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Seth Messenger : Joseph de Maistre's quotes

Joseph de Maistre said :

(Automatic translation)
Joseph de Maistre
« The war is so divine in itself, since it is a law of the world. »
Joseph de Maistre (Considérations sur la France)

« Scrape the Russian and you will find the Tartar. »
Joseph de Maistre

« The exaggeration is the lie of honest people. »
Joseph de Maistre

« There is only two real evils in the world: remorse and disease; the rest is ideal... »
Joseph de Maistre (Lettre - 16 Juillet 1807)

« History is a permanent conspiracy against the truth. »
Joseph de Maistre (Les soirées de Saint-Petersbourg)

« But of all the monarchs, the harder, the more despotic, the most intolerable, the monarch is "people". »
Joseph de Maistre (Etude sur la souveraineté)

« It's an eternal moral and rule policy should never push his enemy to despair. »
Joseph de Maistre (Lettre - Janvier 1804)

« Real miracles are good deeds do despite our character and our passions. »
Joseph de Maistre (Les soirées de Saint-Pétersbourg)

« The executioner is the cornerstone of the companies. »
Joseph de Maistre

« The earth itself, continually soaked with blood, is just a huge altar where everything that lives must be sacrificed without end, without measure, tirelessly, to the consumption of things, until the extinction of evil, until the death of death. »
Joseph de Maistre (Les soirées de Saint-Pétersbourg)

« The false opinions resemble counterfeit money that is hit first by of culprits and then spent by honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing. »
Joseph de Maistre

« It is the first step which, in all wars, detects the genius. »
Joseph de Maistre (Lettre du 27 Juillet 1812 à Monsieur le comte de Front)

« God gives the franchise to faithfulness, righteousness an accent that cannot be counterfeited or unknown. »
Joseph de Maistre (Du pape)

« No one knows what is the war, if he was his son. »
Joseph de Maistre (Lettre à monsieur le comte Deodati - 11 Février 1807)

« The taste is that consciousness of beauty, as awareness is that the taste of good. »
Joseph de Maistre (Lettre à Monsieur l’amiral Tchitchagof - 6 Mai 1810)

« Christianity was preached by ignorant and believed by scholars, and that's what it looks like nothing known. »
Joseph de Maistre (Considérations sur le France)

« Every nation has the Government it deserves. »
Joseph de Maistre (Considérations sur la France)

« There is much less difficult to solve a problem than to put it down. »
Joseph de Maistre

« It is the imagination that loses battles. »
Joseph de Maistre

« There is no easy method to learn the difficult things. »
Joseph de Maistre

« The sword of justice has no scabbard. »
Joseph de Maistre (Les soirées de Saint Petersbourg)

« The man's destructive hand spares nothing; He kills for food, he kills clothing, he kills to attack, he kills to defend himself, he kills to learn, he kills for fun, he kills to kill; He needs everything, and nothing can resist. »
Joseph de Maistre

« He has nothing as unfortunate that a man who has never suffered. »
Joseph de Maistre

« A constitution that is made for all nations is made for none. »
Joseph de Maistre

« Our counties, when we count them, resemble tales. »
Joseph de Maistre

« The greatest ridicule for a woman, it is to be a man. »
Joseph de Maistre

« Mediocrity refuses always admire and often agree. »
Joseph de Maistre (Lettres et opuscules)

« It is not men who are leading the revolution, it is the revolution that employs men. »
Joseph de Maistre (Considérations sur la France)

« The fair Act is not one that has its effect on all but one that made for all. »
Joseph de Maistre (Les soirées de Saint-Pétersbourg)

« Parliament resembles the creator; not working always; It gives birth, and then he rests. »
Joseph de Maistre (Considérations sur la France)

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