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Seth Messenger : Francis Bacon's quotes

Francis Bacon said :

(Automatic translation)
Francis Bacon
« Glory looks like the market; Sometimes, when you stay awhile, prices go down. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« Friends are those who share their concerns, and not their pleasures. »
Francis Bacon (Essais II)

« Slander, slander, there will always be something. »
Francis Bacon (Essai, sur l'athéisme)

« The Old Testament promises prosperity and the new adversity. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« I'd rather all the fables of the legends and the Talmud and the Koran that this universal creation has no creator. »
Francis Bacon (Les Essais)

« Prosperity has a procession of fears and displeasures; adversity comforts and hopes. »
Francis Bacon (Les essais)

« More easily out of error than from confusion. »
Francis Bacon

« Understanding doesn't have wings. »
Francis Bacon (Novum Organum)

« Have mercy on his enemy, is to be without pity for oneself. »
Francis Bacon (De la dignité)

« One who gives good advice, built with one hand, that advises and gives the example, with both hands; but one who gives good lessons and a bad example builds with one hand and destroys the other. »
Francis Bacon

« If a man looks very carefully, he sees a chance; because she is blind, if not for all invisible. »
Francis Bacon

« The best way to keep an open mind are the sincere advice from a friend. »
Francis Bacon

« Concealment is abbreviated wisdom. »
Francis Bacon (De dignitate et augmentis scientiarum)

« Paint will grasp the mystery of reality that if the artist doesn't know how to. »
Francis Bacon (Entretiens avec David Sylvester)

« The art is man added to the nature. »
Francis Bacon

« The nature of things more book through the torments of the art in his own freedom. »
Francis Bacon (Instauratio Magna)

« Life has no meaning. But we give a sense while we exist. »
Francis Bacon (Entretiens)

« Superstition is to religion what the monkey is the man. »
Francis Bacon (De dignitate et augmentis scientiarum)

« The surest way to prevent seditions is to d e l e t e the object. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« The French are wiser than they appear and the Spaniards seem wiser that they aren't. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« The suspicions in the thoughts are like bats among birds. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« It good to be helpful, but we must show that it is by esteem and not by debonnairete. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« Revenge is a wild justice. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« The joke is often used as a vehicle to the truth. »
Francis Bacon (De dignitale et augmentis scientiarum)

« Tighten the press gives a wine that smells like the glitch. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« The evidence is an antidote against the poison of the testimony. »
Francis Bacon (De dignitale et augmentis scientiarum)

« One who makes violence for violence not only violates the law, and not man. »
Francis Bacon (De dignitate et augmentis scientiarum)

« Let's wait a bit to finish faster. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« Being flexible, is having by ductility of the affinity with the gold. »
Francis Bacon (De dignitate et augmentis scientiarum)

« A little faith away from God, a lot of science brings home. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« Why then would I want a man to have more love for himself than for me? »
Francis Bacon

« One that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils; because time is the biggest innovators. »
Francis Bacon

« Time is the measure of business as money is goods. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« One that applies to fresh guard revenge his injuries. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« Children soften sentences, but make misfortunes more bitter. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« If a man's mind wanders, let him study mathematics because in demonstrations, for little as he departs, he will be forced to restart. »
Francis Bacon

« That's the best part of beauty than a picture cannot express. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« Some books are meant to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some are made to be chewed and digested. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« Those who despise the riches are those who despair to get rich. »
Francis Bacon

« The heretic is not those that the pyre burned, but one that is turned. »
Francis Bacon

« Hope is a good breakfast, but a bad dinner. »
Francis Bacon (Apophtegmes)

« In taking to contrast, a man becomes equal to its enemy, but by failing to take, it becomes higher. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« In the dark, all colours agree. »
Francis Bacon

« Nothing does as soon the prosperity of some that the mistakes of others. »
Francis Bacon

« The true power is knowledge. »
Francis Bacon (Meditationes sacrae)

