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Seth Messenger : Jules Michelet's quotes

Jules Michelet said :

(Automatic translation)
Jules Michelet
« In a couple, boredom results in infidelity. »
Jules Michelet (L'amour)

« The France did the France, she is daughter of his freedom. »
Jules Michelet (Œuvres complètes, 1894)

« The supreme end of the family would be that between the three people there was more sex or age, that the son was the father of her parents, the husband of his mother. »
Jules Michelet (Journal)

« All madness of the woman is a folly of man. »
Jules Michelet (La Femme)

« The Church takes care of the world teaches us our business at the right time! We'll show him God. »
Jules Michelet (Des jésuites)

« What can be done on women in society? Nothing! In loneliness? Everything! »
Jules Michelet (La femme)

« Nothing cooler than a Seraglio; It is a love of Caterpillar, which rose drags in pink, spoiling the edge of the paper without reaching the chalice. »
Jules Michelet (L'Amour)

« This is a very fatal trend of our age to figure out that nature is reverie, it's laziness, it's languor. »
Jules Michelet (La montagne)

« By nationality, as in geology's heat down; at the lower layers, she burns. »
Jules Michelet (Le Peuple)

« Teaching, it's a friendship. »
Jules Michelet

« Few readings, but simple, strong, which leave traces. »
Jules Michelet

« The heart of mothers blends in soft caresses, in treats, in thousand useful and unnecessary care. »
Jules Michelet (La Femme)

« A limited exposure, the most heartbreaking thing maybe to the maternal heart, that the child is unfair. »
Jules Michelet (Histoire de la révolution française)

« Random likes to serve the one which always follows the same thought. »
Jules Michelet (Le peuple)

« The sting of heat, like a WaSP, irritates. »
Jules Michelet (La Femme)

« Everything is sour in a sour vase. »
Jules Michelet (Histoire de la Révolution française)

« Love, the all powerful sting of our human activities! »
Jules Michelet (La Femme)

« The woman is not only a sick, but an injured. She is incessantly under the eternal wound of love. »
Jules Michelet

« Politics is the art of getting money of the rich and of the votes of the poor, ostensibly to protect them from each other. »
Jules Michelet

« The difficult is not to climb, but in amount to stay self. »
Jules Michelet (Le Peuple)

« There is a old woman. All, at any age, if she likes, and she is good, gives man the time of infinity. »
Jules Michelet (L'amour)

« Every man is a humanity, a universal story. »
Jules Michelet (Histoire de France)

« The Sun of man, man. »
Jules Michelet (Journal)

« With the world began a war that ends with the world, and not before: that of man against nature, of mind over matter, of liberty against fatality. »
Jules Michelet (Introduction à l'histoire universelle)

« Freedom, is the man. Even to submit, to be free; to give to yourself. »
Jules Michelet (Les Jésuites)

« The style is that the movement of the soul. »
Jules Michelet (Journal)

« A soul weighs infinitely more than a Kingdom, an empire, sometimes more than the human race. »
Jules Michelet (Histoire de France)

« England is an empire, the Germany a country, the France is a person. »
Jules Michelet (Histoire de France)

« We don't enough know how women are an aristocracy. There are no peoples homes. »
Jules Michelet (La femme)

« In human progress, the essential part is the lifeblood, called the man. »
Jules Michelet (Histoire de France)

« The same fears, the same calamities bring the same terrors. »
Jules Michelet (Histoire de la révolution française)

« The day when compassion becomes mockery began a barbaric age. »
Jules Michelet (Histoire de la révolution française)

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