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Seth Messenger : Guy Bedos's quotes

Guy Bedos said :

(Automatic translation)
Guy Bedos
« In a classic pattern, pass the oral stage at the anal stage: me, I'm stuck between the two, at the navel point »
Guy Bedos (Merci pour tout)

« An actor who plays with his guts is an actor who is dying from cancer of the intestine. »
Guy Bedos

« According to my Advisor, I am sentenced to forced Lifers bravos. »
Guy Bedos

« When the franchise served as a springboard to stupidity, it is surprising to regret the hypocrisy. »
Guy Bedos (Journal d’un mégalo)

« I really believe to freedom of the press when a journalist can write what he really thinks of his newspaper. In his journal. »
Guy Bedos (Journal d’un mégalo)

« Advice to a teenager: If the girl is red, it is well known, she has the sweet skin. Therefore to have sex about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. For a snack. »
Guy Bedos (Journal d’un mégalo)

« It's terrible, a civil war. Especially when it's done by the military. »
Guy Bedos (Journal d’un mégalo)

« What consoles me to blow my sixtieth candle soon, it's that there is sex in sexagenarian. »
Guy Bedos (Journal d’un mégalo)

« Around sixty, only two real questions arise: 1. When I die? 2. What? All the rest is distraction. »
Guy Bedos (Journal d’un mégalo)

« The left says that she will do, but it does not. The right said nothing, but unfortunately, she does! »
Guy Bedos (Revue de presse - 1995)

« Nothing that talking about the disease, it kills me. »
Guy Bedos (Drôleries et autres méchancetés sans importance)

« The only prize that really interested in a writer, it's the price of the book. »
Guy Bedos

« Humor is a foreign language for some, they would have the subtitle »
Guy Bedos (Le Parisien, 21 septembre 2015)

« I regret having scratched Jacques Chirac. Never it not inspired the same antipathy, the same anger that Sarkozy and his minions. »
Guy Bedos (Libération - 20)

« It is not so much the money that counts: but the sum of cowardice, renunciations and betrayals of self that we had to do to achieve in his pocket it. That's expensive money. »
Guy Bedos (Libération - 1993)

« If I had a my emblem flag would be the arms of honor. »
Guy Bedos

« The TV comic humor that frozen is the large kitchen's laughter for microwave. »
Guy Bedos (Télérama - 1986)

« If the disgust of the world gave him only the Holiness, I don't see how I could avoid the canonization. »
Guy Bedos (Inconsolable et gai)

« Hard to vibrate for a tomorrow that sing when you know that it is not part of the choir. »
Guy Bedos

« A very young woman can fall genuinely in love with an old man, mainly if it is rich. »
Guy Bedos

« A man keeping socks city with Bermuda shorts cannot be all bad. »
Guy Bedos

« The real pleasure of the dispute, is reconciliation. »
Guy Bedos

« I hate people who talk while I'm interrupting them. »
Guy Bedos

« I'm anticlerical moderate, I love the empty churches. »
Guy Bedos

« The left and power, it is like love: the best is on the stairs. »
Guy Bedos (Revue de presse - 1982)

« The electorate is increasingly reduced. It borders the fetus! »
Guy Bedos (Revue de presse - 1991)

« I like to pick on people when they're down, especially if I started when they were standing. »
Guy Bedos

« God is love but love is rated X. »
Guy Bedos (Lettre ouverte à sa Sainteté Jean-Paul II, Pape, Vatican, Rome)

« My God, my God, deliver us from all religions! »
Guy Bedos (Revue de presse - 1995)

« We listen to those who oppose abortion on tricoterait Bras to sperm. »
Guy Bedos

« It's crazy the number of parrots of laughter who thrive on television screens. Unconscious or not, they are pushed all in pastiche or plagiarism. They aren't more clowns, they are clones. »
Guy Bedos (Parcours - 1992)

« I tend to agree with those with whom I agree. »
Guy Bedos

« The left is at the Center, the Center is on the right and the extreme right. Need to follow... »
Guy Bedos (Revue de presse - 1987)

