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Seth Messenger : Gaston Bachelard's quotes

Gaston Bachelard said :

(Automatic translation)
Gaston Bachelard
« The image can be studied through the image, dreaming the images such that they fit together in the reverie. »
Gaston Bachelard (La poétique de la rêverie)

« Isn't this openness to the world that avail themselves philosophers reopening to the glamorous world of the first contemplations. »
Gaston Bachelard

« The human being is a hive of beings. »
Gaston Bachelard

« Who does not continue to learn is unworthy to teach. »
Gaston Bachelard

« An ability remains an ability if it strives to Excel, if it is a progress. »
Gaston Bachelard

« There will imagine too much to achieve enough. »
Gaston Bachelard

« Kids, show us so much that we lose the sense of see. And show are phenomenologically violent antithesis. And how adults would show us they the world they lost! »
Gaston Bachelard (La Poétique de la rêverie)

« What is wine? It is a living body where are held in balance "spirits" the most various, flying spirits and weighted minds, conjunction of a sky and a terroir. »
Gaston Bachelard

« Let's get our images in the work of those who have the longer dreamt and valued material: we are addressing the alchemists. »
Gaston Bachelard (L’air et les songes)

« The man to see. Curiosity energizes the human spirit. »
Gaston Bachelard

« With human beings alive, it seems that nature tries to the fakeness. Life distilled and filter. »
Gaston Bachelard

« The death of water is more pensive than the death of the Earth: water is infinite. »
Gaston Bachelard (L’Eau et les rêves)

« The knowledge of the real is a light that casts shadows always somewhere. »
Gaston Bachelard (La Formation de l'esprit scientifique, 1938)

« A general knowledge is almost inevitably a vague knowledge. »
Gaston Bachelard (La Formation de l'esprit scientifique, 1938)

« Heaven, indeed, is a huge library. »
Gaston Bachelard

« Man as man cannot live horizontally. His rest, his sleep is most often a fall. »
Gaston Bachelard (L'air et les songes)

« The human face is above all the instrument which is used to seduce. »
Gaston Bachelard

« A private service of the unreal is a neurosis as well as private to the function of the real being. »
Gaston Bachelard

« The value of an image is measured by the extent of his imaginary Halo. »
Gaston Bachelard

« The will to condemn always employs the weapon she has on hand. »
Gaston Bachelard (La Psychanalyse du feu)

« The forest is a State of mind. »
Gaston Bachelard (La poétique de l'espace)

« The way in which we imagine is often more informative than what we imagine. »
Gaston Bachelard (La psychanalyse du feu)

« Human beings hidden and elusive forget to flee when the poet calls them by their real name. »
Gaston Bachelard (La Terre et les rêveries de la volonté)

« We want good than what we imagine richly. »
Gaston Bachelard

« Dreams sometimes descend so deeply in the indefinite past, in the past got rid of its dates, net memories from the birthplace seem to detach us. »
Gaston Bachelard (La Poétique de l'espace)

« The poem is a cluster of images. »
Gaston Bachelard

« From the secondary era, molluscs were building their shells following the lessons of transcendent geometry. »
Gaston Bachelard

« The Polytechnic is to mathematics what is a dictionary of rhymes and poetry. »
Gaston Bachelard (Lautréamont)

« In nocturnal solitude, you see the same ghosts. As the night grows when dreams get engaged. »
Gaston Bachelard

« Black is the refuge of the color. »
Gaston Bachelard

« Before thinking, should be explored. Only philosophers think before studying. »
Gaston Bachelard (La flamme d'une chandelle)

« The future, so tense that is our desire, is a perspective without depth. However, there is really no solid ties with the real. That is why we say that it is in the bosom of God. »
Gaston Bachelard (L'Intuition de l'instinct)

« One who finds without looking for is one that has long sought without finding. »
Gaston Bachelard

« Take the imagination too much to have thought enough. »
Gaston Bachelard

« The bird builds its nest if it was his instinct to trust in the world? »
Gaston Bachelard

« To be happy, he must think of the happiness of another. »
Gaston Bachelard (La psychanalyse du feu)

« Great passions are to prepare large reveries. »
Gaston Bachelard (La Poétique de la rêverie)

« Any new truth was born despite the evidence. »
Gaston Bachelard (Le Nouvel Esprit scientifique)

« There comes a time where the mind like better which confirms his knowledge that which contradicts. Then the conservative instinct dominates, spiritual growth stops. »
Gaston Bachelard

« In front of a flame, as soon as we are dreaming, what one perceives is nothing in terms of what we can imagine. »
Gaston Bachelard

« To force nature to go as far as our minds. »
Gaston Bachelard

« The thought must begin with a refusal of life. The first clear thought, it's the thought of nothingness. »
Gaston Bachelard

« The individual is that if he has a need. »
Gaston Bachelard (La psychologie de l’intelligence)

« Knowledge develops against a prior acquaintance. »
Gaston Bachelard

« The conquest of the superfluous gives a spiritual excitement greater than the conquest of the necessary. »
Gaston Bachelard (La Psychanalyse du feu)

« All knowledge is an answer to a question. »
Gaston Bachelard

« Imagine, it's raising the real in a tone. »
Gaston Bachelard (L'Air et les songes)

« In the face of reality, what we think we know clearly offended by what we should know. »
Gaston Bachelard

« We are in an age of the image. for good or for bad, we are more than ever the action of the image. »
Gaston Bachelard

« The real is never what you might think, but it is always what we should think. »
Gaston Bachelard

« The man is a creation of desire, not a creation of the need. »
Gaston Bachelard (La Psychanalyse du feu)

« The language is in positions of command of the imagination. »
Gaston Bachelard

« There can be no truth first. There is that first errors. »
Gaston Bachelard (Etudes)

« Time has only one reality of the moment. In other words, time is a reality suspended in two nil and tightened on the moment. »
Gaston Bachelard (L'intuition de l'instant , étude sur la Siloë de G. Roupnel)

« We understand Nature resisting him. »
Gaston Bachelard (La formation de l'esprit scientifique)

« The imagination is more reality to what lies to which shows itself. »
Gaston Bachelard (La terre et les rêveries de la volonté)

« A scientific experiment is an experiment that contradicts common experience. »
Gaston Bachelard (La formation de l'esprit scientifique)

« Nothing goes without saying. Nothing is given. Everything is built. »
Gaston Bachelard

« When it comes to write nonsense, it would be too easy a big book. »
Gaston Bachelard

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