it's anarchy. »
Julien Green (Ce qu'il faut d'amour à l'homme)

« A letter written in french, without mistakes, surprises today as a thing of the past. »
Julien Green (La Bouteille à la mer)

« The reward of the books, is to be read. »
Julien Green (Devant la porte sombre)

« Happy to be. To be what? To simply be. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« What we do more serious on this earth is to love, the rest doesn't matter much. »
Julien Green

« The Bible is a personal letter from God to all of us. »
Julien Green

« If God ceased to forgive a second, our Earth would break in two. »
Julien Green

« The emergency exit is within ourselves. »
Julien Green

« Most of the men betray their youth. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« There is so much generosity to receive than to give. »
Julien Green

« In the language of the gardeners, plants die, but the roses die. »
Julien Green

« God could not make us of the humble makes us of the humiliated. »
Julien Green

« People read and study to know the truth, but to increase their small selves. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« When you give your hand to God, he won't let go so easily. »
Julien Green (Le Revenant)

« The silence of the man attracts the silence of God. »
Julien Green (Julien Green en liberté avec Marcel Jullian)

« The human soul is like a chasm, which attracts God, and God will throw. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« When will you stop prefer you her to me? This is the terrible question posed to us by God. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« It's true, God is dead cold. He knocks on the doors, but that never opens? The seat's taken. By who? By ourselves. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« We don't tell the love that they say happiness. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« Thought flies and the words go on foot. That's all the drama of the writer. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« Boredom is one of the faces of death. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« A book is a window through which we escape. »
Julien Green

« The pleasure kills us something. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« To kill yourself, it is a challenge to God. »
Julien Green

« What man never could be sure of what's going on behind his back? »
Julien Green (L'Autre Sommeil)

« The poet is essentially a man who kept the sense of mystery and the Faculty of wonder inside himself. »
Julien Green (Mon premier livre en anglais)

« Children are the least understood people of the Earth, and that's because the land is ruled by great people who have forgotten that they were also children. »
Julien Green (Mon premier livre en anglais)

« Too bad we don't know his parents when they begin to age, to lose what made them human beings human. »
Julien Green (L'Autre Sommeil)

« What is sad seems suspicious. »
Julien Green

« It seems certain that the normal outcome of eroticism is the murder. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« Nothing ages us as the death of those that we have known since childhood. I'm now older dead. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« Sometimes you need to walk to the bottom of the abyss. Even if I go down to hell, God's arm is long enough for to remove me. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« The Bible contains an encrypted message for each of us. The figure, it is faith which gives us. »
Julien Green (Journal)

« The net product of atheism is despair. »
Julien Green

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