« The Russians are for disarmament - that of the opponent. »
Guy Bedos

« The age-old dramaturgy of election campaigns: before, we are dreaming, then you wake up. »
Guy Bedos (Télé 7 Jours - 1997)

« Hospital, we treat much better the dying than babies. As a father, it annoys, but as a future dead, it reassures. »
Guy Bedos (L'An 2000)

« Receive stabbed during a comedy game, it gives memory holes. »
Guy Bedos

« It's getting hard to be left. Especially when you're not right. »
Guy Bedos (Petites drôleries et autres méchancetés sans importance)

« There are people who are so ugly we should treat them as furniture in the summer: should they be covers. »
Guy Bedos (Inconsolable et gai)

« To define humor is to take the risk of running out. »
Guy Bedos (Les échos - 1987)

« Being an artist, is to move to the singular form of the plural emotions. We are the anonymous speakers. »
Guy Bedos (Revue de presse - 1990)

« There are people, when they think, it is so low, that even said out loud, it's still very low. »
Guy Bedos (Petites drôleries et autres méchancetés sans importance)

« When the heart shows her ass, the theater becomes a brothel. »
Guy Bedos (Inconsolable et gai)

« The laughter is the particle of the comedians. »
Guy Bedos (La Nouvelle Gazette - 1994)

« In the traffic of ideas as in the drug trade, we punish the user without touching the dealer! »
Guy Bedos (Merci pour tout)

« Don't worry, the talent is not contagious. »
Guy Bedos (Merci pour tout)

« The difference between the people and the public, is that the public pays... But usage, we see that a theater ticket is often less expensive than a ballot. »
Guy Bedos (Merci pour tout)

« The function of the intellectual and artist is to express what everyone can see, to seize a plural word to share. »
Guy Bedos (Libération - 23 Décembre 1999)

« Survey: 92 percent of French consider themselves happy. Survey B: 2 million illiterate people in France. My opinion, in the 92%, there are some who do not know their misfortune. »
Guy Bedos (Petites Drôleries et autres méchancetés sans importance)

« When you have everything, you should know to be modest. »
Guy Bedos (Cure-dents - 1974)

« In France, a few people had promised to thousands others to change lives, and then they changed their minds. »
Guy Bedos (Bobino - 1981)

« The night belongs to the day that precedes. »
Guy Bedos (En Attendant la bombe)

« Politicians in the face of the press: it's not spitting in the mirrors we heal eczema. »
Guy Bedos (Petites drôleries et autres méchancetés sans importance)

« There is so much to say, and life is so short... »
Guy Bedos (Petites drôleries et autres méchancetés sans importance)

« The freedom to be oneself, to which everyone should attempt to access, but also, for some, the freedom to be an idiot or a jerk. »
Guy Bedos (Libération - 1993)

« It is always wrong to kill himself too early. It's run out of memory. Or imagination. »
Guy Bedos (L'Autre Journal - 1986)

« Politicians are often compared to actors. It is very unfair to the players. »
Guy Bedos (Merci pour tout)

« Everyone knows well that there is no racism but of racism: racism anti-pauvre, anti-jeune racism, racism anti-woman, anti-Arab racism... So, if you are a "poor young Arab woman!" ... »
Guy Bedos (Petites drôleries et autres méchancetés sans importance)

« Poet I live, poet I meursMais like says it the ironic literary: do not throw indicator is not higher than her ass poeter. »
Guy Bedos (Petites drôleries et autres méchancetés sans importance)

« He must know how to resist the pessimism of others. »
Guy Bedos (L'Autre Journal - 1986)

« I'm getting on stage and rejuvenates it in the room. »
Guy Bedos (Drôleries et autres méchancetés sans importance)

« Being vindictive bad as well, forget not more kick than a helping hand. »
Guy Bedos (Le Lampadaire - 1994)

« It traded the CAP against the CAP. Now the harder it will be to change what's underneath. »
Guy Bedos (Revue de presse - 1987)

