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Seth Messenger : Hélène Ouvrard's quotes

Hélène Ouvrard said :

(Automatic translation)
Hélène Ouvrard
« Freedom has no price. We pay the ransom that has been requested from us - albeit our flesh - the day where we understood that we couldn't live without it. »
Hélène Ouvrard (La noyante)

« Whatever we say, the past is not binding. »
Hélène Ouvrard (Contes intemporels)

« The powerful of the heavens, like those of the Earth give their favors to those who refer them the image of their own glory. »
Hélène Ouvrard (Contes intemporels)

« What is the worst, at the bottom, it isn't to renounce a being. We always find reasons. It is to renounce what he represents in a life. »
Hélène Ouvrard (L'herbe et le varech)

« It is sometimes believed that life changes human beings. No, she does that to reveal them. »
Hélène Ouvrard (La noyante)

« Live is sin. And you sin by the mere fact of exist... »
Hélène Ouvrard (Contes intemporels)

« The time is excessive when you're a kid and you'd expect. »
Hélène Ouvrard (La noyante)

« To be rich in time and money to have an intellectual life: culture is not within reach of the disadvantaged in the society. »
Hélène Ouvrard (L'Herbe et le varech)

« It is better to destroy ourselves what we like to let others do... »
Hélène Ouvrard (La noyante)

« Only the margin error or ignorance which slips into the assessment of two individuals one by one really determines the margin of absence between them. »
Hélène Ouvrard (La fleur de peau)

« You are constantly and continually go through stages of disillusionment, find themselves alone and touch the bottom of her distress. Choose the difficult, the impossible, the night, what is not said. Writing is the price. Live also. »
Hélène Ouvrard (L'Herbe et le varech)

« The being is a mystery that one does not have to dig. »
Hélène Ouvrard (L'herbe et le varech)

« Happiness, it does not install in permanence, misfortune, Yes. »
Hélène Ouvrard (Le coeur sauvage)

« We are much more the product of our education or our environment that we become the being of our desires... »
Hélène Ouvrard (La Fleur de peau)

« Too sweetly written on the figure. It is the sign of the ones being carried. »
Hélène Ouvrard (La Noyante)

« A great pain, great love, fade really? »
Hélène Ouvrard (Le coeur sauvage)

« To write, to resume, self. Being able to hear laughing stones if we want to grasp his own voice. »
Hélène Ouvrard (L'Herbe et le varech)

« Our instincts, those that in ourselves we condemn, are defeated as the day where we have exhausted them by satisfaction because through them turns off gradually as the cause that brought them. »
Hélène Ouvrard (A fleur de peau)

« Who has failed to preserve a certain faith has no no more hopes. »
Hélène Ouvrard (La fleur de peau)

« The love of a child is an absolute. It must be answered by the absolute or anything. There is no middle ground. »
Hélène Ouvrard (L'Herbe et le varech)

« Is women's infidelity something other than abandonment of the one who can lead them further than the point where they are made? »
Hélène Ouvrard (Le Coeur sauvage)

« Basically, all the mystery of poetry is to be attentive to the world. »
Hélène Ouvrard (L'herbe et le varech)

« Love is a journey to the edge of oneself. »
Hélène Ouvrard (L'herbe et le varech)

« There are no stupid trades. But that absurd! »
Hélène Ouvrard (La Noyante)

« The absurdity is the real order of things. »
Hélène Ouvrard (L'herbe et le varech)

« When love is silent, love is dead. »
Hélène Ouvrard (Le coeur sauvage)

« Love and business, it's a funny pair. They go as well together as delicacy and ambition. »
Hélène Ouvrard (La Noyante)

« Souls are thus. They would sell to possess a body but have nothing more urgent to do that to leave any failure that that gave them shelter and food. »
Hélène Ouvrard (Contes intemporels)

« Love and chooses his elect... »
Hélène Ouvrard (L'herbe et le varech)

« The more scary abyss that is: love... »
Hélène Ouvrard (L'herbe et le varech)

« Desire, memory, hope. The three times of a love. »
Hélène Ouvrard (L'Herbe et le varech)

« The man enslaves everything he touches, nature, fellow, and even more that it overwhelms his love, man or woman. »
Hélène Ouvrard (La Fleur de peau)

« Synonymous with solitude, if not chastity, celibacy has never satisfied no one... »
Hélène Ouvrard (La Fleur de peau)

« We can be happy that among his peers. When you can't change others, it is better to become like them... »
Hélène Ouvrard (La Noyante)

« Love is a struggle against the part of yourself that you see reflected in the other. »
Hélène Ouvrard (Le Coeur sauvage)

« The goodness of humans is just appearances. Behind them, we discover the same emptiness that feels itself. A cold remains empty. Where you can live. »
Hélène Ouvrard (L'Herbe et le varech)

« Calm that evokes peace in nature, is always presage, in the entourage of humans, some sinister disaster, as if their normal State was the bustle, the sound and the fury. »
Hélène Ouvrard (La Noyante)

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