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Seth Messenger : Isaac Newton's quotes

Isaac Newton said :

(Automatic translation)
Isaac Newton
« Errors are not in art but in the craftsman. »
Isaac Newton (Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, 1687)

« Devotion requires love and reverence of God. Humanity requires love and good deeds towards men. »
Isaac Newton (Sur l'optique, 1704)

« Virtue is the religion of the Kingdom of heaven and the main feature of God himself to men. »
Isaac Newton (De l'optique, 1704)

« The Pope to Crown alone, has anointed himself the chrism, and kneeling reveres his person just like the old Roman emperors. »
Isaac Newton (Sur l'optique, 1704)

« Don't hold for certain that what is shown. »
Isaac Newton

« Men build too many walls and not enough bridges. »
Isaac Newton

« It is difficult to drive God completely. Always it is humbly disguised under one name or another, and under the name we chose, it is love without knowing it. »
Isaac Newton (Ecrits sur la religion)

« God is not eternal, it is not infinite, but it is eternal and infinite. There is neither time nor space; but he has always existed, and his presence is everywhere. »
Isaac Newton (Principes mathématiques de la philosophie naturelle)

« How it is contrary to the purpose of God that the truth of his religion is as obvious and clear for all men than a mathematical demonstration. »
Isaac Newton (Ecrits sur la religion)

« God, who knows the most about the capabilities of men, hides its mysteries to the wise and cautious of this world, and revealed them to little children. »
Isaac Newton (Ecrits sur la religion)

« As a blind man has no idea of the colors, we have no idea of how infinitely wise God perceives and understands all things. »
Isaac Newton (Principes mathématiques de la philosophie naturelle)

« When two forces are joined, their effectiveness is double. »
Isaac Newton

« I can calculate the movement of heavy bodies, but not the madness of crowds. »
Isaac Newton

« Ten thousand difficulties do not have a doubt. »
Isaac Newton

« I saw farther than others because I am perched on the shoulders of giants. »
Isaac Newton

« Plato and Aristotle are my friends. But my best friend is truth. »
Isaac Newton (Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, 1687)

« Explain all nature is too difficult for a single man or a single era. It is wiser to do little by being sure of yourself and leave the rest for those who come after, only assume everything without being sure of anything. »
Isaac Newton (De l'optique, 1704)

« The perfection of God's work lies in its simplicity. Because he is the God of order, not a mess. »
Isaac Newton (Ordonner l'Apocalypse, 1974)

« God created all things by numbers, weights, and measures. »
Isaac Newton (Symétrie des plantes, 1998)

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