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Seth Messenger : George Gordon, Lord Byron's quotes

George Gordon, Lord Byron said :

(Automatic translation)
George Gordon, Lord Byron
« Every kiss is an earthquake. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

« Lovers and husbands should not stay outside. I've known anyone missing who were wrong four times a day. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

« Wine console the sad, rejuvenates old, inspires young people, relieves them depressed weight of their worries. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

« The laws and institutions are like clocks; from time to time, you gotta stop them, clean them, oil them and put them on the hour. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

« We cry but we eventually smile; and while smiling you cry. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

« The universe is a kind of book which has read only the first page, when we saw his country. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Childe Harold’s pilgrimage)

« To know the joy, share. Happiness is born twin. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

« Telling I the river of my years, towards the source of our laughter and our tears. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Poèmes)

« Friendship is love that lost its wings. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

« Love is a light from heaven, a spark of the fire immortal Angels share. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Le Giaour, 1813)

« We know if what we do in this world that I doubt even if doubt is really the action to doubt. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Don Juan)

« Adversity is the road that leads to the truth more surely. One who has experienced war, storms, and the fury of the woman, that there are eighteen or eighty winters, conquered the inestimable advantage of experience. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Don Juan)

« Just the crowd to the sight of blood to give the thirsty, like the first cup of wine is the prelude to a long binge. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Marino Faliero)

« If man calculated its existence by happiness and had its hours of joy for years of life, tell! Would it count up to sixty? »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Le Pèlerinage de Childe Harold)

« The company consists of two groups: the dullest and shaved them. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

« Can't live with women nor without them. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

« This has been - and will continue to be -: under the Sun the largest number must always work for some. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

« To escape the men must hate them? »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Le Pèlerinage de Childe Harol)

« The man who surpasses or subdues humanity can scorn the hatred he leaves under her feet. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Le Pèlerinage de Childe Harold)

« Fame is the thirst for the youth. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Le pèlerinage de Childe Harold)

« The marriage comes from love as the wine vinegar. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

« When we remove the life to men, we know that we remove them or what we give them. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Sardanapale)

« When comes the time of adversity, all become brave against who falls. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Sardanapale)

« The opinions are made for change; If not how to reach the truth? »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Lettre - 9 mai 1817)

« But the words are objects, and just a drop of such encreTombant the dew, upon a thought, produitCe that will make think thousands, or even millions. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Don Juan)

« Friendship is love without wings. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

« The memory of happiness is happiness; the memory of the pain is pain still. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Marino Falieri)

« The thorns I collected come from the tree that I planted. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Chevalier Harold)

« And if I laugh of all things on Earth, in order not to cry. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Don Juan)

« It's strange, but true; because the truth is always strange, stranger than fiction. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

« The love of a man occupies only a part of his life of man; The love of a woman is her whole life. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Don Juan)

« There is music in the sigh of the Reed; there is music in the ferment of the Creek there is music in all things, if the men could hear it. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Don Juan)

« In her first passion woman loves her lover; all the others all she loves is love. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Don Juan)

« And after all, what is a lie? The truth behind the mask... »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Le Pèlerinage du chevalier Harold)

« Money is the lamp of Aladdin. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Don Juan)

« If we're brave, fate left the highest star. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Le pèlerinage du chevalier Harold)

« Hatred is certainly the most lasting pleasures: rushing to love, we hate each other at leisure. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron (Le Pèlerinage du chevalier Harold)

« More I see men, the less I like them; If I could say the same for women, everything would be for the best. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

« A woman's heart is a part of the heavens, but also, as the firmament, it changes day and night. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

« The company is just a game where everyone has a goal apart, share interests, a plan to succeed. »
George Gordon, Lord Byron

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