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Seth Messenger : Françoise Sagan's quotes

Françoise Sagan said :

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Françoise Sagan
« When we're bad, we try to continue. »
Françoise Sagan (Canal Plus - Septembre 1989)

« In the theater there are very specific rules of unit, therefore staging of exceptional people, madmen. The excess of the constraints and the excess of freedom are the piece is balanced by itself. »
Françoise Sagan (Entretien avec Jacques Jaubert - Février 1979)

« Youth is the only reasonable generation. »
Françoise Sagan (Entretien avec Marianne Payot - Septembre 1994)

« When we kill each other, it is to inflict his death to others. It is very rare to see elegant suicides. »
Françoise Sagan (Entretien avec Jacques Jaubert - Février 1979)

« There is also little freedom now that twenty years ago: make love was then forbidden to girls. now it's almost become mandatory. Taboos are the same. »
Françoise Sagan (Entretien avec Jacques Jaubert - Février 1979)

« Memory is also lying than imagination, and far more dangerous with his studious little tunes. »
Françoise Sagan

« If everything was to do it again, I would of course, avoiding a few trifles: car accidents, stays at the hospital, the sorrows of love. But I don't deny anything. »
Françoise Sagan (Je ne renie rien)

« You think to the future, isn't it? It is the privilege of youth »
Françoise Sagan (Bonjour Tristesse)

« When you're drunk, we tell the truth and nobody believes you »
Françoise Sagan (Bonjour tristesse)

« There is only one true silence: that of death »
Françoise Sagan (Château en Suède)

« Recklessness is the only feeling that may inspire our lives and do not have arguments to defend themselves »
Françoise Sagan (Bonjour tristesse)

« Everything I do for me is against me, it's quite appalling »
Françoise Sagan (Toxique)

« We can't describe the hell of the childish love Red »
Françoise Sagan (Des yeux de soie)

« "France, mother of arts, arms and laws...", why we always want blur is the first with the latest? »
Françoise Sagan (Le régal des chacals)

« The culture is like jam, there are less, more we spread it. »
Françoise Sagan

« Between two people, childhood, it's worse than thirty years of marriage. »
Françoise Sagan (La robe mauve de Valentine)

« The Earth is populated by fixers and talkers, who use words as a currency they know false. »
Françoise Sagan (La robe mauve de Valentine)

« When your wife is cheating, we're ridiculous if we ignore it, complacent if we know, and neurotic if you suffer. »
Françoise Sagan (La Robe mauve de Valentine)

« For me, happiness, is first to be well. »
Françoise Sagan

« I am the bearer of person, writing is a business so lonely... »
Françoise Sagan

« I too want to respect my freedom for not respecting that of others. »
Françoise Sagan (Qui suis-je ?)

« Love, is not only liked him; It is above all to understand. »
Françoise Sagan (Qui je suis ?)

« The only Earth reassures me, regardless of the part of mud it contains. »
Françoise Sagan (La garde du coeur)

« We are little to think too much, too little thinking. »
Françoise Sagan

« This frightening moral health gives ambition! »
Françoise Sagan

« My hobby is to let pass the time have time, take your time, wasting his time, live out of season. »
Françoise Sagan

« On this unknown feeling, including boredom, the sweetness obsess me, I hesitate to put the name, the beautiful name serious sadness. »
Françoise Sagan (Bonjour tristesse)

« Culture is what remains when you cannot do anything. »
Françoise Sagan (Dans un mois, dans un an)

« People no longer believe in death. They believe in usury. »
Françoise Sagan (Réponses)

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