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Seth Messenger : Jean Jaurès's quotes

Jean Jaurès said :

(Automatic translation)
Jean Jaurès
« Land ownership is the mother of inequality and brutality. »
Jean Jaurès (Histoire socialiste)

« The Republic is the right of every man, regardless of his religious belief, to have its share of sovereignty. »
Jean Jaurès

« Capitalism carries the war like the door the storm cloud. »
Jean Jaurès

« Not having the strength to act, they hold forth. »
Jean Jaurès (Histoire socialiste)

« The work of art, when she's really beautiful, is something complete, completed. »
Jean Jaurès (Albi - 31 Juillet 1888)

« When men cannot change things, they change the words. »
Jean Jaurès

« Must be no regret for the past, no remorse for the present, and an unshakable confidence for the future. »
Jean Jaurès

« Courage, is to seek the truth and to say. »
Jean Jaurès

« The courage is to understand his own life... Courage, is to enjoy life and watch the death of a quiet look... Courage, is to go to the ideal and understand the real. »
Jean Jaurès

« It is true that the beauty of science and art is consoling. »
Jean Jaurès (Albi - 31 Juillet 1888)

« What is ideal? It is the fulfillment of the human soul. What is the human soul? It is the highest flower of nature. »
Jean Jaurès (Albi - 31 Juillet 1888)

« Courage, is to act and to give great cause without knowing what reward reservation to our effort of the deep universe, or if he holds a reward. »
Jean Jaurès

« We don't have the war to get rid of the war. »
Jean Jaurès

« The progress of humanity are measured to the concessions that the madness of wise men made to the wisdom of fools. »
Jean Jaurès

« The French army has an admirable intellectual tradition. »
Jean Jaurès (L’Armée nouvelle)

« Cruelty is a gesture of servitude: because it certifies that the barbarism of the oppressor regime is still present in us. »
Jean Jaurès

« Because the millionaire has not harvested without penalty, he imagines having planted. »
Jean Jaurès

« Peace is only a form, one aspect of the war: the war is only a form, an aspect of peace: and which struggle today is the beginning of reconciliation in the future. »
Jean Jaurès

« The death penalty is contrary to what humanity two thousand years think of higher and dream of more noble. »
Jean Jaurès

« The abundance is the result of good administration. »
Jean Jaurès (Histoire socialiste...)

« There may be that revolution where there is consciousness. »
Jean Jaurès

« Give freedom to the world by force is a strange company full of bad odds. By giving, we remove it. »
Jean Jaurès (L'armée nouvelle)

« In France, it made his first communion to do away with religion; We take his Bachelor's degree with studies, and get married to finish with love... and we do his service to finish military duty. »
Jean Jaurès (L'armée nouvelle)

« Because the billionaire has not harvested without penalty, he imagines that he has sown. »
Jean Jaurès (L'armée nouvelle)

« We do not teach what is known or what you believe to know: we teach and you can't teach that what one is. »
Jean Jaurès (L'Esprit du socialisme)

« It's on the way to the sea the river remains faithful to its source. »
Jean Jaurès

« The first human rights is individual freedom, freedom of property, freedom of thought, freedom of labour. »
Jean Jaurès

« It is pushing to end the economic movement that the proletariat is free and will become of humanity. »
Jean Jaurès (Histoire sociale de la révolution française)

« The Earth has been long larger than human, and it imposed on humanity the dispersion law. »
Jean Jaurès (L'armée nouvelle)

« A little internationalism away from homeland, many back. »
Jean Jaurès

« Whatever the being of flesh and blood that comes to life, he might figure of man, he carries the human right. »
Jean Jaurès

« It is that inside, there is only one race: the human race. »
Jean Jaurès

« History teaches men the difficulty of the challenges and the slow pace of achievements, but it justifies the invincible hope. »
Jean Jaurès

« Human history is a relentless effort of invention, and the ever-changing is a perpetual creation. »
Jean Jaurès

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