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Seth Messenger : Henri Michaux's quotes

Henri Michaux said :

(Automatic translation)
Henri Michaux
« Boutiquiere civilization stubbornly. It was said that she creaked. But while cute she stubbornly. »
Henri Michaux (Les labyrinthes)

« Icebergs, icebergs, Münster without religion of eternal winter. »
Henri Michaux

« Faith, indestructible sole for which does not advance. »
Henri Michaux

« I wanted to draw awareness to exist and the passage of time. »
Henri Michaux

« Do not the proud. Breathe, is already being willing. Other concessions will follow, all emmanchées into the other. »
Henri Michaux (Face aux verrous)

« It's all drugs who chooses to live the other side. »
Henri Michaux (Qui je fus)

« Youth, it's when you don't know what will happen. »
Henri Michaux

« The only ambition of making a poem just to kill him. »
Henri Michaux

« It is difficult to stay in more than twenty in a century. »
Henri Michaux

« Travel is not a woman. It is not contemplation. »
Henri Michaux (Passages)

« The teaching of the spider is not to fly. »
Henri Michaux (Face au verrous)

« The microbe has no time to consider the biologist. »
Henri Michaux (Face au verrous)

« The desert who did not give the sand, large competitor is the peace of the desert. »
Henri Michaux (Face au verrous)

« The wise find the quilt in the slab. »
Henri Michaux (Face au verrous)

« When cars may think, Rolls-Royce will be more anxious than taxis. »
Henri Michaux (Passages)

« It does not to be a man. »
Henri Michaux (Entretiens avec René Bertelé)

« Things are a façade, a crust, only God is. But there is something divine in the books. »
Henri Michaux (Plume)

« We must follow the thought of an author... Besides, what does know of his thought? »
Henri Michaux (Plume)

« With your shortcomings don't rush, don't go lightly fix them. What would you put in place? »
Henri Michaux (Poteau d'angle)

« The word is already the luxury of excess, the superstructure. »
Henri Michaux

« We are not alone in her skin. »
Henri Michaux

« Faith, indestructible sole for which does not. »
Henri Michaux

« Who rejected his demon we bother with his angels. »
Henri Michaux (Tranches de savoir)

« I'm looking for someone to invade. »
Henri Michaux

« Who hides his crazy, dies without voice. »
Henri Michaux (L'Espace du dedans)

« Never despair. Make infuse more. »
Henri Michaux (Tranches de savoir)

« If a contemplative jumps into the water, it will not attempt to swim, he will first try to understand the water. And he's going to drown. »
Henri Michaux (Le Portrait de A)

« Sadness of the awakening. It comes back down, to humble himself. The man finds his defeat: daily. »
Henri Michaux (Plume)

« That is lowered in front of the Ant, no longer has to stoop in front of the lion. »
Henri Michaux (Face aux verrous)

« Who has the soul high without being strong, will be hypocritical or abject. »
Henri Michaux (Face aux verrous)

« It perhaps does not for one self. »
Henri Michaux (Plume, postface)

« All science creates a new ignorance. »
Henri Michaux (Plume, postface)

« The phallus in this century becomes doctrinaire. »
Henri Michaux (Face aux verrous)

« We too want to be somebody. »
Henri Michaux (Plume, postface)

« He's looking for youth as it ages. He had hoped. He waits again. But he will soon die. »
Henri Michaux (Plume, difficultés)

« The drug bore us with their paradise. They give us quite a bit about. »
Henri Michaux (Connaissance par les gouffres)

« There is no evidence the chip, who lives on the mouse, afraid of the cat. »
Henri Michaux

« If you're a man called to fail, fails, however, no matter how »
Henri Michaux (Poteaux d'angle)

« Clothing is a conception of itself on itself. »
Henri Michaux

« That leaves a mark, leaves a wound. »
Henri Michaux (Face au verrous)

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