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Seth Messenger : Hubert Aquin's quotes

Hubert Aquin said :

(Automatic translation)
Hubert Aquin
« The Word creates, it does not adorn or accompany the existence... »
Hubert Aquin (Neige noire)

« We don't flip through time, it was he who open our lives. »
Hubert Aquin (Neige noire)

« Time flies, no doubt... When we talk, time has already sunk, it is images. »
Hubert Aquin (L'antiphonaire)

« The perceived time is necessarily the past, which is to say that the present has an aftertaste of memory and that the projected future is a future memory, so a future past! »
Hubert Aquin (Neige noire)

« Modesty is a veil which we dress by love for one person before whom it is immodest. »
Hubert Aquin (L'Invention de l'amour)

« The truth perhaps than fiction in that it is infinitely more disappointing. »
Hubert Aquin (Trou de mémoire)

« The vocation is an absolute unconditional that all successes alter; greater is the vocation, its proposed definition more vague. »
Hubert Aquin (Trou de mémoire)

« The perception of time is probably related to the technical means which man uses to save time or kill him. »
Hubert Aquin (Neige noire)

« Live kills. »
Hubert Aquin (Neige noire)

« Literature is full no no when the work is written, but when a player goes back the course of phrases and words to become, by this means, co-creator of the work. »
Hubert Aquin (Blocs erratiques)

« A friend is not bulky. We leave when we find something better. »
Hubert Aquin (L'invention de la mort)

« Love gives you Vertigo, but its dizzy, so intolerable that it is, is an infinite delight. »
Hubert Aquin (Neige noire)

« Love has something sinister and despairing. More we love, the more it becomes unfair, what strange law! »
Hubert Aquin (Neige noire)

« Anxiety, basically, is a derivative of hope. »
Hubert Aquin (L'invention de la mort)

« Men wouldn't talk so much of heaven, if this port ghost was really waiting at the end of their Odyssey. The sky has of reality than our evil that calls it. »
Hubert Aquin (L'Invention de la mort)

« Love needs memory to deepen and last. »
Hubert Aquin (Neige noire)

« This isn't the chance of a battle that decides we're victorious or defeated, but a dark predestination. »
Hubert Aquin (L'Invention de la mort)

« God hides things much more that things don't serve as mask. »
Hubert Aquin (L'Invention de la mort)

« All desire, same as talking, is a desire to live. »
Hubert Aquin (L'Invention de la mort)

« Writing is a great love. Love is the word cycle. »
Hubert Aquin (Prochain épisode)

« Life does not have to go far, no more than to deepen the sense of all that is. The human being, so good as is, remains always outside what he wants to break. »
Hubert Aquin (Neige noire)

« The glory is a fullness that lasts. »
Hubert Aquin (Trou de mémoire)

« We ask forgiveness when everything is ruined and this late absolution can't fix anything. »
Hubert Aquin (L'invention de l'amour)

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