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Seth Messenger : Euripide's quotes

Euripide said :

(Automatic translation)
« Noble fathers have noble children. »

« It is not highest glory, for the children of a virtuous man, than to match the fatherly virtues. »

« For a father, there is nothing sweeter than a daughter; the soul of a son is high, but less tender and caressing. »

« I liked: it is a State of madness that is love. »
Euripide (Fragments)

« Big hearts hate those who rent them when their praises are excessive. »
Euripide (Iphigénie en Aulide)

« There is no sure sign of virtue: all is confusion in human nature. »
Euripide (Electre)

« Instinct, you're the loss of men, although you could, when you put on nobility, to be their greatness. »
Euripide (Oreste)

« Bring the ignorant ingenious innovations, you'll spend for a useless and not a scientist. »
Euripide (Médée)

« What scourge that wealth combined with ignorance! »
Euripide (Fragments)

« If God decides to destroy, it starts with crazy. »

« From the lips of the woman fall of wise advice. »

« The belly is the largest of all the gods. »

« Quite worth feast. »

« Money is the religion of the wise. »

« It is unbecoming to a man of heart, become all-powerful, to take a new character; his friends better than ever he must be faithful to the time where its prosperity allows him better than ever to serve. »
Euripide (Iphigénie à Aulis)

« It is the misfortune that highlights full true friendship and virtue is love, always, by its only prestige. »
Euripide (Hécube)

« Those who prefer the wealth or power to safe friends has no common sense. »
Euripide (Héraclès Furieux)

« They have the name of friends, but they do not have the soul, those whose friendship does not resist the disgraces of the spell. »
Euripide (Oreste)

« When their friends are on a trip, those who remained at home must take care of their interests. »
Euripide (Andromaque)

« A man in full communion of sentiments with another is for him a more valuable friend to own all parents in the world. »
Euripide (Oreste)

« There are more great pain to the world than the loss of his homeland. »

« This isn't the beauty of the woman who bewitches, but its nobility. »
Euripide (Andromaque)

« Divorce is not an honor for the woman. »
Euripide (Médée)

« A quiet life and directed by wisdom remains unwavering, and keep families. »
Euripide (Les Bacchantes)

« Human heart is one who trusts all the way to hope. Despair, it's cowardice. »
Euripide (Hercule furieux)

« A thin awareness is rather a bad as a good and harmful to the health of the soul. »
Euripide (Hippolyte)

« Nobody can never stop what must inevitably happen. »
Euripide (Hercule furieux)

« Who knows if live is called die and die it is live? »
Euripide (Fragments)

« Happiness is equal, either to find in a high fortune or a humble condition. »
Euripide (Ion)

« One who, coincidentally, has an honest woman lives happily with a scourge. »
Euripide (Les Crétoises)

« Once we passed the measure, there is no limit. »

« The character, that's what lasts, and not fortune. »

« Courage is nothing without reflection. »
Euripide (Fragments)

« Honesty is more steadfast than the law. One, no one will ever shake it by the word; the other turning and turning it often, a rhetorician makes it hurt. »
Euripide (Fragments)

« It is better not a dishonorable victory to use hatred and strength to reel justice. »
Euripide (Andromaque)

« The powerful man who joined the audacity eloquence becomes a dangerous citizen when he lack of common sense. »
Euripide (Les bacchantes)

« Change is always nice. »
Euripide (Oreste)

« Don't talk about money: I do not worship a God who gives himself so quickly to the last of the funny. »

« What is abundance? A Word and nothing more, the necessary is enough to the wise. »

« Here is the best advice for a reasonable man: do not think a woman, even if she tells you the truth. »

« The mother wants more cubs than the father. She knows they are about her, the father presume. »

« Love is for one who has eaten and not he who is hungry. »

« The tricks and the dark machinations were created by men to help in their cowardice. »
Euripide (Bellérophon)

« Time will tell all for posterity. He's a talker; He speaks when not questioned. »
Euripide (Fragments)

« It's a feeling that is common with all mortals to me: I'm not ashamed to admit that my person is very dear to me. »
Euripide (Cresphonte)

« The best Prophet is the one who guesses right. »

« It is the company of others who teaches man what he knows. »
Euripide (Andromaque)

« In turn, the woman is the joy and the bane of the lives of the men. »
Euripide (Alcméon)

« Mongrel is often best son that the child legitimate. »
Euripide (Andromaque)

« Never believe what says a woman, even if she's telling the truth. »
Euripide (Hippolyte)

« To true friends all is common. »

« Silence is a confession. »

« It's a very heavy weight for one heart to suffer for two. »

« It is in adversity that we recognize friends. »

« The memory of past sentences is nice. »

« There worse evil than a bad woman, but there's nothing like a good woman. »

« True courage, it is caution. »
Euripide (Les suppliantes)

« The time does not erase the trace of the great men. »
Euripide (Andromaque)

« The superior man is one who remains always faithful to hope; not persevere is a coward. »
Euripide (Héraclès)

« It matters little to the dead to obtain sumptuous funeral; What a vain pump that flatter the pride of the living. »
Euripide (Les troyennes)

« The same speech in the mouth of a dark man, or a man considered, produced very different impressions. »
Euripide (Hécube)

« In the life of the rigorous principles give said, more than disappointments and joys. »
Euripide (Hyppolyte)

« It's a precious thing that a language whose discretion is safe. »
Euripide (Iphigénie en Tauride)

« Be happy: it has more friends as soon as it is unfortunate. »
Euripide (Les phéniciennes)

« Live miserably is better than to die with glory. »
Euripide (Iphigénie à Aulis)

« Talk if you're stronger than silent words, or silent. »
Euripide (Fragments)

« A service whereby we hate is no longer a service. »
Euripide (Les Troyennes)

« The multitude, cruel scourge! »
Euripide (Iphigénie à Aulis)

« It is hard when you have the number; invincible, when there are cunning. »
Euripide (Hécube)

« The appearance is nothing; It's at the bottom of the heart that is the wound. »
Euripide (Oreste)

« Superiority is always odious. »
Euripide (Ion)

« A miserable life is better than a good death! »
Euripide (Iphigénie à Aulis)

« Love of self before everyone the love of neighbor. »

« Time reveals everything and does not expect to be questioned. »

« Do not get irritated against the course of things. »

« Second thoughts are wisest. »

« The expected happens, but the unexpected. »

« The custom is more secure than the law. »

« What a bad start ends badly. »

« It is in contact with others that man learns what he knows. »

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