« Age remains for now what we found best to not die. »
Guy Bedos (France Inter - 1995)

« If there are cows that are crazy it's because they were given to eat sheep. Others have become capricious and they called for couscous. »
Guy Bedos

« Since all strings are engaged this battle for ratings, talk about intelligence on TV, it's like one distributed gastronomic guides in the Sahel. »
Guy Bedos (Jeune Afrique - 1992)

« No one is immune from some sort of moral obesity: it is necessary to make sweat soul. »
Guy Bedos (Le journal du Dimanche - 1995)

« The military make think of a theater troupe who would always repeat without ever playing. Failing to kill people, they kill time. »
Guy Bedos (Revue de presse - 1989)

« Sing and dance in the rain. As long as it is not radioactive. »
Guy Bedos (Les Femmes et le champagne)

« The weather being more simple ideas, to be effective in anti-racism, it is not forbidden to be smart. »
Guy Bedos (Inconsolable et gai)

« You can love the caviar and wanting a blanquette of veal. »
Guy Bedos (Télérama - 1992)

« Those who are against abortion, are the same ones who are for the death penalty. »
Guy Bedos (Drôleries et autres méchancetés sans importance)

« Commendable to monitor the movement of drugs in the projects, but should we not also worry about the consumption of pastis in stations? »
Guy Bedos (Libération - 1994)

« The suicide is the ultimate expression of freedom. To know that one can choose his death, that helps to live. »
Guy Bedos (En attendant la bombe)

« Happiness, it's badly negotiated swerved. »
Guy Bedos (Télérama - 1987)

« The reduction of working time: for the unemployed, it's already done. »
Guy Bedos (Revue de presse - 1997)

« For the blind, they say blind, deaf, non-hearing, and for the idiots, including No. »
Guy Bedos (Inconsolable et gai)

« Since they in power, I never anything asked to Socialists. And it takes this justice, I got nothing. »
Guy Bedos (Petites drôleries et autres méchancetés sans importance)

« There is not only the bastards in the Government. We must remain objective. There is also incompetence. »
Guy Bedos (Journal du Centre - 1987)

« We give the floor to those who want to take it. »
Guy Bedos (Inconsolable et gai)

« It says a lot that in politics, should not make quarrels of people. But then, what else? »
Guy Bedos (L'Autre journal - 1986)

« Laughter, it's like the desire: can not pretend to bend. »
Guy Bedos (Lui - 1997)

« Among teachers, some are laid off, others are aggregated, but there are some that should be removed! »
Guy Bedos (Inconsolable et gai)

« We have to publish his works in his lifetime. Is to see the effect that feels! »
Guy Bedos (France Inter - 1980)

« TV, up to fifty years, we're doing shows. Then we do the archives. »
Guy Bedos (La Voix du Nord - 1987)

« Whether black, Jewish or Arab, a good man is a good man and son of a bitch will always be an asshole. »
Guy Bedos (Inconsolable et gai)

« For some journalists, humor is a foreign language. They need subtitles. »
Guy Bedos (Le journal du Dimanche - 1995)

« Humor is not learned. It's like jazz, a domestic rate. It was or is not. »
Guy Bedos (Vers l'avenir - 1972)

« Praise to God - and if it is to sell, buy, it's a growing value! »
Guy Bedos (Drôleries et autres méchancetés sans importance)

« In love the lukewarm icing. »
Guy Bedos (Libération - 1994)

« The scholarship I care, I chose life. »
Guy Bedos (Revue de presse - 1987)

« Hell is other, heaven, too. »
Guy Bedos (La dépêche du Dimanche - 1996)

« There are people who have s e l e c tive indignation. I have successive indignation. »
Guy Bedos (Petites drôleries et autres méchancetés sans importance)

« In education there is no more illiterate than elsewhere. »
Guy Bedos (Petites drôleries et autres méchancetés sans importance)

« The humor is also a way to resist. »
Guy Bedos (Les Migrations de Djeha de Saladin)

