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Seth Messenger : Jean Giraudoux's quotes

Jean Giraudoux said :

(Automatic translation)
Jean Giraudoux
« The sport is the esperanto of races. »
Jean Giraudoux (Le sport)

« After the wars a mystery wants it to be born more boys than girls, except in the Amazon... »
Jean Giraudoux (Amphitrion)

« Like a magnet, the foreign draw on them precious stones, rare manuscripts, the most beautiful flowers, and the hands of the husbands. »
Jean Giraudoux (Amphitrion)

« One being you lack, and everything is repopulated. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Can the sight of a sleeping body call anything other than murder as supreme tenderness! »
Jean Giraudoux (Judith)

« Serve! It is the motto of those who love order. »
Jean Giraudoux

« The France has a civilization that it does not own, but she is responsible before the universe. »
Jean Giraudoux

« The only free spaces are the cemeteries of which exceeds almost, in Paris, the area of the gardens. Honor to the city which provides more oxygen for its dead as for his living. »
Jean Giraudoux

« We do not make the mistake of novelists, who feel obliged, when they have their title, to write the novel itself additionally. »
Jean Giraudoux (La folle de Chaillot)

« He likes women remote, but close. »
Jean Giraudoux (La guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)

« He was a poor snake who collected all his skins. He was the man. »
Jean Giraudoux (Sodome et Gomorrhe)

« A happy time, it is the unanimous capitulation. »
Jean Giraudoux (Electre)

« Say we love didn't help. »
Jean Giraudoux (Tessa)

« We don't kill well than what we like. »
Jean Giraudoux (La guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)

« Who governs us really had to repent of having invented the time, which allowed the deception in the estate and the alternation. »
Jean Giraudoux (La menteuse)

« I find it quite thick on the surface of the world. »
Jean Giraudoux

« What is tragedy? It is the affirmation of a terrible link between humanity and a destiny greater than human destiny. »
Jean Giraudoux

« That is the tragic hero? It is a being particularly resigned to living with all forms and all the monsters of doom. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Most of the theater is not the author, but the theatre. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Understand the Word does not exist in the theater. Happiness is the true public does not understand, he feels. We can so all show him without compromise and without reluctance. »
Jean Giraudoux

« The Academy is by writers. The justified chandelier which she breaks out in the eyes of the world comes sometimes much less the writers that make up that of writers who are outside of it. »
Jean Giraudoux (Littérature)

« The horse, as everyone knows, is the most important part of the Knight. »
Jean Giraudoux (Ondine)

« People disturb themselves in life than to give you lessons, signs or homework. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Brave before the enemy, cowardly before the war, it is the motto of the real generals. »
Jean Giraudoux (La guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)

« So-called end of the world the day where the world shows just what it is: explosive, submersible, fuel, so-called war the day where the human soul gives to his nature. »
Jean Giraudoux

« A royal mantle always goes well. It is the triumph of the confection. »
Jean Giraudoux (Judith)

« Countries are like the stars, they can sparkle and light centuries after their extinction. »
Jean Giraudoux (De pleins pouvoirs à sans pouvoir)

« A sporting life is a heroic life empty. »
Jean Giraudoux (Le sport)

« God does so much to what we were talking about him? He'd rather be a secret to a disclosure or not? »
Jean Giraudoux (Littérature)

« You will have black ink, blackboards, of the black aprons. In our beautiful country, black is the color of the youth. »
Jean Giraudoux (Intermezzo)

« Every man, even the ugliest, feeds itself a primer and a secret by which it directly relates to beauty itself. »
Jean Giraudoux (L'Apollon de Bellac)

« No Bulldog jaw is more tenacious than the fingers of a woman who hates. »
Jean Giraudoux (Pour Lucrèce)

« The main difficulty with honest women is not to seduce them, it's getting them in an enclosed area. Their virtue is made of doors ajar. »
Jean Giraudoux (Amphitryon 38)

« A small cry is just what should be understood men on the eve of eternity. »
Jean Giraudoux (Souvenir de deux existences)

« I call love which has no other name. »
Jean Giraudoux

« There has never been a creature. There has never been that the couple. God did not create man and woman one after the other. He created two twin body, United by strips of flesh that he has decided since the day where he created the tenderness. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Every war is the latest. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Health and happiness are the only blackmail of the gods... »
Jean Giraudoux (Amphitryon 38)

« Life is a gift that is so wonderful that everything be generous can have only one ambition, offer it. »
Jean Giraudoux (Les Gracques)

« Is there which is so beautiful and so hard in the truth, it is eternal, but is only a Flash. »
Jean Giraudoux (Electre)

« The only man worthy of being loved is one that looks like all men, who is speaking, the features of all the men, we set apart from others by defects or clumsy and more... »
Jean Giraudoux (Ondine)

« The occupation of humanity is a universal demolition company. I'm talking about male humanity. »
Jean Giraudoux (La Folle de Chaillot)

« The France is tempered by the instability of the Government bureaucracy. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Most of the parts that we consider the tragic masterpieces are just debates and family feuds. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Those who want to understand the theater are those who do not understand the theater. »
Jean Giraudoux

« If a man is bored... excite him; If a woman gets bored, stop her! »
Jean Giraudoux (Suzanne et le Pacifique)

« The greatness of man is that he can find to toil there where an Ant would be based. »
Jean Giraudoux (Supplément au voyage de Cook)

« The love of a wife resembles the duty. The duty to the constraint. The stress kills the desire. »
Jean Giraudoux (Amphitryon 38)

« The innocent is not one that is not condemned, but which does not carry conviction. »
Jean Giraudoux (Littérature)

« Nations, like men, die imperceptible incivility. »
Jean Giraudoux (La Guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)

