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Seth Messenger : Henri Jeanson's quotes

Henri Jeanson said :

(Automatic translation)
Henri Jeanson
« -You scared for your life? - that is what you want, it's the only one I got... »
Henri Jeanson (Pépé-le-moko)

« Caution is the modesty of cowards. »
Henri Jeanson

« If the man had what he deserves, he would live in extreme poverty. »
Henri Jeanson (Lady paname)

« When death is there, to a few seconds, the hard part's over: we lived. The rest is formality... »
Henri Jeanson

« I give you a heartache. It's very interesting, a heartache. While you suffer, you don't get bored... »
Henri Jeanson (Un revenant)

« So be blue flower... You pick! »
Henri Jeanson (Maxime)

« Forty years... the age where the hair turns gray, and where one is finally starting to no longer take women seriously. »
Henri Jeanson

« A good anger is better than a good shower. The shower fatigue, soothes anger... »
Henri Jeanson (Parole d'honneur)

« -To talk you better turn around three times your thoughts in your head... »
Henri Jeanson (La Fête à Henriette)

« We only have a freedom: the freedom to fight for the freedom... »
Henri Jeanson (La fête à Henriette)

« Youth is a sport that can be - I say: that one should practice all his life. »
Henri Jeanson (Les peintres témoins de leur temps)

« It's not that life is short, is that the time passes quickly... »
Henri Jeanson (Le Saint)

« Prostitutes are women of the world in its raw state. »
Henri Jeanson

« Sound film made us discover the silence. »
Henri Jeanson

« No one is happy all the time. It's not pretty to be greedy... after, a kink in the heart. »
Henri Jeanson (Paris au mois d'août)

« Death, I saw it closely... Well, it can't be known! She has a dirty head of death! »
Henri Jeanson (Fanfan-la-tulipe)

« A great career is measured these days the number of failures. »
Henri Jeanson

« Women are toys which we get tired and that, unlike other toys that are so kindly break, break. »
Henri Jeanson

« A kiss not binding... And then, when there is no fortune, you must pay a deposit! »
Henri Jeanson (Au bonheur des dames)

« -You take off your shirt... We'll give you a dress... it's all profit! »
Henri Jeanson (Au bonheur des dames)

« I come from a sunny country where we wake to rest have slept... »
Henri Jeanson (Au bonheur des dames)

« -The best way to lie is still to remain silent. - Oh, the silence also deceiving his world... »
Henri Jeanson (Parole d'honneur)

« Ah, if I were a man, you would observe the woman I am! »
Henri Jeanson (La tulipe noire)

« It's easy to return just a thought. To say the place. »
Henri Jeanson (Le canard enchainé)

« Do not paint what you see, it is necessary to paint that feels. The line of the drawing must always be a little... extended the heart line. »
Henri Jeanson (Modigliani)

« A good con man is an ironic prankster who plays distraction, impertinence, naivety, or nervousness of his contemporaries. »
Henri Jeanson (La Volonté)

« I don't have any advice you give: to become someone... But, here it is: who? »
Henri Jeanson (Un Revenant)

« The memories? Empty glasses. You don't remember what they contained, or if we drank with pleasure or disgust, but you're still drunk... »
Henri Jeanson (Modigliani)

« Maybe I'm short-sighted and a little deaf, as all critical self-respecting. »
Henri Jeanson

« To live to dream and not dream to live. »
Henri Jeanson

« The envious covets what owns his neighbor. The jealous, want what he has, what, for a long time, he got. »
Henri Jeanson

« Friendship between a man and a woman, it doesn't have course it's fake money! »
Henri Jeanson (Paris au mois d'août)

« Word games... Naughty games! »
Henri Jeanson (La volonté)

« Friends... need to be tiny! Too big, it's too late! »
Henri Jeanson (Pas de caviar pour tante Olga)

« Disarm the verb that conjugates the future or conditional. »
Henri Jeanson

« Close my eyes... it's one way to draw the curtains. »
Henri Jeanson (La Vie en rose)

« Affairs of the heart and the wine, it goes well together... Who empties his glass, empty his heart. »
Henri Jeanson (Fanfan-la-tulipe)

« If you did not suffer from time to time, happiness would be more bearable. »
Henri Jeanson (Les amoureux sont seuls au monde)

« Young girls held in the esteem of those they love. After. »
Henri Jeanson (La balance et le glaive)

« It is easier to pay than an innocent man guilty, it is well known. »
Henri Jeanson (Les bonnes causes)

« Make love it's freedom. To love is to lose her... »
Henri Jeanson (Yvette)

« Freedom, it's a bit like the money. It does not have to be rich to spend. »
Henri Jeanson (Entrée des artistes)

« Between shame and honor, there is different that the last syllable... »
Henri Jeanson (Le saint)

« We don't live by illusions. Appearances are infinitely more tasty than the realities. »
Henri Jeanson

« Happiness, these are the ideas we're being... »
Henri Jeanson (Aux yeux du souvenir)

« Revolutions do not need justification since they are lightning of justice. »
Henri Jeanson

« When taken advantage of his strength, you're a coward. »
Henri Jeanson (La balance et le glaive)

« Freedom is a bone thrown to the people - catch! -to make it go the teeth... »
Henri Jeanson (La tulipe noire)

« Why is the public goes to a show rather than to another? Because it follows the crowd! »
Henri Jeanson

« A great mistress, she's a wife missed... But a good wife is only a mistress failed! »
Henri Jeanson (Amis comme avant)

« A sexagenarian, is a man who still remembers when they danced with his feet. »
Henri Jeanson

« The revolution, it's always the same, we choose to cut off the head of a King who did not. »
Henri Jeanson