« If we begin with certainties, we end with doubts. If we start with doubts, we end with certainties. »
Francis Bacon

« Remarkable beauty has some quirk in its proportions. »
Francis Bacon

« The wives are the mistresses of young people, the companions of the average age and the carers of the elderly. »
Francis Bacon (Essais, du mariage et du célibat)

« Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed. »
Francis Bacon (Novum Organum)

« Youth is more apt to invent to judge, to run to advise, to launch new projects to continue of the ancients. »
Francis Bacon (Les Essais)

« Prosperity discovers our vices and adversity virtues. »
Francis Bacon

« God Almighty first planted a garden. And, really, it's the purest of human pleasures. »
Francis Bacon (Essais, des jardins)

« Reading brings to human fullness, the insurance speech and writing accuracy. »
Francis Bacon

« I would like live to study, not study to live. »
Francis Bacon

« I inherited both the talent of my mother to spend money and the gift of my father to not win. »
Francis Bacon

« We are born. We die. It's best if between the two we did something. »
Francis Bacon

« Why a man like his chains, be in gold? »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« A crowd is not company, faces are just a gallery of paintings and the conversation is nothing but a sound of cymbals, where there is no affection. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« Wives are young men of the mistresses, for men of mature of the companions, and the old men of governesses. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« Glory looks like market: sometimes, when you stay awhile, prices go down. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« Any accession to a high office borrow a winding staircase. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« They are bad discoverers, those who think that there is no land when they can see nothing but sea. »
Francis Bacon (Le progrès de la connaissance)

« As soon as evil seems slight, it ceases to be. »
Francis Bacon

« Choose his time, spare him. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« It manages the dignities by thousand indignities. »
Francis Bacon

« Doubt is the school of truth. »
Francis Bacon

« Nudity is unseemly, that of the soul as the body. »
Francis Bacon

« These aren't wings to the human mind but rather lead and weight. »
Francis Bacon

« The only Advisor who like it, it's time. »
Francis Bacon

« The authors who have written on the contempt of glory have put their name at the top of the Treaty. »
Francis Bacon

« Disorders and adversity bring back to religion. »
Francis Bacon

« Envy is the most constant human passions. »
Francis Bacon

« The houses are made to be inhabited, not to be seen. »
Francis Bacon

« It is wiser to change many things than one. »
Francis Bacon

« One acquires all power over others only by renouncing all power over oneself. »
Francis Bacon

« It was to the man who is silent; It makes him his silence. »
Francis Bacon

« There are books whose only taste, others to devour others, but in small numbers, it takes, so to speak, Chew and digest. »
Francis Bacon (Essais, sur l'étude)

« Knowledge is power itself. »
Francis Bacon (Méditations religieuses)

« We can defeat nature in him obedient. »
Francis Bacon (Novum Organum)

« Silence is the virtue of fools. »
Francis Bacon (Apophtegmes)

« There is superstition to avoid superstition. »
Francis Bacon (Essais)

« Here where the man sees a little bit of order, it presupposes immediately much too. »
Francis Bacon

« The end of the speech is more important than the beginning. »
Francis Bacon

« Fortune sells to which hastens an infinity of things that it gives to who knows how to wait. »
Francis Bacon

« One who has a wife and children gave hostages to fortune. because they are obstacles to large companies. »
Francis Bacon (Du mariage et du célibat)

« A man is what he knows. »
Francis Bacon

« Improve the present without making the satire of the past. »
Francis Bacon

« Prosperity reveals our vices and adversity virtues. »
Francis Bacon

« If some people despise wealth, that they are desperate to get rich. »
Francis Bacon

« As we usually say: "go! slander boldly, there's always something... " »
Francis Bacon

« Do not wait to be at the death to give; as a dying actually gives the property of others. »
Francis Bacon

« Also, who says he knows says what he doesn't know. »
Francis Bacon

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