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Seth Messenger : Francis Dannemark's quotes

Francis Dannemark said :

(Automatic translation)
Francis Dannemark
« The feelings are metals. It is important to know the density. It is also important to know the melting temperature. »
Francis Dannemark (Sans nouvelles du paradis)

« Some spring mornings have a freshness of frog. »
Francis Dannemark (Zoologie)

« There in the life of the irreconcilable points of view, of incompatible desires, problems without solution. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« It is not wisdom that there is concern, but the age we have when you start practicing. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« Nothing like the massive show of disease and old age, to make you straighten the back and walk a step close. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« How could we live without the scent of love? »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« We must take advantage of immortality without delay - it's the shorter seasons. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« The magic of love, is that it makes beautiful, and that instead of Justice, it offers the accuracy. »
Francis Dannemark (La grève des archéologues)

« Is self, the more alone. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« In town there is no horizon, no door, no outcome. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« It is not easy to leave if nobody awaits your return. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« The fear that comes with age has a curious retroactive effects. Through all these years... »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« In a bookstore, the time does not pass. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« Over time, we live more than mixed feelings: it's full, the joys or woes; any thing to his shadow, who grows and where one can rest. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« Beware of the philosophies of pocket. It's like small change and keys: it's bumps, and then it makes holes. »
Francis Dannemark (Sans nouvelles du paradis)

« Fog is a danger. But relative: at least, we see there is nothing. »
Francis Dannemark (Sans nouvelles du paradis)

« Only unimportant things do not die. »
Francis Dannemark (L'hiver ailleurs)

« Try sometimes, to tell the truth, it is still the best way to say anything at all. »
Francis Dannemark (L’hiver ailleurs)

« When we lost something important, whatever it is, you can almost lose everything. And the rest is not much. »
Francis Dannemark (L’Hiver ailleurs)

« It's sweet to live with people who love each other. »
Francis Dannemark (La grève des archéologues)

« Father and mother, parents, apparent grounds for a long mutual affection... »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« Rely on a voice, it's sometimes like to follow a woman whom we saw that back. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« A common life... What an idea! Who wants a common thing? »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« There are infinitely more difference between two humans than between a Fox and a dolphin. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« The other children are light to carry. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« The writers are strange people who do their mourning for the things that they have not yet lost. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« The magic of love, is that it gives us a chance to be better. »
Francis Dannemark (La Grève des archéologues)

« For who is wise, nothing is ever the same, nothing is repeated. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« Writing is like being in love, we're new, free - and carried by a great desire. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« Married life, it became business management; We want that there is any sex in it, and I wonder if this isn't a piece that was just another puzzle. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« We regret that what we had. »
Francis Dannemark (Qu’il pleuve)

« In any love there of selfishness. Who loves us allows us to be ourselves. »
Francis Dannemark (La Grève des archéologues)

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