« You'd make a great critic. You speak very well of what you don't know... »
Henri Jeanson (Entrée des artistes)

« Women are generally stupid. When I told a woman that she's very smart, it's because his intelligence corresponds to a poor man. »
Henri Jeanson (La volonté)

« It burns well boards when they're the sacred fire. »
Henri Jeanson

« They are always people who lack of vocabulary which mingle to practice chatter. »
Henri Jeanson (La volonté)

« For us, a poet is a man who strives to enter the water by handles. It's only when he gets there that the man is a poet. »
Henri Jeanson (Le Canard Enchaîné - 1944)

« On the ground we fight, but bedtime explains itself. And on the pillow, we understand! »
Henri Jeanson (Hotel du Nord)

« You have already read the dictionary? It is a collection of completely unknown famous names. »
Henri Jeanson (Copie conforme)

« Remember this name, you will not ever hear... »
Henri Jeanson

« I'm not skeptical. I don't believe in anything, but I firmly believe... »
Henri Jeanson (Au royaume des cieux)

« -Lucky, is not a matter of luck. You want... »
Henri Jeanson (Quand les lilas refleuriront)

« If we knew, before, who one marries, everyone would be single! »
Henri Jeanson (Au bonheur des dames)

« Bench Ministers shunned by society, there is only space for a misstep. »
Henri Jeanson

« Women usually deceive their husbands with other husbands. Adulterers have something conjugal, Honorable, legal who deserves the general consideration. »
Henri Jeanson

« The cemeteries are full of people arrived. »
Henri Jeanson (Paname)

« Capitalism is the exploitation of man by man; and Marxism, it's the opposite. »
Henri Jeanson

« In France, the ridiculous does not kill. We live in. »
Henri Jeanson (Lady Paname)

« If you arrive late to an appointment, you're a worrier; If you arrive late, you're a aggressive; If you arrive earlier, you're obsessed; If you are not, you are a "retard". »
Henri Jeanson

« Freedom is a skin of grief that shrink in the wash of brain. »
Henri Jeanson (L'Aurore)

« The work is a treasure. The work of others, of course. »
Henri Jeanson

« Any business that does not forget the work is slavery. »
Henri Jeanson (Soixante-dix ans d'adolescence)

« When a woman says the truth, is to disguise a lie. »
Henri Jeanson (Fanfan-la-tulipe)

« Who would deny that sound film made us discover the silence? Silence is the greatest conquest of the talkies. »
Henri Jeanson

« As they have no head, women are unable to lose it. »
Henri Jeanson (La Volonté)

« We don't have good literature with good feelings. Thus the Bible, what a masterpiece! »
Henri Jeanson

« Better touch money wood, because money most probably conjure bad luck than wood. »
Henri Jeanson

« Women are disappointing. These are toys which we get tired and that, unlike other toys that are so kindly break, break. »
Henri Jeanson (La Volonté)

« Love is a thoughtless verb. »
Henri Jeanson

« In my opinion, the generals who die in the war committed malpractice. »
Henri Jeanson (Fanfan-la-tulipe)

« From the day where God put man in the presence of the woman, the paradise became hell. »
Henri Jeanson (Yvette)

« A painter has the age of his paintings; a poet at the age of his poems; a writer at the age of his films. Only fools have their arteries age. »
Henri Jeanson (Les peintres témpoins de leur temps)

« Life: a race against death... The best does not win. »
Henri Jeanson

« A posthumous book is almost always a work that it was wrong to do not bury with its author. »
Henri Jeanson

« War justifies the existence of the military. Removing them. »
Henri Jeanson (La flèche)

« Live! It takes time and I don't have a minute to myself. »
Henri Jeanson (Maxime)

« It's not that money has no smell, is that the man has no sense of smell. »
Henri Jeanson (Un revenant)

« Democracy, it's when they ring your at six in the morning... and it is the milkman! »
Henri Jeanson (Caviar)

« Christ never said: "Love each other". It's a shell. He said "Arm yourselves to each other". It has also been understood. »
Henri Jeanson (La flèche)

« The heart on hand when to, and figure out when it's necessary! »
Henri Jeanson (Pas de caviar pour tante Olga)

« The lie is, like tobacco and matches, State monopoly. »
Henri Jeanson (Soixante-dix ans d'adolescence)

« In constantly milking the cash cow, we kill the hen with the golden eggs. »
Henri Jeanson

« The war, the only entertainment of the Kings where people get their share. »
Henri Jeanson (Fanfan La Tulipe)

« When you have a heart of gold, he must keep it to itself. »
Henri Jeanson

« Slang, is the latin of the Freedmen. »
Henri Jeanson (La Flèche)

« When we do the dope, you always end up being eaten... »
Henri Jeanson (La tulipe noire)

« From a certain age, women take all for their daughter. »
Henri Jeanson (La volonté)

« Film producers? I've known a lot of ruined, none poor. »
Henri Jeanson

« Word of criticism: a first impression is always correct, especially when it is bad. »
Henri Jeanson

« I don't have any advice you give: become someone. Only here. Which? »
Henri Jeanson

« Freedom is a word that toured the world and never returned. »
Henri Jeanson

« That's his next to love as ourselves. Others, it's easy. They are far away. »
Henri Jeanson

« The woman is something that we're not to go around. »
Henri Jeanson

« We're young as long as you know to say "no". First 'yes' first ride. »
Henri Jeanson (Les Peintres témoins de leur temps)

« Husbands choose eyes open and eyes closed lovers. »
Henri Jeanson

« Work! It's good for those who have nothing to do. »
Henri Jeanson

« Without the police, everyone would kill everyone and there is no more war. »
Henri Jeanson

« She's got legs like the Arc de Triomphe, but his hairy is not unknown. »
Henri Jeanson

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