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Seth Messenger : Isabelle Sorente's quotes

Isabelle Sorente said :

(Automatic translation)
Isabelle Sorente
« God Weeps. The true. Because of the fake. Who runs the world. »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« Who has the power to change the course of the invisible paths? You can only follow those who seek our steps. »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« There are strong chances that if the sexual act depended on the excitement and fun of the woman as it depends on those human, the human species would have long since disappeared from the planet. »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« People no longer believe in Prince charming. Is assumed. We know that we can find everything in one man. »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« The adult is dead. The cruelty of the course of recess reigns today in hushed offices of multinationals. »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« Madness: Kidnap a mannequin and her binge of ice cream and donuts until the final explosion! »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« Fill the days, evenings, occupy the legs, heads, hands, bellies, eyes! Especially not ask questions. Nothing that can stop the general comings and goings: consume / produce, consume / produce! »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« Love is a dog. A dog which you never know what's in the head. You can pet him. It responds to your touch. And then, one day, it bites you, you don't know why. »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« Invisible links leave deeper marks. »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« What a lost generation if there remains the hope of the following? »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« At the Gallop! Enjoy, live! We are mortal! »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« Is never quite how it has little importance in the eyes of others. »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« Count, always count the hours, the minutes, is what lost us. »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« At the age of thirty, we have the appearance of adults, the appearance of wisdom, but the appearance only. And if fear of doing wrong! »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« This is our curse, to aspire constantly to the absolute, to constantly lose and still survive. »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« Fortunately they do not, work plans; otherwise, since the time that we do, long ago we would have reached the ultimate goal: zero weight! »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« He's just lost causes that deserve that we defend, as the unanswered questions need to ask. »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« It would be so good to be a slave! Do not have to support... Forget the burning of freedom... »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« The real cloning isn't in the test tube but on our walls, in our stores and on our newspapers! »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« As it is wrong to believe that the intelligence or the Faculty of analysis can put us at the shelter! »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« So many qualities that make me default. »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« Feelings, it is for those who do not admit that there is no reason! »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« When we stop to drink from the source of dreams, the development is only halfway. At the top, something is missing. »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

« My car, my apartment, my success, my line, my sexuality. Failure is shameful. »
Isabelle Sorente (L)

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