« You pay the teachers. Otherwise, it's the kids who pay. »
Guy Bedos (Merci pour tout)

« Teens, small it is cute... But past twelve, would freeze them! »
Guy Bedos (Les Ados, j'adore)

« Freedom wears only if it is not used. »
Guy Bedos

« Finally, democracy is a very overrated system. After the fishing license and hunting license, it should be established voting permit. »
Guy Bedos (Revue de presse -1997)

« Vulgarity, it can not be improvised. It is vulgar. You're born vulgar. It's an affliction of the soul. »
Guy Bedos (France Inter - 1980)

« Man is a thinking Reed inconsolable and cheerful. »
Guy Bedos (Inconsolable et gai)

« The applause, it is a convention. »
Guy Bedos (Inconsolable et gai)

« The memories are just confetti thrown on our history. »
Guy Bedos (Playboy - 1971)

« There is a certain danger of narcissism in the obsession of seduction. »
Guy Bedos (Inconsolable et gai)

« With hypodermic needles hidden under the sand, the tong is the condom on the foot. »
Guy Bedos

« Make a child into the world in which we live, is to finger the apocalypse. »
Guy Bedos (Elle - 1983)

« Against the camp of the silent majority, I chose the talkative minority. »
Guy Bedos

« Do not take people for idiots, there are enough jerks to people. »
Guy Bedos (Revue de presse - 1976)

« The role of entertainers: one drop of lemon juice on the oyster. »
Guy Bedos (Télé Magazine - 1991)

« The teaching of the letters is to literature what Gynecology is eroticism. »
Guy Bedos

« Has nothing, no danger. »
Guy Bedos (Playboy - 1976)

« There's not that son of a bitch to the Government, there are also incompetent. »
Guy Bedos

« Megalomania is the silicone of the artists. »
Guy Bedos (La Marseillaise - 1990)

« Unlike humor, this isn't serious, it is submission. »
Guy Bedos

« Write his memoirs is coherent only if one kills himself at the end. »
Guy Bedos (Nouvelle République des Pyrénées - 1990)

« It's nicer to be in love with a woman as indifferent to five. »
Guy Bedos (Elle - 1983)

« The first Government to contest, it's his mother. »
Guy Bedos

« Laughing death! Especially when it's the other. »
Guy Bedos (Merci pour tout)

« Racism is not an opinion, it's a crime. »
Guy Bedos

« I am fine. And if all went well, I'd be much better. »
Guy Bedos

« There are journalists who have learned their craft at the hotel school. They ask the questions as we pass the dishes. »
Guy Bedos

« Women we represent half of the electorate. Seen like this, the electoral body, excites me. »
Guy Bedos (Petites drôleries et autres méchancetés sans importance)

« It's in the eyes of right-wingers that one realizes we're left. »
Guy Bedos (France Inter - 1980)

« You noted that told a beef steak, Prime Rib, roast beef... But as soon as the Beast looks suspicious, it's mad cow disease that becomes! »
Guy Bedos (Merci pour tout)

« Escape to the wealth tax, it is the revenge of the cicada on the Ant. »
Guy Bedos (Revue de presse - 1996)

« Getting married is as good with it as if we were all alone. »
Guy Bedos

« Drink for drink for a long time. »
Guy Bedos (Revue de presse - 1995)

« In these times of AIDS loyalty, that's the understatement of scared. »
Guy Bedos

« My mother, when she stopped scaring me, started to embarrass me. »
Guy Bedos

« The difference between a steward and a server, is that the server, it is not obliged to bring to the customer a bag to throw up. »
Guy Bedos

« Cruel well, who doesn't love punishes even better. »
Guy Bedos (Revue de presse - 1987)

« The legion of honor for a comedian is professional misconduct. »
Guy Bedos (Ardennais Dimanche - 1995)

« Be ready to die for the people it does not mean we're willing to live with. »
Guy Bedos

« Celebrity is not easy to assume, I don't see anything worse, so maybe, anonymity. »
Guy Bedos (Merci pour tout)

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