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Seth Messenger : Georges Bataille's quotes

Georges Bataille said :

(Automatic translation)
Georges Bataille
« The hope is the desire but open to fear. »
Georges Bataille (L'au-delà du sérieux)

« A world that cannot be loved to death - in the same way that a man loves a woman - represents only the interest and the obligation to work. »
Georges Bataille (La Conjuration sacrée)

« The sexual act is in time what the Tiger is in space. »
Georges Bataille (La Part maudite)

« I'm looking for a crack, a felurepour be broken. »
Georges Bataille (L'expérience intérieure)

« We wouldn't have nothing human language we had entire servile. »
Georges Bataille

« Any joke possesses a virtue that the usual representations do not have: it breaks the circle of conscientious notions. »
Georges Bataille

« Laughter is the possible break in the impossible. »
Georges Bataille (Ma mère)

« What is at stake, in eroticism, it's always a dissolution of established forms. »
Georges Bataille

« Loved this dissolved world became the only power that has kept the virtue to the warmth of life. »
Georges Bataille (Nouvelle revue française - 1er Juillet 1938)

« Love has this requirement: its object passes you by or you drop him. If he was not running from you, you'd run love. »
Georges Bataille

« Only humor responds whenever the issue was raised last on human life. »
Georges Bataille (Les larmes d’Eros)

« The brilliance of poetry turns out of moments that it reached in a mess of death. »
Georges Bataille (L'orestie)

« Animals and men turn the Earth in coïtant. »
Georges Bataille (L'anus solaire)

« Desire dwells in us as a challenge to the world even that him infinitely steals his object. »
Georges Bataille (L’Alleluiah)

« Engineering lowers more that he raises. the idea of the genius from being simple, committed to show the essential, to conceal what would disappoint: it is not conceivable genius without art. »
Georges Bataille (L'expérience intérieure)

« I walk using the feet, I philosopher with fools. Even with philosophers. »
Georges Bataille (Somme athéologique)

« Anxiety, of course, is not learned. »
Georges Bataille (L'expérience intérieure)

« True poetry is outside the law. »
Georges Bataille (L'abbé C.)

« Literature is essential, or it is nothing. »
Georges Bataille (La Littérature et le mal)

« The apparent immobility of a book lure us: each book is also the sum of the misunderstandings that there is an opportunity. »
Georges Bataille (Sur Nietzsche)

« A woman we love little is more bearable if one makes love with her. »
Georges Bataille (Le bleu du ciel)

« Excessive pleasure enlarges the heart, devastates him and forces him to hardness. »
Georges Bataille (L’Alleluiah)

« I teach art to turn anxiety in delight. »
Georges Bataille (Somme athéologique)

« There is a more intense communication in the immediate exchange at base of generosity in the immediate gratification. »
Georges Bataille

« The heart is human insofar as he fights. »
Georges Bataille

« Which, the more violently, we revolt, is in us. »
Georges Bataille (L'érotisme)

« Two things one: the word comes out of eroticism, or eroticism will come at the end of the word. »
Georges Bataille (Nouvelle revue française)

« The confession is the temptation of the culprit. »
Georges Bataille (Le Procès de Gilles de Rais)

« Love without doubt is the most distant possible. »
Georges Bataille

« Who "dies" not to be that a man will never be only a man. »
Georges Bataille (Somme athéologique)

« Which forces me to write, I imagine, is fear of becoming crazy. »
Georges Bataille (Somme athéologique)

« Each book is also the sum of the misunderstandings that there is an opportunity. »
Georges Bataille (Somme athéologique)

« The literature I, slowly, did show it's finally rediscovered childhood. »
Georges Bataille (La Littérature et le mal)

« We can add to the language with impunity the word that goes beyond the words, the word of God; from the moment where we, this word is exceeding himself dizzily destroyed its limits. »
Georges Bataille (Madame Edwarda)

« Hell is the weak idea that God gives to us voluntarily for itself! »
Georges Bataille (Madame Edwarda)

« I appoint by the mystery word that usually called God. »
Georges Bataille (L'expérience intérieure)

« God is further than hurt or worse. It's the innocence of evil. »
Georges Bataille (La Somme athéologique)

« Anxiety assumes the desire to communicate. »
Georges Bataille (L'expérience intérieure)

« A conscience without scandal is an alienated consciousness. »
Georges Bataille (La littérature et le mal)

« Even that horror is the measure of love, evil thirst is the measure of the good. »
Georges Bataille (La littérature et le mal)

« Eroticism is in the approval of life even in death. »
Georges Bataille (La Littérature et le mal)

« Pride is the same thing as humility: it's always the lie. »
Georges Bataille (Le Coupable)

« In a sense the body is the perfect illustration of the spirit. »
Georges Bataille

« Human beings are unfinished one over the other, the animal compared to the man, the latter compared to God, which is unfinished to be imaginary. »
Georges Bataille (Somme athéologique)

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