« It is on the windows etched indelible words. »
Jean Giraudoux (Amphitryon 38)

« A match is a trust access. »
Jean Giraudoux (Le Sport)

« Death is so ancient that talk to him latin. »
Jean Giraudoux (Les provinciales)

« It is with their lies in the morning the women make their truths of the evening. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Scroll the old people of a country, and you will know the State of his sports. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Soldiers marching under the arches are those who have deserted the death. »
Jean Giraudoux (La Guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)

« Women consent to coercion. But then with enthusiasm. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Countries are like fruits, worms are still inside. »
Jean Giraudoux (Siegfried)

« The universe can be wrong. It is recognizing the error, it is universal. »
Jean Giraudoux (La Guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)

« Jupiter has created the Earth. But the beauty of the Earth is created, every minute. There is prodigious in it, is that it is ephemeral. »
Jean Giraudoux (Amphitryon 38)

« The lover is always closer to the love that of the beloved. »
Jean Giraudoux (Amphitryon 38)

« The pity is the best way that God has come to resume the generosity to good souls, sparkle to the beautiful, pity to the sensitive. »
Jean Giraudoux (Sodome et Gomorrhe)

« So-called miracle when God breaks its records. »
Jean Giraudoux (Le sport)

« It is the son, which in its majority, should recognize his father, provided that he deems him worthy. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Peace is the interval between two wars. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Since the creation of the world there were only a sacred agreement: the connivance of women. »
Jean Giraudoux

« A single man with fame, it's already silly. A woman alone with the glory, it's ridiculous. »
Jean Giraudoux

« It was the last war; the next expected. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Propaganda is the opposite of artillery: it is heavy, the less she wears. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Every German knows that his specialty for the rest he relies on the Government. »
Jean Giraudoux (Siegfried et le Limousin)

« The team of academics is the only one who never shows up in full on the ground, in the match against the dictionary. »
Jean Giraudoux (Le Sport)

« When it was discovered that a friend is liar, him all wrong then, even his truths. »
Jean Giraudoux (La guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)

« Do not look too opposite, between spouses, in order to avoid discovery. »
Jean Giraudoux (Amphitryon 38)

« There are no two ways to get immortal here on Earth, is to forget that we are mortal. »
Jean Giraudoux (La guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)

« When adjectives come out of the word at the line staying behind..., it is the word vogue at his loss. »
Jean Giraudoux (Juliette au pays des hommes)

« Happiness is a small thing that we nibbles, sitting on the ground in the Sun. »
Jean Giraudoux

« You're bored with your youth. She will be old age in thirty years. »
Jean Giraudoux (La Guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)

« To become president of the Republic, just to be first everywhere, all the time. »
Jean Giraudoux

« God did not create man and woman one after the other. He created two United twin body that he has dealt with since the day he created the tenderness. »
Jean Giraudoux

« The man stands on his legs from behind to receive less rain and hang medals on his chest. »
Jean Giraudoux

« Love has really exciting moments, are the breaks. »
Jean Giraudoux

« It's a crime against the State, suicide. A suicide, he's a soldier, a taxpayer less. »
Jean Giraudoux

« God let discuss an Angel. He was Satan. The man let discuss his wife. He had the woman. »
Jean Giraudoux (Sodome et Gomorrhe)

« Like the men, what you like, is not known, is not know: it's oscillate between two truths or two lies. »
Jean Giraudoux (Intermezzo)

« Just sing a song of peace with posturing and faces to make it a song of war. »
Jean Giraudoux (La Guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)

« The life of two spouses who are in love, it's a waste of perpetual cool. »
Jean Giraudoux (La guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)

« People pity of others insofar as they would have pity for themselves. The misfortune or ugliness are mirrors that they do not support. »
Jean Giraudoux (La guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)

« The law is the most powerful school of imagination. Poet ever interpreted nature as freely as a jurist reality. »
Jean Giraudoux (La Guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)

« It is horrible to live with someone who hides a heart in each object in his house. »
Jean Giraudoux (Sodome et Gomorrhe)

« God has not provided happiness for his creatures it intended that compensation: fishing line, the love, the dotage. »
Jean Giraudoux (Intermezzo)

« To tell you all those little things that are not worth worth being called, but which are worth worth to be heard. »
Jean Giraudoux

« The sport is to delegate some of the strongest virtues of the soul to the body. »
Jean Giraudoux (Le sport)

« Faithful women are all the same, they think only their fidelity and never to their husbands. »
Jean Giraudoux (Amphitryon 38)

« Plagiarism is the basis of all literatures, except the first, which is unknown. »
Jean Giraudoux (Siegfried et le Limousin)

« Men invented the war to be between men and women. »
Jean Giraudoux (Sodome et Gomorrhe)

« The fate is simply the accelerated form of the time. »
Jean Giraudoux (La guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)

« The privilege of the great, is to see the disaster from a terrace. »
Jean Giraudoux

« It's truths that can kill a people. »
Jean Giraudoux (Electre)

« That's where all the evil: God is a man. »
Jean Giraudoux (Sodome et Gomorrhe)

« O God, if you want the voice raised by ever more woman finally created a grown man! »
Jean Giraudoux (Sodome et Gomorrhe)

« The heroes are those who glorify a life that they can no longer bear. »
Jean Giraudoux (Pour Lucrèce)

« Happiness is demanding as lawful a wife. »
Jean Giraudoux (L'école des indifférents)

« Humanity is a superhuman. »
Jean Giraudoux (Intermezzo)

« Those who only see the love in the world are as dumb as those who do not. »
Jean Giraudoux (La guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)

« The Earth is round for those who love each other. »
Jean Giraudoux (Electre)

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