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Seth Messenger : Françoise Giroud's quotes

Françoise Giroud said :

(Automatic translation)
Françoise Giroud
« What is fascinating, with stock money, is that, when we lose, when, for example, it evaporates, it goes into the pocket of the person. In a way, it's poetic. »
Françoise Giroud (La rumeur du monde)

« Everything happens as if everyone felt vaguely that power has more power. »
Françoise Giroud (Gais-z-et-contents)

« Of age in literature, but there is more difficult. »
Françoise Giroud (Journal d'une parisienne)

« Nothing is ever played if one refuses to undergo. »
Françoise Giroud (On ne peut pas être heureux tout le temps)

« It is the need to combat that seems forgotten... what dominates seems to be the quiet certainty of a progress on... »
Françoise Giroud (Le Silence des filles)

« We don't shoot at an ambulance. »
Françoise Giroud

« Television is not the reflection of those who make it, but of those who watch. »
Françoise Giroud (Le Nouvel Observateur - 6 Décembre 2001)

« Often, those who are in power feel invulnerable. »
Françoise Giroud (La rumeur du monde)

« There is no war without death. »
Françoise Giroud (Gais-z-et-contents)

« The men played superbly this separation that they care so much, between their wives - duty, maternity, Angels, migraine and women - fun, fucking, hell and mystery... »
Françoise Giroud (Si Je mens)

« Free is the word we use for men. Women on breakdown of marriage or liaison, told that they are alone. »
Françoise Giroud (Mon très cher amour)

« It does not have a nationality as you take his umbrella. »
Françoise Giroud (La rumeur du monde)

« It has abysses where nobody can get out you. »
Françoise Giroud (Mon très cher amour)

« So begins the fascism. He never says his name, it crawls, it floats, when it shows the tip of his nose, said: it's him? Do you think? Should anything exaggeration! And then one day you take it in the mouth and it is too late to deport him. »
Françoise Giroud (Gais-z-et-contents)

« Indifference is an infirmity of mind and heart. »
Françoise Giroud (Journal d'une parisienne)

« There is always something deeply moving in perfection, wherever it fits. »
Françoise Giroud (La Rumeur du monde)

« The reasons for the trade are still the strongest. »
Françoise Giroud (Gais-z-et-contents)

« The footballers have no nationality. They have clubs which have more or less money to buy them. »
Françoise Giroud (La rumeur du monde)

« There is not a cat, it is he who owns you. »
Françoise Giroud (Journal d'une parisienne)

« Why some happen always in advance? Because they think: "It does not enough to wait for me." Why others happen always late? Because they think: "You must love me enough to wait for me." »
Françoise Giroud (La Rumeur du monde)

« Living without a mobile phone, can you imagine the torment? »
Françoise Giroud (La rumeur du monde)

« I always thought that wages should settle in inverse interest taken in his work. »
Françoise Giroud (Journal d'une parisienne)

« Only the respectable living are the respectable dead. »
Françoise Giroud (La rumeur du monde)

« We don't keep life going. »
Françoise Giroud (Gais-z-et-contents)

« What funny business that trades of money. »
Françoise Giroud (Journal d'une parisienne)

« God that the French love so regulations! They're everywhere, even here where they have nothing to do: in the literature. »
Françoise Giroud (La Rumeur du monde)

« Elegance is always black. »
Françoise Giroud (Mon très cher amour)

« The world has never been an ocean of peace. »
Françoise Giroud (La rumeur du monde)

« If AIDS is caught through syringes, it would interest anyone. »
Françoise Giroud (Gais-z-et-contents)

« Women are not to collect men, it demoralizes them. »
Françoise Giroud (Mon très cher amour)

« Only animals are small without desiring them. »
Françoise Giroud (Chienne d’année)

« Youth is short. This is the life that is long... »
Françoise Giroud (Journal d'une parisienne)

« Known or not, talented or needy, an author is always a bag of nerves. »
Françoise Giroud (Mon très cher amour)

