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Seth Messenger : Eugène Cloutier's quotes

Eugène Cloutier said :

(Automatic translation)
Eugène Cloutier
« A man is never fully satisfied to betray a woman without hurt. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les inutiles)

« A woman, so loving was, never forgave his companion to see her grow old. She is inevitably doomed to bitterness and hatred. »
Eugène Cloutier (Croisière)

« That man would be happy if he didn't have the ability to adjust to all the joys that surround it. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les inutiles)

« Unconsciously, together, we have taken centuries to invent the irresponsibility. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Témoins)

« The moral law is a collective as police or civilian orders. And as for all the collective laws, interpret it that is already breaking it. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Témoins)

« Evil is an art to not put all hands. Too many fans clogging the career... »
Eugène Cloutier (Croisière)

« Indifference is perhaps the most refined form of jealousy. »
Eugène Cloutier (Croisière)

« Morality hears only the language of the facts. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les témoins)

« The spirit of perfection belongs to the universe of the soul. He is a soul. It is by our essentially perfectionist materialism asserts our spirituality. »
Eugène Cloutier (Croisière)

« Material progress encourages other forms of progress. »
Eugène Cloutier (Croisière)

« Love does not resist the promiscuity of daily life. »
Eugène Cloutier (Croisière)

« As symphonies, as ecstasies in power for an artist in front of the wonderful range of our senses! »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Témoins)

« Sufferings and joys are held together. We cannot be happy insofar as one suffers. Equality is in the order of intensity. »
Eugène Cloutier (Croisière)

« Accept to live, is it sometimes a form of suicide? »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Inutiles)

« Better to retreat in an embarrassing question. Who asked is always the first to respond. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Inutiles)

« Is a pretty woman not half-Avenged the day where she knows her rival? »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Inutiles)

« Better live accidentally than die without knowing why! »
Eugène Cloutier (Les témoins)

« Love does not escape the crisis curve, with its necessary, its burst and crescendo decrescendo. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les témoins)

« The eighth form of suicide is that empty life of friendship. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Inutiles)

« The joy to see a building console the architect to ignore what it holds. »
Eugène Cloutier (Croisière)

« The day when humanity will be freed of its complexes, how boring on Earth! »
Eugène Cloutier (Les inutiles)

« The great misunderstanding, this is happiness! The man is always applied to disregard. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Inutiles)

« The leak in love only applies to one who has fallen out of love. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Inutiles)

« Hatred is more fragile than love. It should not deepen it, if it does not destroy it. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Témoins)

« So many unbelievers only became because they acted in unbelievers... »
Eugène Cloutier (Les témoins)

« Habit is stronger than the man, and always manages to enslave. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les témoins)

« To know the value of generosity, have suffered from the cold indifference of others... »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Témoins)

« Everything only exists through faith! Life itself is nothing, if not what we do. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les inutiles)

« Such is the deep misfortune of jealousy for not being able to express themselves without attracting the hatred or contempt. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les témoins)

« Faith simply deepen it to lose. Many scholars have searched for it without getting, and so many ignorant people have lived intensely without having searched for it. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Témoins)

« Only the spirit is the God of men... The only flesh, it's the brute. The flesh and the spirit, is the man, a God who has instincts of brute. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les témoins)

« The jealous are like fools and drunks, they don't ever realize their sufferings. Jealousy comes from a lack of confidence, no not with each other, but with yourself. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les témoins)

« Arms of a woman must be used to love. Any other use degrades them. »
Eugène Cloutier (Hôtel Hilton, Pékin)

« It is so fast walked a man! You can really use it for his pleasure. And the next! »
Eugène Cloutier (Croisière)

« Sometimes a man needs to just make his wife freely, because he has great desire to resume his. »
Eugène Cloutier (Le Dernier Beatnik)

« There is always the sweat of poor in money from the rich. »
Eugène Cloutier (Croisière)

« Happy men who like ugly women, because they can not doubt the quality of love that they give them. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Témoins)

« With love and penicillin, can heal the world. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les inutiles)

« It is not passion woman containing ferments of crime. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Inutiles)

« Friendship is slow to mature, and so fast life. Friendship is a flower that the wind layer and too often uprooted. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Témoins)

« Run the years, the time of the soul is unchanging. »
Eugène Cloutier (Croisière)

« If love is nothing to you, you will never truly knew him. »
Eugène Cloutier (Croisière)

« Learn to love, to be hated. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les témoins)

« There are enough beauties in humans to cause ecstasy, as there are enough ugliness for wanting to d e l e t e it. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les témoins)

« That candor of the beasts. This wonderful unconsciousness as they walk to the four corners of the world as a message. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Témoins)

« Analysis kills life. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les témoins)

« Wanting good, either in friendship or love, is still the first truth of the heart. »
Eugène Cloutier (Les Témoins)

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