« Like it or not, the French do not like foreigners. The poor, of course. The rich, so-called tourists. »
Françoise Giroud (La Rumeur du monde)

« At the age of 20, a month seemed long, today he vanishes barely begun. As long as there are of ages ago. »
Françoise Giroud (Gais-z-et-contents)

« The failures are not the field of intelligence, talent, imagination, but simply that of pure mathematical logic. »
Françoise Giroud (La Rumeur du monde)

« It is a strange country, the France, where negotiations are always held after the outbreak of strikes and not before. »
Françoise Giroud (La Rumeur du monde)

« Policy, it is this: have a vision and act to make it happen. »
Françoise Giroud (La rumeur du monde)

« As for the memories, these are lost jewelry. »
Françoise Giroud (Gais-z-et-contents)

« A president has no friends. »
Françoise Giroud (Journal d'une parisienne)

« Any political leader should have the killer instinct! »
Françoise Giroud (La comédie du pouvoir)

« The speech is what distinguishes the human person of the animal and the Democrat of the brute. »
Françoise Giroud (France Soir - 25 octobre 1975)

« I don't believe in the importance of what I do, but I think it is important to know what I'm doing. »
Françoise Giroud (Ce que je crois)

« Football is war without dead. »
Françoise Giroud (La rumeur du monde)

« Unemployment is like an oil slick covering the green grass, where she pushed. »
Françoise Giroud (Chienne d’année)

« The first hugs are always a little missed. We'll be right on the other, to the blind; pushed by too much haste is not the time to get acquainted with foreign skin, a smell, a sex. »
Françoise Giroud (Mon très cher amour)

« It is voluptuous, Ranger; but it's killing. »
Françoise Giroud (La Rumeur du monde)

« SE souvenir, it's grazing. »
Françoise Giroud (Gais-z-et-contents)

« The books aside are always those which we later see that it is precisely needed. »
Françoise Giroud (La rumeur du monde)

« Scholarships do not reflect the State of the economies, but the psychology of investors. »
Françoise Giroud (La rumeur du monde)

« It is important, the music... The only thing that unites young people. A kind of esperanto. »
Françoise Giroud (La Rumeur du monde)

« Femininity is not incompetence. It is not a skill. »
Françoise Giroud (Chienne d’année)

« At work we're bored less than to have fun. »
Françoise Giroud (Journal d'une parisienne)

« Animals know when one is ill: they are fleeing. »
Françoise Giroud (La rumeur du monde)

« Aging is another thing also. It is losing interest. »
Françoise Giroud (Chienne d’année)

« Happiness: do what you want and want what you do. »
Françoise Giroud (Ce que je crois)

« It does not give life. It is spread. »
Françoise Giroud (Ce que je crois)

« The woman would be the equal of the man the day where, to an important post, one would call an incompetent woman. »
Françoise Giroud (Le Monde - 11 Mars 1983)

« The graveyards are full of irreplaceable people and that it has not replaced. »
Françoise Giroud

« It's because we badly need of God we invent it... »
Françoise Giroud (La Croix - 27 Septembre 1996)

« Men have always had a lot of courage to endure the misfortunes of the women. »
Françoise Giroud

« It is not worth to have talent to the fifth line if the reader does not exceed the third. »
Françoise Giroud

« Act, is to protect themselves. »
Françoise Giroud (Ce que je crois)

« Love become moot has no home of light. »
Françoise Giroud (Ce que je crois)

« The more unbearable is not suffered misfortune, it is the imagined misfortune. »
Françoise Giroud (L'Express)

« I do not believe that justice never prevails because injustice isn't in laws, it is in each of us. »
Françoise Giroud (Ce que je crois)

« The revolts which manifest themselves by force of arms, we can too. Those who are born and spread by the spirit are elusive. »
Françoise Giroud (Ce que je crois)

« Prostitution is a male phenomenon. »
Françoise Giroud

« The desire did not proof of the existence of the object of desire. »
Françoise Giroud (Ce que je crois)

« Boy or girl, man or woman, there are only individuals, reliable or not. »
Françoise Giroud (Ce que je crois)

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